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Reincarnation memories

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 11:58 PM
This probably has been done before but I am gonna do one now...
Do you have active memories from poeeible past lives, and what are they?

Myself, I can remember being in a church or something...marble floor, white columns on either side and an alter or something up in front.
When I see the massive gothic cathedrals, it stirs like a 'memory' inside...
I also remember looking down from a high distance at what looked like rofftops on a huge manor or castle? the closest thing i can say it looked like was the recreation of a castle in london....

Another really strange memory I have is me looking at the rear of a ....starship or sounds like i forgot to take my happy pills but i cant shake that feeling or memory...its engine assemblies surrounded by some kind of framework.
Now, back about 20 years ago, I was told I lived past lives both on another planet and here. I was told the name 'Sanverina' is somehow connected to me in that life. In another life, in Atlantis, I was told I was a forerunner in crystal technology, and somehow, I gave this information to 'visitors', and they used this to destroy Atlantis.

I know I am rambling, but does ANY of this strike a chord with anyone, or chime in with your 'memories', maybe we all can confirm our ideas or feelings

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 01:48 AM
I have very strong memories as well that tend to emerge during meditation. One such was that I was thrown to the floor in front of a woman in a very stark stone room. She was on a chair that was on a small block of stone, akin to a throne. She looked at me and condemned me to death for being a witch (one of many times I can recall). This felt to me like it was in France.

Another was in what I felt to be Germany. I was following a somewhat short young man with honey-colored hair. He was holding a torch. He led me down a tunnel. I could feel a mantle over my shoulders. As we walked, he looked back at me with indescribable sadness in his eyes and said that what I would see down there would break my heart forever. It ended there.

There are many instances that indicate previous lifetimes. On my first visit to Rome, I could navigate as though I had lived there all my life. I've lived in Helsinki for 24 years in this lifetime and still get lost now and again. Rome is a bit larger.

Barcelona feels like home to me, as does Paris and many other French cities/towns/villages, particularly in Bourgogne (Burgundy). Though I've spent a fair amount of time on the Cote d'Azure, I haven't yet been to the southwest of the country. I know that's where I've spent many lifetimes.

In this lifetime, I was born in New Mexico. Man, did I take a wrong turn at Albuquerque or what?! lol

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 01:53 AM
I remeber (somehow) a time I was happiest. Very long ago, I was a sevant of a servant of Egyptian royalty. It must have been when Nefertiti was still alive. She had servants, and her top servants had servants, and I was one of them. Greatest pleasure of being in service and in the temples of royalty. But very strange thing is, I grieve for Tutankamen.

I remember quite a few deaths, primarily by "neck" (hung, strangled, cut?), and in this life had used to be very defensive when anyones hands even came near my face/throat area. But since I advanced in the healing arts (about 12 years ago), I am no longer defensive about the throat area, except, I have came up with a problem swallowing food or liquids (for about five years now). Some past traumas seem to have resolved or left, but there is still one more that seems to be major and may be causing my problem.

I also recall parts of a life approx 200 years ago. To do with my heritage, I recall the skills, but there were two different lives, one as a male and another as a female.

Since my younger days up till now, there were two occasions I was visited in visions by four great warriors (full regalia and colors). another (last) vision was of three warriors (one for some reason was not present). that last vision was about 7 years ago.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 01:55 AM
Yes, many times of dying (by neck/throat) could likely be due to my refusal to "convert". to this day I still refuse and follow the nature path.
I believe in teachings from all over the world, but I will not wear a label.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 02:58 AM
No such memories for me; may be some unexplainable dreams; I believe Soul is like the Operating System of a computer & Memories are like data stored in a Hard disks; Once the soul leaves the body, it also leaves the brain (where the memories are stored) with the body. May be that's why we don't remember anything related to our past lives? if there is such things. May be I am wrong

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