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Top secret America: A hidden world, growing beyond control

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by kdial1

Do you honestly think the masses of people outside ATS have heard of the vast majority of this information before the WP started up this story? Stop trying to disempower what this is.

wikileaks tweet: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 18:57:56 wikileaks: Real change begins Monday in the WashPost. By the years end, a reformation. Lights on. Rats out.

I'll be keeping my eye on this.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 07:46 PM


These PDF's are pretty interesting responses to the WP. Filled with Spin.


70% of the U.S. intelligence budget is spent on private contractors.

This is a repeated misconception. 70% of the Intelligence Community (IC) budget is spent on contracts, not contractors. Those contracts cover major acquisitions such as satellites and computer systems, as well as commercial activities such as rent, food service, and facilities maintenance and security.

70% of which is supplied by private corporations ie contractors.

The Intelligence Community does not have an accurate picture of its contractor ranks and does not exercise proper oversight over that community.

The IC is a leader in taking a serious, systematic approach to planning and managing its core contract personnel. In 2006, the IC instituted its first-ever, annual inventory of core contract personnel. The inventory led to intelligence policy directive 612, which (1) reinforces the prohibition on the use of contract personnel to perform inherently governmental activities, (2) prescribes the circumstances in which contract personnel may be used to support IC missions and functions, and, (3) beginning in Fiscal Year 2011, requires IC elements to plan for and project the number of contract personnel they require, as part of their strategic workforce plans.

Notices the key phrases "first ever inventory of core contract personnel" - seems like pretty loose terminology - what is "core" to me, might not be "core" to them.

"prohibition on the use of contract personnel to perform inherently governmental activities" - what is "inherently governmental" - especially in todays day and age when governments exist for nothing more than facilitating corporate growth. (RE: Serco)

Private contractors are inappropriately performing “inherently governmental” functions.

The Intelligence Community does not condone or permit contract personnel to perform inherently governmental intelligence work, as defined by OMB Circular A-76 revised, and reinforced recently in Intelligence Community Directive 612. Core contract personnel may perform activities such as collection and analysis; however, it is what you do with that analysis, who makes that decision, and who oversees the work that constitute the “inherently governmental” functions. Allocating funds, prioritizing workload, and making critical decisions remain strictly within the purview of government employees.

Analysis and collection of data inherently preempts a particular action.

The dramatic increase in the number of security clearances granted to contractors represents unnecessary growth in Intelligence Community ranks.

The growth in contractors was a direct response to an urgent need for unique expertise post-9/11. The surge in contractors allowed the IC to fill the need for seasoned analysts and collectors while rebuilding the permanent, civilian workforce. It also allowed agencies to meet required skills, such as foreign languages, computer science, and electrical engineering.

They used 9/11 as an excuse to work towards a police-state.

Contractors represent a majority of the Intelligence Community workforce.

The number of core contractors who augment our civilian and military intelligence staffs comprise less than one-third, actually 28%, of the total force. These core contractors, who perform functions like collection and analysis, and have access to the same facilities, should not be confused with individuals producing commodities or products (e.g., satellites), or performing administrative or IT services.

Why should they not be "confused" - and again use of the grey word "core".

The number of security clearances for contractors equals the number of full-time contractors employed by the Intelligence Community.

You cannot count or track the number of full-time contractors, or understand the level of effort – that is, the amount of time – that contractors spend on IC business, by counting security badges. Some contractors only work part-time on IC business. For example, the IC could issue badges to 10 people who work the equivalent of five full-time individuals.

And... What a way to deflect the question.

All contractors cost more than their government counterparts.

It is true that core contract personnel are, on average, more expensive than their government counterparts. However, in some cases, contractor personnel are less costly, especially if the work is short-term in nature, easily available commercially, or requires unique expertise for immediate needs. Overall, core contractors enable the Intelligence Community to rapidly expand to meet short-term mission needs or fulfill non-recurring or temporary assignments, and then shrink or shift resources as the threat environment changes.

They spend big dollars on police states and they don't apologise for it.

The Intelligence Community has enabled retirees to “double dip” by returning to their home agencies at full salary, while receiving full pension.

The stark reality is that more than 50% of the Intelligence Community workforce was hired after 9/11. That dramatic surge required people with the institutional knowledge and tradecraft to fill skill gaps and train new hires. Much of that expertise existed among our retired ranks, who answered the post-9/11 call to duty as a de facto “intelligence reserve corps.” It should be noted that this phenomenon was truer in the years immediately after 9/11 than today. As intelligence officers hired immediately after 9/11 gained more experience, the need to re-hire experienced retirees decreased.

There's a secret "old-boys" club.

I hope this goes big. No, I am literally praying does.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 07:56 PM

Originally posted by GuiltyByDesign
Are any of you in the intelligence field? I can judge by your respsonses here that you are not.

... and realize that there are still amazing, intelligent, patriotic, loyal Americans who work for Uncle Sam and give our all in belief of the Constitution and this nation.


