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Oil continues to leak from Petron pipeline

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 03:18 AM
First off, don't mistake this with the GOM.

This leak is in the Philippines.

Although nowhere near as bad as the GOM, I am wondering just how fragile this entire oil gathering operation is? Two tankers are down in the area, both containing forms of oil based products. Globaly, we have pipelines all over the place, both on land and sea. Should the oil companies be doing more towards getting this oil from one place to another? Or is it that they choose these methods due to keeping 'costs' down.

One thing is for sure...We must get away from our need to use oil products. An alternative must be found and found fast.

Oil continued to leak from Petron's ruptured submarine pipeline off Rosario, Cavite, a local diver said Saturday.

Local diver Nestor Danoso said they tried to seal the ruptured oil pipeline with asphalt and rubber, but it continued to spew oil.

The pipeline was ruptured by a ship's anchor at the height of tropical storm "Basyang"

It said that aside from the biting anchor, the leak is also caused by a loose flange.

The PCG also said in the statement that "the situation is presently under control."

If it's under control, why is it still leaking? And how the heck do you fix a leak with rubber and asphalt?
Were they aware that the pipe joints were loose? Perhaps they meant to say that the anchor hitting the pipe contributed towards making the flange loosen?

The PCDG said that at least one liter of oil is leaking out from the pipeline every 10 minutes.

Rosario Mayor Nonong Ricafrente has said that he is considering suspending the operations of the Petron depot.

Petron, however, said the closure of the depot could be disastrous to Cavite's economy.

The smell of oil is strong. Some fishermen are scooping the oil from the water. They are being paid P200 each day for the task.

Too damn right the depots operations should be halted until every last drop of oil is cleaned up. And paying fishermen 200 pesos a day to clean the oil up is outrageous.. 200 pesos!!! That's roughly the cost of a McDonalds meal.

200.00 PHP = 4.30852 USD

And to make matters potentialy worse,

Bataan province, meanwhile, is also facing the threat of an oil spill.

Two tankers carrying gas have been submerged in the waters of Limay since typhoon 'Basyang' struck.

While no leak has been detected, authorities say the situation is precarious.

The Philippine Coast Guard is closely monitoring the waters off Limay, Bataan.

Oil spill control experts are scouring the area looking for traces of oil spill. None was found.

But the situation is precarious because one the tankers, the MT Deborah Uno, was carrying 200 metric tons of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

The other tanker, the MT Jors, was carrying 497,000 liters of diesel and gasoline.

The Coast Guard said it has the situation under control, but residents are worried an oil disaster could ruin their livelihood.

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