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Hate People that Hate

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posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 03:07 PM
HI there everyone, this is one of those rare posts in belowtopsecret, so I will try to be as controversial as possible. I feel that I am very different from most of you. As I am not someone that really hates anyone. Rarely happens for me to hate someone. But when I look around the world I live in, the only thing that seems to stand out, is how everyone hates everyone. How hate drives everything. Hate and lies.

I know I know… its a weird post… Let me explain myself.

People are afraid of everything. To some its control, to others is being ridiculed, to others is to be viewed as nothing, to others is to have less power. I mean everyone is afraid of something. And because of that, the normal human emotion that can be obtained is anger and rage. You can get angry and inraged that something is out of your control.

What I really hate is all of you haters out there, that judge the color of my skin and tell me it’s about the color of your skin. Its all about the gangs that hang together and promote hate, and keep telling themselves that they are taking back the power for themselves. I believe that human kind is the worst when it fears something. Back before the 60’s it was racism , Now its all about the middle east and the terrorists. We all fear what we cannot explain or feel we have no power to change.

No instead of hating everyone , try for a second ,to think about others, and try to change your actions day by day, And see the difference it makes. Maybe if each one of us tries hard enough we can change this around.

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 03:22 PM
racism is like old school or something bro,nowadays they hate you for having a car,having a job,having love...and its like...normal.
when your lonely and unhappy,and you see all those people that are below you,that pretend to be in happy relationships wont you hate on them?

thats why i love to show off and brag infront of haters,it gives me like..orgazms

thing is,keep going for the top and have a good time!

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