My question to you is.. Where are these 'amazing, intelligent, patriotic, loyal Americans who work for Uncle Sam' people, and why are they not doing what is in the interests of of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? If there are indeed 'good people in these 3 letter organizations, then why do they not stop this self destructive policy that has befallen us? Why do these 'good people' not do anything about the FDA approved poisoning of the masses? Why do these 'good people' not step in and return us our rights and freedoms so defined by the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Why do these 'good people' become involved in eavesdropping on the public through powers of the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act? Why are these 'good people' profiling protestors to a Orwellian government as 'extremists'? Why are these 'good people' allowing BP and Senate/Congress political action groups to continue covering up the Gulf oil disaster? Why are these 'good people' involved with supplying weapons to Israel knowing damn well they will be used for genocidal ops (including white phosphoros) in Gaza and West bank? Why are these 'good people' allowing Wall St. to openly and blatantly rape and plunder the taxpayer while letting the Federal Reserve and the Treasury run YOUR country into the toilet? Why are these 'good people' not winning in this civil battlefield?
Isn't it about time you 'Intelligence People' did something positive for the planet? You're already trenched into every country on the planet. Use your 'Intelligence" to turn this destructive process inside out. These 3 letter organizations are 'doing their job' of harassing and tormenting the taxpayer and assisting to create false conflicts around the globe for 'peace and security'.
You folks get paid to obey your masters at the top of your chain of command. It's that simple. These MSM displays on how quick and decisive actions are heralded by the cape-wearing heroes of (insert organization here). Little drug bust here, 5 illegals apprehended there....
How about SEAL THE BORDER! How about GET THE TRUTH about the BP disaster. Stop the false WAR ON TERROR (Global conquest for resources). Stop with the perpetual and unconstitutional infringements of our privacy (airport scanners, eavesdropping, National ID program and Census agendas, etc). Expose the heavy hitters in this collapsing economic cataclysm (Treasury, Fed Reserve, Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, CitiBank, State Street Bank, AIG, Bear Sterns, The SEC, the thousands of PACs that traded our souls for fiat money and tungsten filled US Treasury gold bars)

Why are these 'good people' committed to agencies that are known to commit murder, treason, grand larceny, drug smuggling, employ economic hitmen, slander, blackmail, bribery, crime cover-ups, subversion, geopolitical agendas, and many other facets of freedom killing operations? You may be right that there are good people in govt, but brother, you good guys are losing the battle big time. It's about time you reclaimed your organizational dignity and integrity.

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 07:57 PM
An interesting preview here...

What should alarm most Americans is how much domestic phone and cell phone calls, emails, and internet activity are monitored and screened in the USA.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 08:30 PM
link the website is awesome!!

Pretty interesting.

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 09:45 PM

Originally posted by kdial1

Seriously? This is public knowledge, you can find most of this information on the web. I thought everyone knew this was going on... Go look on a Job search engine and you will see most jobs available are in the defense sector.... I assumed everyone was looking for jobs and knew that there was an explosion in defense.... hmmm guess some are more ignorant than I thought....


If you actually read the story and look through the link that I also posted, you will notice that MOST of the companies listed are *NOT* in the defense sector, and are private companies, some long established.

Some are incredibly disturbing to know are working with the US government, and one has to wonder how much of our assumed private information is public knowledge by our government.

There are hundreds if not thousands of private sector companies working with the US government since 9/11, that until now most of the population was unaware of. How much access have we allowed the government to have on our computers by having a virus scanner? How much access into our phone conversations as well as text messages and GPS locations have we unknowingly given over to the government because the phone was made by a company working with the US government?

These things are disturbing. These things should be public knowledge. They are not.

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by Sararainmaker

You should look into Verint Systems Inc. $100 million to $750 million. This is an Israeli company. They say there based out of New York but all computer data is ran through Israel. Israel is known for MEMRAM there master computer ran through the IDF Israeli Defence Force.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 10:11 PM

Originally posted by GuiltyByDesign
Are any of you in the intelligence field? I can judge by your respsonses here that you are not.

From the outside, it's very easy to criticize and speculate about something that none of you really understand.

I'm a 10 year veteran of the US Intel community. You know, the group that all of you here on ATS love to blame for your loss of freedoms, the wiretaps on your landline phones, the satellite that is camped out over your house, etc., etc.


You are all off-base, and wrong. GEN Custer was wrong as well... he was special forces, and people in that fraternity tend to always blame 'intel weenies' when things don't go exactly how they think they should. You should also note that GEN Custer was never Commander, CENTCOM... he was the deputy commander under GEN Abizaid, and a primadonna at that.

To begin to understand what we in the community have to work around, I suggest that you do some research into the FISA Amendment and the FAA/PAA acts.

Everyone seems to think they can watch "Enemy of the State" and they know the capabilities/limitations of the NSA. Or you can watch any number of movies and know how the CIA operates. Does watching the "X-Files" make you an impromptu member of the FBI.

No, no, and no.

