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Timewave Zero syncs w/ Web Bot 7/11/10 - 11/11/10 then both CRASH

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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 03:00 PM
No matter how much information you throw at people, those that choose not to believe will not believe. I laugh reading scientist after scientist try and explain away the animal deaths... the increase in naturally ocurring catastrophes, etc. But if you are waiting for the official "the end is nigh" report, you're never going to get it.

The world is not ending, but it is definitely changing. The Mayans never said the world would end, neither did the Hopis, rather they said that a "new world" would be emerging.

People need to remember though that many of these occurances are new to us and new to our lifetimes. However, they have occurred in the past and will more than likely occur again. Perhaps all that 'junk' about visiting fireballs and world changing floods aren't so far-fetched afterall, eh?

I would be remiss however if I didn't draw attention to ET_MAN's thread about late October 2011..... the crash in the beginning of November 2011 by Webbot and Timewave..... and now this Comet Elenin due to arrive....somewhere around late October / November 2011 or so. The whole Hopi blue star arrival adds another layer.

Could it all be coincidence? Could it all be grasping at straws trying to prove prophecies have actual meaning.... sure. Does the Internet allow this information to leak, spread, and grow faster and more easily than ever before? It does. But does now knowing about something change the fact that it exists in the first place?

It's getting harder and harder to dismiss everything going on and not think something is coming our way.

I would argue though that the catastrophe isn't what should be feared the most but rather what the majority of people *think* is going to happen. Webbot is a data-generating program based on what people are talking about, thinking about, etc. It really doesn't matter if it's true - if enough think it is, and act as if it is, we are all in trouble.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 03:12 PM

Originally posted by Zagari
reply to post by this_is_who_we_are

Comet Elenin made public
Many huge floods all over the world
Italy political scandal

Then there's that 7.4 in Pakistan. Just tack it on to all the other bizarre events and what do you get? A yummy quiche? I don't think so. When's the next big webbot date to look for?

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