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BP Fires Security Contractor for Taking Photos of Dispersants

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posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 02:02 AM
Security contractor: BP fired me for taking photos of dispersants
Video Interview is at the source as well.

"When you met me, and you were straight with me and I saw the way that you were being treated, I told you I wished I could tell you more," Dillon told Walker in an interview Friday. "And after the way BP treated me, I'm telling you now that you deserve an answer, and that's why you're getting an answer."

Dillon maintains that he was fired several weeks later. "I took pictures of something and I brought it to the attention of the command structure and whatever I took pictures of, 12 hours later I was gone," he said.

Dillon believes the photos showed how dispersants were being used in the Gulf of Mexico," reported WDSU. The former security contractor did not provide specifics about how photos of dispersants might have angered BP management.

I didn't see this posted elsewhere, so hopefully this isn't a repeat for you. I'd be interested to see the photos. Just more proof BP is hiding something


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