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BP Greed Equates To Malice Aforethought - For those that want to or do belive what BP say..

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 06:35 PM

BP Greed Equates To Malice Aforethought

Last Sunday night 60 Minutes interviewed a walking, talking miracle – Mike Williams, at work as the chief electronics technician on the Deepwater Horizon the night it exploded. Employed by Transocean, the largest off-shore drilling company and owners of the rig, leased by BP the nation’s biggest oil and gas producer. One of the most sophisticated drilling rigs in the world at a cost of 350 million (USD), with a crew of 126.

Four weeks before the explosion, the rig’s most vital piece of safety equipment the Blow-Out Preventer (BOP), was damaged. Located down near the sea-bed, it is used to seal the well shut in order to test the pressure and integrity of the well and in the case of a blow-out, it’s the crews only hope. A key component of the BOP, is a thick rubber gasket called an Annular, which can close tightly around the drill pipe. During a test they closed the gasket but, while it was shut tight a joystick was accidentally nudged applying hundreds of thousands of pounds of force and moving 15 feet of pipe through the closed BOP.

Criminally Appalling Disregard For Life and Nature In A Quest For The Almighty Dollar.

This is a truly shocking article, not sure if its been posted (Did check but couldn't find it) and although I admit its not from the likes of CNN etc. it is still shocking none the less.

They completely bought this on themselves with a dangerously shoddy track record and as you will read in the article, complete disregard for the safety of their crew, the ecosystems and the world as a whole. The chain of events that lead up to this disaster could have and should have been prevented.

Truly shocking but I guess to be expected


posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 05:33 AM
Of no interest to anyone ?

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 09:07 AM
I think people are growing weary of this whole cover up and that's maybe why you're not getting many responses yet.

Give it some time and while you're waiting please read an article you can search ATS for Called "WAR on the World" that explains quite a lot about what is happening and who is responsible.

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