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Stewart Swerdlow's Take on the UFOs over China and England

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 08:22 AM
Stewart comments on this in today's "Illuminati News":

July 18, 2010
China & England

In the past week there have been many videos on the internet showing UFOs flying over China and England. China even closed an airport until the vehicles left.

In one video over China, you can actually see a wormhole or vortex open up, emitting the craft. Looked like something out of Star Trek. It could be a Blue Beam emission or an actual craft. Some of them did show up on radar, but holograms can do that these days.

I would say that the videos do show actual vehicles. Blue Beam tends to be more of a spectacle. Look for more of these events to happen over very populated areas before the end of this year.

I think it's interesting that holograms can show up on radar.

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