Is our current architecture unwieldy? Absolutely, I know this and feel the pain every day, but I work through it to do a job that I know is thankless, but necessary. I know at the end of the day, when I lay my infant son down to sleep at night, that I've done the best I can to protect innocent lives, both American and foreign, and that I can sleep with a clear conscience because of it.

So before you go villifying everything and everyone in the United States government, perhaps you should take a step back, take a deep breath, and realize that there are still amazing, intelligent, patriotic, loyal Americans who work for Uncle Sam and give our all in belief of the Constitution and this nation.


I don't think anyone (at least, anyone in their right mind) would question that there are loyal, patriotic people doing the job.

Problem is, you are a pawn working for tyrants in a fallacy. Unwittingly, you ARE part of the problem.

I know it pains you to hear me say it. It pains me to say it to you. I respect you for being willing to put your life on the line for me and my family. Complete strangers.

But i feel that your good intentions are manipulated by people who have only their own best interests at heart.

Please forgive me if i offend. That is not my intent. Like i said, it pains me ot say it too. It was a realization that really worked me over mentally, as it represented a big part of my programming.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 10:16 PM

Originally posted by JBA2848
reply to post by Sararainmaker

You should look into Verint Systems Inc. $100 million to $750 million. This is an Israeli company. They say there based out of New York but all computer data is ran through Israel. Israel is known for MEMRAM there master computer ran through the IDF Israeli Defence Force.


....i ran a call center. We used Verint's "Ultraselect" for our quality assurance. We could record their call and sync it up with screenshots taken every so often (ours was set to .5 second). We would set it to automatically extract the agent schedules after we did break optimization and the export of the schedules did its autorun (it did an autoimport and it ran the recording schedule on its own).

The story we got was that it was an Israeli surveillance and defense company that just had a diverse product offering. We went to NJ for the training (i spent a lot of time in NY/NJ back in 2002/2003 because of that call center gig).

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 10:41 PM

Originally posted by JBA2848
Mossad agents while in Dubai used mastercards issued by a company named Payoneer based in New York. Payoneer is a business created by a guy name Yuval Tal. Yuval Tal is a ex mossad agent by his own addmission as a contributer to Fox News. I just seen a article from the New York Post Yuval Tal has now disappeared so I pulled up a picture to see what he looked like. Yuval Tal looks just like Michael Lawrence Barney.

Yuval Tal

Michael Lawrence Barney

But this is the real Yuval Tal an Israeli living in Hong Kong.

From this

Yuval Tal is head of the Hong Kong office and a Partner in the Corporate Department. He is a general corporate and securities lawyer with diverse experience in mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings, cross-boarder transactions, and corporate and real estate finance.

Yuval's practice includes representing clients on financing, mergers and acquisitions (public and private, debt and equity), reorganizations and structured finance. He represents clients from their formation through their sale or public offering. He also advises his clients on day-to-day operational matters, including internal structuring, commercial transactions, employment, consulting arrangements and equity incentive programs. Yuval represents financial institutions as well as public and private companies. He has represented clients in diverse industries ranging from hotels to flight training to medical devices, from telecommunications to weight reduction to apparel.

In connection with his extensive experience representing private equity and venture capital funds, Yuval has represented U.S., European and Israeli-based funds, such as JPMorgan, Bessemer Venture Partners, Starwood Capital, Colony Capital, DLJ, Thor Urban Retail Fund, Big Flower, Star Ventures, Formula Ventures and Giza Venture Capital in structuring, restructuring, managing and disposing of investments in Asia (including Israel), Europe and the United States.

Yuval lives in Hong Kong with his wife and three sons.

So who is this guy running a creditcard company in New York City using the name Yuval Tal. Heres a video from Fox News of him talking.

So is this Yuval Tal in New York a mossad agent under cover creating front companies to transfer money for Mossad? Is he the hitman from Dubai?

Originally posted by JBA2848
Roi Carthy

Current Founder at Stealth Startup
Past Product Launch Consultant at Carthy Consulting
MarCom Manager at CubeEffect
MarCom Manager at Zend Technologies
MarCom Freelancer (Self-employed)
Project & Content Manager at Random-Logic (
Business Development Assistant at 3Dion
Associate at Amlev Dershowitz Communications, Inc
see less...

4 more...
Education Olivet College
Institute for Conflict Resolution Studies Summer Symposium
International Mediation and Conflict Resolution Summer Seminar.
see less...

Payments-R-Us’ business model is a fairly simple one: affiliation. It gets a commission for every merchant it refers to a vendor. Does the fact that Payments-R-Us earns a commission impact its objectivity? I don’t believe so. One of the founders and investors in the company is Yuval Tal, Founder & CEO of Payoneer, which we’ve previously written about (here & here). By all accounts, Tal is considered a stand-up entrepreneur in the Israeli startup community.

Payments-R-Us won’t be a billion dollar business. But it serves a real need and has a clear hook for a business model which I imagine could run revenues up to six-figures per month. Its only challenge will be to situate itself as a key destination for merchants when making their processing vendor selection.

