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Mexican Police planting Drugs on Americans and using torture...

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 06:01 AM
Americans seem to be having a hard time at the borders both north and south of here.....I've just finished writing an article about Americans being hassled at the Canadian border (which I will post later) but it's nothing compared to what some people are dealing with at the Mexican border. Read on: (Mods: I paraphrased the article and did not cut and paste)

Two Americans were driving back to El Paso, Texas, last December after an afternoon across the border in Ciudad Juárez. A few blocks from the border, they were surrounded by Mexican army trucks and pulled from their Dodge Ram.

Those two men—Shohn Huckabee, 23 years old, and Carlos Quijas, 36—are being held in a Ciudad Juárez jail. They tell a different story about what happened that night. They say Mexican soldiers planted the marijuana in their truck. When they arrived at the military base, they say, they were blindfolded, tied up, hit with rifle butts, shocked with electricity and threatened with death.

Allegations of mistreatment of suspects have caught the eye of the U.S. Senate committee that oversees financial aid to Mexico for its war on drugs. In an internal report, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee says it received allegations of serious human-rights violations in Ciudad Juárez last year. The report cites an unidentified young man picked up in El Paso who said he was arrested by the Mexican military in Ciudad Juárez and beaten and shocked. The man said he was released after the military concluded he had no useful information about trafficking, the report says.

Mr. Huckabee says he was subjected to similar tactics. "I believe what was done to me was torture," he said in an interview. "When I did not answer their questions, they shocked me with a wire that was in my hands. My whole body froze up. The pain went from bearable to a point where I couldn't even talk."

Between 2006 to 2009, complaints to Mexico's National Human Rights Commission about the military grew tenfold, to about 4,000, including allegations of robbery, rape, torture and killing.

Testimony from three Mexican witnesses at the scene of Huckabee's arrest—people who said they didn't know the Americans—contradicted the army's version of events.

José Antonio Bujanda, 21, told the court on Feb. 26 that he saw soldiers pull over Messrs. Huckabee and Quijas while he was washing windows of cars lined up to cross the bridge into Texas. He said he saw soldiers plant the suitcases in Mr. Huckabee's gray Dodge Ram.

"The two soldiers went to their own truck. I saw them take out two suitcases, then put them in the gray truck," he said.

Abraham Antero Torres, a 19-year-old candy seller, testified that he saw the same. "The military men that were behind took out two black traveler's suitcases and put them into the Ram, and that was it," he said.

Read the full story about Huckabee's torturous day in Mexico here:

And here we are worrying about giving illegal immigrants health care?

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 06:34 AM
Wow, shocking.

Sorry for the pun.

This government corruption crap has got to end and I mean soon.

I am getting real sick and tired of this nonsense.

Torture over what? Nothing?

Talk about idiocy. They must not know how to actually catch drug traffickers. No surprise there.

The drugs flow in more today than they ever did before. It only gets worse.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 06:41 AM
Why plant it in the first place?

A couple reasons I can think of for planting drugs on people are

There may be quotas to fill for numbers of arrest.
The cop/military may be getting revenge, for something as simple as back-talk, through to cheating with his wife, or messing with his business.

It seems odd to plant so much, "100 pounds". Couldn't they get the same kind of effect (long prison term) with just a few pounds and keep the rest for other frame ups or themselves?


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