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Official: Seep, possible methane leak found near BP's blown out oil well in Gulf of Mexico

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 04:27 PM

Originally posted by St Udio
i guess the MSM is ramping up their hype on the spill to garner credulity with the public.

the words already in the blogosphere that there are numberous other 'leaks' associated with this well-head & pipe casing that penetrated the Macando Formation and got blown apart along with 11 oil workers lives back in April '10


well (no pun intended)
its very obvious both the public and the gov't agencies are being played as dufus suckers:

...By next week, they could start blasting in mud and cement to block off the well for good.

But the government is worried that the cap on the well is causing oil and gas to leak out elsewhere, which could make the sea floor unstable and cause the well to collapse. That's why federal officials want to pump the crude to ships on the surface.

actually, youse need to read between the lines of the article...heck---even yahoo news is getting up to snuff on the 'conspiracy'
that BP is trying to hoodwink the administration
& the voice of the public with...

what Cheesecakes they are... along with the mealey mouthed congress persons that equivocate on the behalf of BP

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 06:11 AM
I wanted to reply as I am concerned the pressure is building up, and the sea floor will collapse.

I found a site which states that crop-circles predict the GOM explosion will take place on Friday July 23th.

The next crop circle appeared in Wiltshire, England

Date: July 19, 2007
Location: Martinsell Hill, near Oare, Wiltshire
Coordinates: 51º 22' 30" North, 1º 45' 22" West

The nearby village Oare (about 1.5 kilometers South West of the formation) is home to New Orleans style 10 Piece Jazz Band "Kennet Vale Brass" (source: wikipedia). This is a very remarkable fact, because the most nearby city to Deepwater Horizon is New Orleans!

Another village near to the formation is Wootton Village (about 2.7 km East South East of the formation). This church of this village has a very peculiar church clock. The significance of this will be explained later on.

The accident and explosion on the Deepwater Horizon took place on April 20, 2010, 21:45 local time, which however is April 21 in England where the formation appeared. It turns out that the period from the day that the formation appeared (Thursday, July 19, 2007) until Wednesday, April 21, 2010 inclusive exactly equals 144 weeks. This number of 144 equals the number of segments of the formation! Other aspects will be clarified later on.

Schematic of the crop circle with directions drawn in it:

Note that the formation has 18 outer and 18 inner points. Hence we have 36 possibilities. In practice in 1 out of about 10 cases we will find a match "by change". However it turns out that on the one hand Deepwater Horizon perfectly has been aligned with one of the inner points while on the other hand the village Wootton Rivers, the formation and Deepwater Horizon perfectly have been aligned. The reason that we find a match with an inner point and not with an outer point can be discovered when we take a look at sunrise. The orientation of the formation clearly deviates from sunrise on the day of the formation (July 19). However we find a perfect alignment for July 23 to 24!

There were a few more crop circles who point to 23th of July as the day the seafloor in de Gulf will explode.

Please explore this site for further details:

Also note that Brian Ladd of had made a drawing of the newly installed cap (before it was installed) from a dream, and also notes an undersea explosion on 22th of July.

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