Ths guy seems to be a writer for several websites like promoting Israeli business such as Payoneer and Payments-R-Us which are both founded by Yuval Tal. And seems he even gets replies on the web comment page at the bottom of the article from the cofounder of Payments-R-Us Mike Shatz pretty good to post something online and have the cofounder of the company comment on your story.

Mike Shatz - December 1st, 2009 at 8:15 am UTC
This is a good assumption. The system is pretty much automated and makes the vendor suggestions based on a compatibility scoring system. You could call us P-Harmony, borrowing from the well know dating services that uses a great number of compatibility factors to match people. Folks that use the Wizard will notice that it asks a lot more questions then some of the other payments hubs.

Then I pulled up a picture of the guy.

Roi Carthy


So is this guy mixed up with Mossad? His education listed on LinkedIn says he studied in Conflict Resolution Studies?

Roi Carthy’s Education
Olivet College
1994 — 1999

Institute for Conflict Resolution Studies Summer Symposium
1998 — 1998

Institute for Conflict Resolution Studies Summer Symposium, Brussels, Belgium, Summer 1997; focused on international mediation with concentration on the Middle East and Europe; featuring a three-day workshop by Washington DC based Institute of World Affairs.

International Mediation and Conflict Resolution Summer Seminar.
1997 — 1997

International Mediation and Conflict Resolution Summer Seminar, The Hague, Netherlands, Summer 1996; focused on mediation in the former Yugoslavia, the Middle East and the European Union; featuring a three-day workshop conducted by Clingendael, the renowned diplomat school.

Seems he has gone a long ways from Olivet College "Christian College" in
Olivet, Michigan to International Mediation and Conflict Resolution Summer Seminar, The Hague, Netherlands the on to nstitute for Conflict Resolution Studies Summer Symposium, Brussels, Belgium. To now living in Israel promoting Israeli startup businesses for people like Yuval Tal who plays pay master for the Mossad and Shin Bet by giving out prepaid credit cards to Mossad assassins.

And heres a post from his twitter page.

So now I can't fly to Dubai, where assasinstion squads roam freely and bottled water is $20 a pop? Ya, that's a real bummer.

Ok so it's down to this... Raise your hand if you **weren't** involved in the Mabhouh assasinstion... (Beuller?)

Hammas says Mabhouh risked self by ordering hotel online. Mossad clear, this was an Expedia job. Go figure. cc @parislemon

So is he being cocky about what he did?

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 10:43 PM
I think the real problem is that most of America is aware that all their phone calls and emails are recorded and monitored but they just don;t care enough to do anything about it.
I'm afraid this article will more or less fall on deaf ears. Once again we will all be overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of both people and money involved and freeze like deer in a headlights not knowing which way to run.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 10:43 PM

Originally posted by JBA2848
Yuval Tal has a second credit card payment company and his chief technology officer Ronit Brosh seems to be IDF 6 years as the team leader of Mamram The IDFs computer system for logging all of Israels arms and the general staff of the IDF and created the IDFs closed Intranet network.. Then went on to R&D for companies with ties to the IDF.

Current CTO at PaymentsRUs
Past CTO at MyThings
VP R&D and CTO at SpearCast
VP R&D at SeaPass
VP Development and Architecture at (
R&D Manager at Agentics
Senior Software Engineer at Apple Computer, Inc.
Team Leader at Scitex Corporation
Team Leader at Mamram - I.D.F (Israel Defense Army)
see less...

5 more...
Education The Israeli Center for Ayurveda
Bar-Ilan University
Israeli Defense Forces Computer Academy ("MAMRAM

Seems odd that she would now be a CTO for PaymentsRUs.

But then again Payoneer Yuval Tals other company.Rami Mittelman COO at Payoneer and also Managing Director Communications Service Provider Systems, ACS (Verint Systems Ltd.)

Verint Systems is a leading provider of analytic software-based solutions for security and business intelligence. Used by over 1,000 organizations in over 50 countries, Verint’s software generates actionable intelligence through the collection, retention and analysis of voice, fax, video, email, Internet and data transmissions from multiple communications networks. Verint helps governments and businesses make sense of the vast video, voice, and data they capture.

Headquartered in Melville, New York, Verint delivers actionable intelligence solutions that help our customers achieve their security and operational objectives. Government and commercial organizations worldwide recognize Verint for innovation, long-term business value, and outstanding return on investment.

Communications Interception & Analytics Solutions

Verint Communications Interception & Analytics Solutions help Communications Service Providers and law enforcement, national security, and intelligence agencies neutralize threats from criminals and terrorists. The company’s systems collect, filter, and analyze voice and data on traditional and advanced communications networks - wireline and wireless, cable and satellite, Internet, multimedia, and VoIP. Solutions are designed for compliance with ETSI, CALEA and other regional and country-specific lawful interception regulations and standards.

Communications Service Providers

Communications Service Providers must provide Law Enforcement Agencies with secure access to intercept targeted communications on their networks, deliver intercepted communications to Law Enforcement Agencies for further investigation, and perform these activities in compliance with government electronic surveillance regulations.

