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Practicing Medium-ship

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 01:45 PM
This topic really fascinates me. I think it's a calling and a pull, but a part of me has been pushing the idea of metaphysics away for awhile. I was reading about natural mediums; and although I have had unusual and disturbing feelings about the unknown, I'd rather not base anything off the past and start from scratch or with a clean slate. There are a few rare experiences, but I've been kind of working at them in order to improve. I think it's fear of the unknown and dangers more than anything that has held me back for so long, and of course then people thinking it's nonsense and me following along with that notion.

So first off the point in practicing medium-ship would be to uncover secrets about the unknown and to develop yourself to a better potential. Also, there's a certain thrill and adventure to uncovering a power that no one else realizes. Then there's infinite possibility, it's better to start small with that in mind.

A few things I'd like to work on are: learning to interpret tangible and random messages from the otherside, how to communicate with a spirit effectively, and a huge obsession of mine is learning to understand the nature of dreams. Like, for me there is so much there that is yet to be explored. How characters present themselves so fully, without me seeming to intend them. It is all mystifying to me.
I want to learn more about the nature of my dreams, and how to lucid and consciously dream in the real world and fantasy world.

I also have been interested in helping others cross over, though I don't know if I'm experienced enough for that.

What are some people's experience with medium-ship? What would you suggest for me and others to help somehow strengthen that...and do you have a basic philsophy that helps rationalize some of the strange things you experience?


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