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Radiactive liquid waste leak at UK Nuclear Power Station

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posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 02:02 PM
Apparently Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station has had a leak of radioactive liquid waste. The cause of the incident are as yet unknown, but the EA are advising that the incident caused a radiation to vent into the atmosphere.Žion=&projectstatus=&theme=&subject=&searchfor=&topic=&area=&month=

INVESTIGATIONS are continuing after the leak of contaminated water within the active effluent treatment plant at Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station last Wednesday (9 June).

The affected area was washed down to help transfer the effluent into the internal plant drains and then back into the normal effluent discharge system, authorised by the Environment Agency.

The Agency has been working with British Energy, the Health and Safety Executive (Nuclear Installations Inspectorate) and the Food Standards Agency to assess the impact of the event.

Currently available monitoring data indicates that, as a result of the event, radioactive discharges to atmosphere were elevated above the levels normally released by the power station. An assessment of this data indicates that the risk to the public from the event has not been significant.

To put the release in context, based on the best available information at this time, the Environment Agency estimates that the maximum exposure to radioactivity a person could have had from this incident would be an additional two microsieverts.

For comparison, an individual in the UK receives on average 2,200 microsieverts from natural sources each year.

Furthermore, the wind direction at the time of the release was out to sea.

Let's hope these radiactive exposure estimates are accurate.
Remember, this is an ongoing investigation, and the exposure levels are only first estimates.

zero lift

posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 02:47 PM
2 units in one hit, not spaced over a year. Who believes a real alarm would be given anyway?


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