Verint helps Communications Service Providers intercept and deliver communications in compliance with ETSI, CALEA and other regional and country-specific lawful interception regulations and standards.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Criminals and terrorists continue to exploit new communications technologies and services to plan and execute their activities. These advances in communications require Law Enforcement Agencies to be able to intercept and analyze new types of communications as they emerge, and operate more productively and efficiently as the volume of communications grows.

Intelligence and National Security Agencies

Verint provides national security agencies, military SIGINT units, and other intelligence organizations with a unified platform for the mass interception, filtering, and analysis of voice and data.

Thats one good partner to have when your running a Mossad hit in Dubai.

About us
Verint is a top 30 US enterprise software company that helps organizations make sense of the vast information they collect as part of their daily operations. The company's actionable intelligence solutions are designed to integrate and analyze huge volumes of data ― images captured by thousands of cameras, trends buried in millions of calls, threats hidden in billions of interactions. By identifying critical intelligence that might not otherwise be found, they help industry and government take more effective action to achieve performance and security goals.
Verint solutions are engineered for cost-effective deployment in global operations and complex environments. Built on open, standards-based architectures, these solutions add value to the systems in which government and industry have already invested and help them realize the benefits of expanding information networks and emerging information technologies.

Activity :
Developers of telephone conversation surveillance (tapping) equipment.

According to former CIA officer [Philip] Giraldi and other US intelligence sources, software manufactured and maintained by Verint, Inc. handles most of American law enforcement's wiretaps. Says Giraldi: "Phone calls are intercepted, recorded, and transmitted to US investigators by Verint, which claims that it has to be 'hands on' with its equipment to maintain the system." Giraldi also notes Verint is reimbursed for up to 50 percent of its R&D costs by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade. According to Giraldi, the extent of the use of Verint technology "is considered classified," but sources have spoken out and told Giraldi they are worried about the security of Verint wiretap systems. The key concern, says Giraldi, is the issue of a "trojan" embedded in the software. (Christopher Ketcham, "An Israeli Trojan Horse," CounterPunch, Weekend Edition, September 27-28, 2008)

Verint Systems, Inc. provides analytic software-based solutions for the security and business intelligence markets. Its analytic solutions collect, retain, and analyze voice, fax, video, email, Internet, and data transmissions from voice, video and IP networks for the purpose of generating actionable intelligence for decision makers. The company primarily offers communications interception solutions, such as STAR-GATE, RELIANT, and VANTAGE; networked video solutions that include NEXTIVA; and contact center actionable intelligence solutions, which include ULTRA. Verint Systems serves government entities, global corporations, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, transportation agencies, retail stores, utilities, and communications service providers. (Verint Systems, Inc. Business Week, Information Technology Sector, accessed November 26, 2008)

STAR-GATE ... [is] designed to manage vast numbers of targets, concurrent sessions, call data records, and communications, STAR-GATE transparently accesses targeted communications without alerting subscribers or disrupting service. Verint partners with leading switch and network equipment vendors across the globe to deliver passive, active, and hybrid solutions for a wide range of communication technologies and communication services. ... STAR-GATE can manage network topologies from small, single-switch implementations to country-wide deployments. (Verint, "STAR-GATE Lawful Interception and Data Retention Compliance Solutions for Communication Service Providers," accessed November 28, 2008)

And don't forget Verint runs airport security.

Nextiva IP Video Solutions for Airport Security
Verint video surveillance and analytics portfolio, certified by the US Department of Homeland Security

Originally posted by JBA2848
So heres some more information I have found out about Yuval Tal and his credit card companys ties to Mossad and secret spy connections. I have alredy should you a direct connection to Ronit Brosh and the I.D.F team leader of Mamram. Well here is some info about Yuval Tal's brother Hagai Tal and he is CEO at Plimus. Plimus is a copy of the international credit card company his brother has Payoneer and they are both tied together.

3/27/2007: Plimus Offers Prepaid MasterCard(R) Through Payoneer
SAN DIEGO, CA - March 29, 2007 -- Plimus, Inc., a global e-commerce solutions provider, today announced that it has partnered with Payoneer to offer a convenient payment method for its customers worldwide. Understanding the need to make payments quickly and easily in today's fast progressing web business environment, Payoneer offers a prepaid debit MasterCard® that can be used anywhere in the world that MasterCard® is accepted -- including stores, ATMs and online. Among other benefits, the Payoneer prepaid card enables Plimus to offer clients a cost-effective payment method that allows them to easily check balances and transaction history online. In addition, with Payoneer, Plimus offers clients an added layer of security. If a card is ever lost or stolen, Payoneer will cancel the card and transfer the remaining balance to a new replacement card.

"We're pleased to partner with Payoneer to offer our clients a globally accessible, safe payment method," said Guy Wilnai, senior vice president, worldwide sales and marketing at Plimus. "We are continually working to improve our service for our clients and offering prepaid cards from Payoneer is an excellent way to streamline the payment process."

