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Dispersants Hearing: NOAA admits Gulf seafood not tested July 15

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 08:16 AM
Dispersants Hearing: NOAA admits Gulf seafood not tested

I have noticed a great since of jubilee by many ATS members as the oil has stopped flowing from the BOP. I too am hopeful but very cautious in what I hear coming out from BP and the government.

I can see many ATS members here based from their postings jumping up and down in front of their keyboards as if an end is in sight for this event.

I am hopeful, but I am not jumping up and down in front of my computer. The reality of this event is just beginning.

The latest numbers reveal that 1.8 million gallons of dispersants have been used in our Gulf waters. On July 15th, a dispersant hearing was held where the NOAA and EPA were present to answer questions to the senate committee.

Nalco refused the invitation to attend this meeting. Why would they refuse? It can’t be do to the fact that Rodney F. Chase sits on the board of Nalco and BP?

BP is controlling this event 100%.......”If BP is saying something, WE MUST QUESTION the validity. If they tell a small truth, it’s to cover up the big picture, a bigger liability.”

The President and the government are saying that the seafood is safe to eat. They have “trained” sniffers standing by to smell samples coming from the gulf……….

But there is NO testing for Corexit or other dispersants in our seafood?

The EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, went on record during this meeting stating that Nalco and the EPA have shared the formulations of Corexit with the FDA, NOAA and the State of Louisiana.

So why have they not been testing for Corexit in the seafood coming from the Gulf?

As I have stated, this event is just the beginning to something potentially far greater. The health risk due to this dispersant is unknown. That’s why we must question everything we hear coming from BP/GOV/EPA/FDA………

Independent testing must be performed at all levels of where corexit contamination could be present.

It is negligent for our government not to be testing our seafood coming out of the gulf for dispersants………But again BP is controlling this event.....

To see the complete hearing you can view this at the c-span archives

The seafood sniffers...........

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 08:30 AM
Right with you on this - On page 6 of the 'toxologist...' thread I have given some information taken from Nalco's data safety sheet. Sorry I don't know how to link it but it corresponds to much of what's being said. They have not tested Corexit on mammals and say that it is NOT bioaccumulative. But Susan D Shaw, a marine toxologist says it IS bioaccumulative... NOR have they tested it's impact as a WHOLE product - only individual components whic are, "..a mere blend..." . Makes it sound like a Cabernet Sauvignon!
Corexit in both forms 9500 and 9527 have been illegal in the UK since 1998. While BP told me (met the UK press officer) they are no longer using 9527 (the EPA ORDERED them to stop Corexit period) they are still using 9500 - said it was a judgement call between the oil v's the dispersents. Which was worse...

Reporter John Turrett for Aljezeera news channel was in New Orleans recently and said that a New York time article found that autopsy's being done on marine life from the GoM show that it is NOT the oil that is killing these creatures...No s**t Sherlock!

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 09:38 AM
Take 37 minutes To Listen

Start asking questions...........Take the time to listen to this 37 minutes of this hearing...........

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by Cloudsinthesky

You have truthfully discovered a particular and key clue of what I believe is a secret crime within a crime. What comes next is anyone's guess, but your posting prompted me to come forth with some candid remarks to your subject matter title.

While an emphasis has been placed on the oil spill itself and the spraying of COREXIT, too much emphasis has been placed on other oil spill areas to intentionally diminish the attention or focus that anyone gives to the health consequences of the entire Eco system to include human beings contaminated with such chemical substances.

Near term and long term health affects need to be a full time subject matter.

The term contamination needs to be clearly defined and in this case I contend that "ANY" exposure to the deadly substances is going to be fatal and in that regard keeping the testing a back page issue is a crime against humanity. Add in the ability to bribe and influence authorities and anyone can see that we better not trust criminals to control the systems that generates factual, quantitative, empirical data which might prove that millions are already irreversibly contaminated and subject to eventually death from the exposure.

I will not sit idle and not speak my mind on a matter of grave consequence from exposure to the toxic chemicals or other covert secret nano technology chemicals being sprayed over a five State area and then carried by winds to many other down wind States withing the nation.

While the ecological impacts of the oil spill is bad enough, there is the added dimension that we really don't know what they have been spraying.

We have only what they tell us and with no verification process or broad testing, for all we know they could have been for the last 80 day or so been spraying other items into the air and water. This is a suspicion that will eventually be proven true. Of that I have no doubt.

Since there have been multiple reports of spraying over populated areas and since the volume of spraying is indicative of a sense of urgency, I question if we really are just in danger from the COREXIT or if there are other secret ingredients that are being unleashed upon mankind, beginning with Americans first. How will we know unless we test? Since testing is not being done, it says something is not right in tinsel land.

Time will tell, but if anything, I just know the BP oil spill has yet to begin the phase where all the dying occurs in a flash explosion and then and only then will others perhaps conclude that there are those that openly seek to kill off humans with an organized and massive large scale operation that would have to be pursued in order to achieve the magnitude of death and destruction that they seek to achieve.

In this regard, too many think regionally when they should be thinking globally. Think the entire planet and you have the scope of this false flag operation.

Your posting is key to consider pondering and investigating before the next big aspect of the BP crisis is upon us.

In the future when people begin dying in abundance and panic begins, is when most will realize that the NWO made their Grand "End Game" play and most Americans were too preoccupied with Lindsey Lohan and Mel Gibson to notice. Most didn't even see it while they were spraying over 80 days of public open attack on the population, plant animal and sea life and water resources and into the air.

The current phase of the BP oil spill is about to end. The next phase is guaranteed to get everyone's attention.

Your posting prompted me to come from the background and state that you and others like you have touched upon the most important aspect of the whole BP oil spill.

Anyway, If we cannot trust the government testing standards or the truthful disclosure from our EPA, FDA officials, then we indeed as a nation are in a world of hurt from those that we pay to supposedly protect our best interests and our ability to be free of deadly chemical exposures which will impact our overall health.

Thanks for the posting. I for one truly enjoyed the topic and hope others give it the importance that others will discover it is in the future to come. As time moves forward, you will be able to expand the topic matter.

All of the spraying will become a conspiratorial category of its own and sooner or later, others will conclude the same in time. People just need to know what they have been doing, how, when and how much. Once that is done, all will realize just how prophetic your posting touches upon the hidden truth of an aspect within the BP conspiracy.

Thanks again for a decent posting. You will do good to follow the subject matter. If you do, you will stay ahead of the pack. Good luck, thanks again.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by MaxBlack

Although I have my conspiracy ideas..........I am leaving them out of the equation for now. I am strictly looking at the facts of this BP Gulf event. There is a minimum of 1.8 million gallons of an untested (from an environmental / human risk standpoint) dispersant in the gulf waters……….

The dots are rather easily identifiable to connect between Gov/BP/Nalco/Blackstone and all the Board members of these groups ………Is it a conspiracy? Time will tell!!

But the first thing we must do and rather quickly is perform independent testing in all areas of the environment.

There are groups testing the sea water and some lakes………

The truth must be exposed while the public’s attention still has a reason to focus on the gulf.

Hopefully our project on the rain water will bring forward evidence quickly…………more to come on that project here on ATS………

Thanks for your insight


posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 02:07 PM
I'm tired of burning so much time looking at BP's underwater feeds. I'd like to find the equivalent for the environmental consequences. If not video feeds, at least a chat room (enviro equiv of oildrum) or forum where environmental pros and volunteers are gathering to discuss the impacts and what we can do. So, if you find one, let me know.

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