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Man runs 21 miles in the artic barefoot and in only shorts and a cap

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by XxRagingxPandaxX

I think this is in the mind, a sort of reverse placebo effect.

An example would be a deranged psychopathic murderer, they are intent on murdering someone but only focus on how they can hide a victim, this means that the actual act itself is reduced to a simple process or obstacle but the point of focus, ie, the coverup, becomes difficult and this is why serial killers get caught.

Hope that makes sense, its like a runner as well, if they focus solely on being the winner of 20 races to be the best, the 21st race will be the hardest or the losing race. Same with anything really but it takes practice with most and some are naturally, un-natural if that makes sense.

Just my opinion.

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 06:51 PM
I am genuinely impressed.

This guy is a real life super hero.

I am definitely going to show my kids.

It's hard to find a real hero these days, but here we have one.


He just made a new fan! I'll be backing his Everest attempt!

Iceman can do it!

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 07:03 PM
OK lets cut the bull*** posted on this thread.

This man has been tested by several doctors when he ran an marathon in shorts an dbarefoot in -20C. He did not train for the Marathon beforehand. He made most of the way but had to walk the last 1-2km with the help of his son who egged him on, however what made me smile was that the first thing he did at the end after hugging his wife and son was to open an lager.

It had nothing to do with any "Superfood" or any other such thing, or just a will do so, willpower.

He was rigourously tested before and during the event by 2 seperate doctors one american and one russian before doing it, during it, and afterwards. They were specialists in the bodies metabolism and specifically hypothermia and such related conditions.

He also had similair, with the same scientists, totally and completely monitoring every aspect of the 24 hours before hand and afterwards and during and after when he immersed himself totally naked in freezing cold water (not frozen but below frozen as the high salt content) in the artic for 20 minutes.

The doctors, scientists present stated that it HAD NEVER been observed before with proper observation in a human being. Also that it was Physiologically impossible for him to survive the immersion with n movement or protection. That it was beyong the abilities of the human body to do so, and most humans would be in an cold induced coma within 3-4 mins. dead within 5-6. He stayed under for 20 mins, and got out unaided and stood naked and barefoot in the snow talking for a few minutes more.

I would bet my entire remaining life no special forces, and I am dissapointed neformore at your post as a mod for being so flippant, without doing what he does beforehand could manage 50% of what he does, willpower or super blueberry blubber or not. It is a "physical impossibillity" in the words of the medical specialists who have read, monitored, experimented and researched all known experiences of humans in such conditions beforehand, and proven this.

The character in question openly staes as shown in an video above he practises Yoga specifically the breating exercises of Tu Mo, which is well documented as having an initiation after many years of training to be accepted as an master of such to sit naked in the himilayas, melt the ice around you, and have wet blankets/sheets which have been dipped into freezing cold water placed over them, which have to be dried out from you heat repeatedly over a period of around 8 -12 hours.

I really really would like to see a video of any special forces in the world try that one, unless they had done this yoga themselves and mastered it.

It is tibetan in Nature, and the graetest known practitioner was Milarepa. The modern day "buddha Boy" quite famous now is also an expert in it, which is why he can sit motionelss and not eat or drink for days on end.

Kind Regards,


Elf edit to add this video I have on it on ATS Media, explaining the energy system, and monks doing it, with the harvard study

(click to open player in new window)

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