"Like Payoneer, Plimus is recognized for its excellent customer service and support as well as its e-commerce innovation," said Yuval Tal, chief executive officer at Payoneer. "We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Plimus to provide our cutting-edge web payout offering."

For additional information on the Payoneer card through Plimus, please visit

So I guess they would have a good team like Payoneer right? How about this guy Naaman Lif#z Developer and Instructor IDF - MAMRAM 1991-1994 and Team Manager IDF - MAMTAL 1994-1997.

Now you say well that doesn't make Yuval Tal and Hagai Tal brothers. Well they are and there was a third brother Sgt. Ro'i Tal. Yes Sgt. Ro'i Tal was killed Apr 5, 2002 n an exchange of fire between IDF troops and Palestinian gunmen in Jenin (Operation Defensive Shield).

Ro'i was raised in Nahariya, where he attended the Amal comprehensive high school. The family moved to Ma'alot a year ago. His father, formerly a police investigator, recently joined the Israel Nature and Nstionsl Parks Authority. His mother, Mazal, works at a hospital in Nahariya.

Sgt. Ro'i Tal was buried in the military cemetery in Nahariya. He is survived by his parents and two brothers, Yuval 32 and Hagai 28.

So who is his father they didn't say what his name was?

Jonathan Tal - Founder and Director

B.A. - Geography and Human Environment. Tel Aviv University.
Travel: South East Asia, Australia, Middle East and Europe.
Work and volunteer experience: Sea Turtle conservation project in Greece, volunteer for the Israel Nature and Parks Authority at the Israeli Sea Turtle Rescue Centre.

Lets see who else we can find connected to Hagai Tal. Well hes from San Francisco Bay Area and went to school at University of Sunderland and is located in Sunderland, North East England.

Candice Tal
CEO/Owner, Infortal Worldwide. Business leader with great energy & passion for business due diligence.
San Francisco Bay Area

Candice Tal’s Summary
Founder & CEO of Infortal Worldwide, a global security and risk management consulting company. For 25 years Infortal has helped private and public companies, non-profit organizations and corporate executives to identify strategic security issues, mitigate risks and minimize corporate liability exposure.

With a global network of professional investigators in over 120 countries, Infortal has been a leader in dealing with complex securities and investigative issues, preventing crimes and securing people, assets and networks.
Honesty, Integrity, Best Practices Globally.

Licensed investigators; 25 years experience.

Candice Tal’s Specialties:
Specialize in in high-quality corporate security investigations designed from the C-level point of view. Provide security advice & counselling to hundreds of businesses spanning high-tech, biotech,CleanTech,healthcare, law firms & banks from start-ups to Fortune 100's. On-demand provider of employment screening services globally; specialize in business due diiligence, business intelligence, armed protection services, executive and international travel security services.

So what does Infortal Worldwide do?

nfortal Worldwide - [Cached Version]
Published on: 12/12/2009 Last Visited: 12/12/2009
CANDICE D. TAL Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Infortal Worldwide

Candice Tal is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Infortal Worldwide, a corporate security and investigations firm founded in 1985 to serve emerging growth and Fortune 500 clients in a variety of sectors including biotechnology, financial services, high-technology, manufacturing, professional services and retailing. Ms. Tal has more than 20 years experience managing multi-million dollar security and investigations programs. Leveraging her extensive experience in business investigations, Ms. Tal works closely with domestic and global corporations for whom she resourcefully and creatively delivers effective solutions to corporate due diligence issues.

As Infortal's CEO, Ms. Tal directs an investigative network that spans the globe, oversees the firm's technical operations on multiple fronts, fuels the growth of the Company and works closely with clients to minimize corporate risk and provide expanded due diligence review for Mergers and Acquisitions. Ms. Tal has conducted business due diligence investigations for major corporations involved in transactions ranging from $5 million to $50 million in size. These include business investigations in the USA, Europe, South America and the Far East.

As a result of Ms. Tal's vision and leadership, Infortal specializes in strategic corporate business investigations, providing expanded due diligence capability to domestic and international clients. Her extensive international experience and long-term relationships have enabled Infortal Worldwide to secure and deliver information not readily available through customary investigative channels.

Ms. Tal has a wealth of expertise and perspective in addressing and handling the critical financial, operational, organizational and sales issues that entrepreneurs, ranging from nascent startups to global enterprises, must face in today's challenging business environment. As a CEO, Ms. Tal understands the critical components in building a solid organization. Ms. Tal brings a conservative, high-quality approach to Infortal's services and has extensive experience in business due diligence investigations, workplace violence, undercover, fraud and sting investigations for a wide variety of clients. Throughout the Company's history, she has emphasized a special focus on reducing liability exposure for Infortal's clients and has participated in all major Infortal investigations.

