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5200 Children Have Been Imprisoned by Israel

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 02:04 AM
"The IDF provokes children by doing so they give themselves an excuse to arrest them. They are sent to adult prisons where they are tried in Military Tribunals, a clear unambiguous demonstration of how the free country that is Israel frequently breaks international law, basic human rights and decency."

"Abuse during arrest and transfer to detention centres
The circumstances under which many Palestinian children from the OPT, mostly 14-17
years old, have been arrested, interrogated, detained and imprisoned suggest that there
have been serious violations of the Convention against Torture, the Convention on the
Rights of the Child and the Fourth Geneva Convention.
As a matter of routine, children have been arrested, in the middle of the night, literally
taken from their beds to the interrogation rooms by members of Israeli security forces,
including officers with balaclavas or with their faces blackened.7 Arrests have been
carried out by large groups of Israeli security forces (between 30 and 40 men), who
arrive in military jeeps, surround the children’s family homes and forcibly enter them, at
times with guns drawn, at times pointing at family members with flashlights. The noise
of the military vehicles, the heavy pounding at the doors, the yelling of the soldiers and
the screams of the minors’ family including small brothers and sisters usually wakes up
the whole neighbourhood. In practically all cases no explanation was given as to the
reason of the arrest and no arrest warrant was shown.
Moreover, security forces have ill-treated the children and their relatives during arrest,
employing means such as beatings, kicking, verbal abuse, humiliation and threats, and
the destruction of property during searches. Children are transported to detention centers
in military vehicles, usually handcuffed and some of them blindfolded or hooded, and
often being beaten with rifle butts, punched, kicked and subject to verbal insults and
curses during displacement. After the arrest, in numerous cases, families have had to
search for their children, as they were either not informed of or received misleading
information regarding their whereabouts.
The methods described above do not only violate international law but are also contrary
to legislation regulating arrest and detention of children of Israeli nationality."

This MUST stop! It seems to me The IDF (Israel Defense Force) uses children as intelligence assets. What in any civilized country would be a police visit during normal waking hours to interview a kid about "suspected stone throwing" turns out to be a terror event perpetuated by Israeli military. The psychollogical effect on these children will be with them their entire life.

I am certain if the Israeli people were aware of what their military were doing in their name, the outcry would be heard around the world. NO human being with a conscience would, or could condone such action. I remember reading years ago how the Gestopo (sp?) would enter Jewish homes in the middle of the night and take whole families from their beds to detention centers. I remember reading this as a young man and wondered how the world could allow this without comment.

No citizen of any country wants to believe their government is responsible for such a horrendous action. Children DO commit crimes and should be held accountable. This process adopted by Israel is however, in my opinion, contemptable. It is pure terror perpetuated on a helpless people.

As a young man reading about the horrible treatment of Jews by the Germans as I said above I could not understand how the world could for so long remain silent. well, I will NOT remain silent over this terrible injustice.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 02:28 AM
Just think, the American people both finance and supply this too. If the American people knew what was ging on, we would demand our government stop supporting this and without the support of the US, Israel wouldn't have legs to stand on. Also, America would become much safer, as Muslims hate us because of our blind support for Israel (not because of our freedom).


posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 03:05 AM
reply to post by airspoon

How very true! Your recent post actually inspired me to do this post.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 03:36 AM
S&F for Gem-man and Airspoon. At least I managed to convince (with very little effort) my parents that the US is supporting the enemy. My mom is disgusted with Israel and the US support.

My Dad still believes that the Time Square bomb scare was a US government setup. Just another reason to increase hatred towards muslims, just like the underpants bomber who never actually blew a bomb was reason to send some drones to Yemen, which lies just across from Somalia, where the US is also actively involved.

And what do we find between the two countries? Just the Persian gulf, the Red Sea, and a famous strategic island (whose name I forget) that the US wants to control. On the one side of the gulf the US uses Israel (and vice versa) to invade the Middle East (while being buddies with Saudi Arabia and installing pro-Western leaders in the already invaded countries) and on the other side having Ethiopia help them gain control over Eritrea and Somalia.

Eritrea are some bada$$ MFs (pardon my French, anyway Eritrea is an impressive country) with enough soldiers to remain independent for life, but Somalia - as we know - is a very fragile country with a very strategic position, and plenty of oil right?

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