Ms Tal has re-positioned the company to become a leader in corporate strategic investigations and pre-employment investigations, saving corporate clients millions of dollars annually in reducing their corporate liability exposure. Infortal is the leading provider of high-quality, highly accurate pre-employment screening investigations in California. Prior to serving as CEO, Ms. Tal held the position of President/COO at Infortal Worldwide. In this role, she managed the operations and infrastructure of the company and spearheaded its technical development. During her twelve-year tenure as President/COO, Infortal's revenues grew tenfold and the Company became one of the leading investigative agencies in the U.S. Ms. Tal believes that forming strong partnerships with clients is essential to the continuing success of Infortal.

Ms. Tal is on the Board of the World Association of Detectives (WAD) and is a member of a number of industry organizations including the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), the National Association of Chiefs of Police, the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), the National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS), and the Society of Human Resources Managers (SHRM). Ms. Tal is a member of TEC, The Executive Committee, which is a roundtable for Chief Executive Officers of emerging companies.

Ms. Tal has been regularly featured in numerous business articles, has appeared in several San Francisco Bay Area TV interviews, and has been invited to speak at a variety of business conferences. Ms. Tal also sits on the Boards of Directors of several for-profit and non-for-profit organizations. Ms. Tal is a licensed Private Investigator (PI License 15304), holds a Bachelor of Science degree and has completed postgraduate course work. A strong advocate for the professional advancement for women, Ms. Tal dedicates time to mentoring and developing women entrepreneurs and counsels teenage women who aspire to professional success.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 10:45 PM

Originally posted by JBA2848
Or how about this part.

Infortal Worldwide Launches Powerful Web-Enabled... - [Cached Version]
Published on: 7/1/2003 Last Visited: 7/1/2003
Infortal's highest value proposition is our ability to provide our clients with accurate, relevant, unique and timely information," stated Candice Tal, Founder and CEO of Infortal Worldwide.

"The most exciting feature of our new Website is, Infortal's premier background screening and Identity Authentication(TM) program.Infortal is the only firm in its industry to guarantee that a job applicant's identity is authenticated during the screening process.The clients who use Identity Authentication(TM) discover that between 45% and 55% of job candidates have one or more inaccurate statements on their job applications.These discrepancies cover a gamut of topics such as hidden criminal records, serious driving infractions, inaccurate educational records and incorrect employment histories and can be quite an eye opener to our clients.Our primary purpose in offering and Identity Authentication(TM) to help our clients: minimize Corporate liability exposure by hiring the best candidates and avoid bad hiring choices that may cost them millions of dollars in wasted management time, productivity loss, legal fees and lawsuits.There are a lot of criminals out there and many of them have day jobs," declared Candice Tal.

"Our Next Level Due Diligence Program(TM) is Infortal's business investigations solution to capably analyze acquisition partners, assess suitability of executive candidates and evaluate prospective investors.Knowing that 74% of all acquisitions fail to create shareholder value, that executive hiring decisions can seriously impact a company's success, and that seven out of every ten private investments are usually written off, Infortal believes that effective due diligence is a necessity in today's dynamic business environment.As many as 20% of Executive candidates are not a good match; knowing who holds the crown jewels of the company or your investment may make all the difference," Candice Tal added.
Infortal Worldwide is owned by CEO Candice Tal, a visionary and successful leader with almost 20 years of field and management experience in intelligence and investigations.

And shes married or was married to Jonathan Tal. I thought he was in Israel?

Johnathan Tal
Security and Investigations
San Francisco Bay Area

Well need to know more than that lets try again.

ohnathan Tal is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of TAL Global.

As an investigator in Silicon Valley during the technology boom of the late ‘80s, Johnathan was a pioneer in computer and cyber investigations. He played a crucial role in bringing the first conviction in the State of California under Penal Code 502, “Theft by Computer.” He has continued to grow the firm’s expertise in this area implementing state of the art investigative tools to secure cyber communications and property and is widely recognized as an international expert in his field.

In 1985, Johnathan founded his first agency, which quickly became the premier investigative agency in Silicon Valley. Today, TAL Global is internationally recognized for its work with multi-national Fortune 500 companies and international governmental agencies.

Johnathan began his investigative career as a military field intelligence officer for the Israeli Armed Forces during the early 1970s. As an intelligence specialist, he supervised and initiated behind-enemy-lines intelligence gathering, implementing both advanced technology systems and specialized personnel. He also served as a European-based anti-terrorist security specialist for the Israeli government. His responsibilities included supervising highly specialized personnel, interacting with international law enforcement agencies and the European intelligence community. During this period Johnathan successfully conducted investigations and preventative operations to decrease the possibility of terrorist attacks on Israeli installations and personnel.

Johnathan is a licensed investigator, Certified Private Investigator (CPI), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). He is also a member of the World Association of Detectives and served as its president from 2000-2001.

Johnathan is an accomplished, dynamic public speaker and lecturer. In addition to being an ongoing guest lecturer at Stanford's MBA program, he has been a popular speaker at industry conferences by the PGCA (Peninsula General Counsel Association), ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security), CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), and the American Trial Lawyer Association. He has also provided consul and advice to numerous other law firms and private organizations and is a frequent commentator on issues of terrorism and homeland security for television, radio and newspapers..

Is there more? Yes. The people in his company TAL Global.

Erroll G. Southers
Managing Director, Counter-Terrorism & Infrastructure Protection

Erroll is a former FBI Special Agent, Presidential nominee for Assistant Secretary of the TSA and Governor Schwarzenegger’s Deputy Director in the California Office of Homeland Security. He is the Associate Director of the National Homeland Security Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE) at the University of Southern California (USC), where he developed the Executive Program in Counter-Terrorism, and serves as an Adjunct Professor of Homeland Security and Public Policy. He is the former Chief of Homeland Security and Intelligence for the Los Angeles World Airports Police Department, the nation’s largest airport police force.

Lawrence D. Dietz
Managing Director, Information Security & Legal Support Services

A licensed attorney in California, Larry is a recognized authority in compliance and has lectured internationally on SOX and other critical legal issues related to the internet and electronic commerce. Larry served in the U.S. Army Reserve, retiring as a colonel. His assignments included a variety of intelligence and PSYOP positions.

Larry is a member of these professional organizations:

State Bar of California
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Information Systems Security Association
National Military Intelligence Association
Psychological Operations Association
Special Forces Association (Associate Member)
Santa Clara County Bar Association.
Viet Nam Veterans Association (Life Member)
Reserve Officers Association
Military Officers Association

Nigel Brown
Regional Director, EMEA

Based in TAL Global’s London office, Mr. Brown is responsible for supporting clients with a complete set of security, technology, and investigative services. He has more than 28 years of experience in corporate security, protection, investigations, and law enforcement - most recently as co-founder and CEO of GSS Global, a leading European risk consulting firm. There he dealt in internal controls and compliance, banking safeguards, security systems engineering, VIP protection and threat monitoring, white collar crime, due diligence, employee screening, and IT investigations.

Mr. Brown began his private sector security career by leading the Security and Investigation team at aviation and security integration firm ICTS London. Shortly thereafter, he established, International Security Consultancy Ltd --ISC, specializing in consulting and investigations. Under his direction, the firm became a leading consultancy for multi-national companies covering all aspects of risk assessments through investigations for several renowned clients. Throughout his career, Mr. Brown has supported clients in more than 30 countries, having lived or worked in Israel, London, Cape Town, Namibia, Paris, Kenya, and Ecuador.

Mr. Brown served 13 years with the Metropolitan Police-New Scotland Yard. During this time he worked in a wide cross section of disciplines, including the Anti-Terrorist Squad, Crime Squad, Drugs Squad, Advanced Driver, Firearms Officer (Marksman). He retired with an Exemplary Conduct Certification and four Bravery awards. He is a graduate of the University in London with a degree in Medical Laboratory Science.

Crazy right!

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 10:47 PM
reply to post by JBA2848

I haven't looked into this, but if this is true, I find it most disturbing that our private information may be going through not just our government but the Israeli government as well...

How is possibly giving access to the american populace's most personal and private information to an Israeli company ensuring maximum post-9/11 security?

The idea of this astounds me... I will have to research into it.

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 10:54 PM
So, this article links to a map that is supposed to give info about specific locations, but i cant find squat for the location near where i reside part time...


can anyone throw me a bone?

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 11:03 PM
reply to post by ghostsoldier

Thank you so much for posting that vid of Serco.

I wiki'd a bit, felt ill, and stopped reading.

Even in my tin-foil-hat worst, I'd have NEVER imagined a "serco" exists.

And there it is. Kinda makes me wonder what else I don't know.

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 03:12 AM
Are peeps following the blog - congress has stepped up and the lead candidate to be the next director of intelligence (or something) has piped up and is putting down the piece.


I'm surprised at how little attention this has got here at ATS.

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 11:06 AM
reply to post by ghostsoldier

Same here...while the fundamentals are basic here on ATS, there are some stunning insights as to the mentality of a few and as well some mind boggling details...

This is the tip of the has to be...

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by Sararainmaker

I can't find the thread but there was a recent story in BAN on the Irish refusing the E.U.'s initiative to start funneling private information through Israel...

I am also completely perplexed that Israel would need such information!

There is something there and we should look more into this and figure out exactly why international cooperation on personal (private) information is being smells funny.

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by OuttaTime

To answer your question it has to do with the paycheck people need every moth. The second is that common people dont pay that much attention to their own firm or corporation. Common people dont make corporate decisions, they act on the decisions that are made. Usually common people only do specific small tasks, that are only a small portion of the total picture. If you are a carpenter your job is to build houses no questions asked. The only time you would bring up a concern is if your wages are to low or taxes to high. Than you complain about your wages or your taxes. You see common people are kept out of the loop, and have no idea of what is going on.

I would also like to add that only a fraction of a fraction of the working class is actually trying to fallow issues like this on daily bases.

When it comes to soldier not even the special forces pay much attention to what is going on. The more activities the intelligence can spot the better it is for them. It is the intelligence that keeps them in service, so that they to can have a job that pays for food on the table.

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