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ATS Live! Show #15 - Now on the REWIND! Player

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posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by neformore

I just got done listening to the second part of show #14. I still might be a new fan…
Again, I’m no professional critic, please keep this in mind…

Not sure what to make of the caller’s story (stories). Seems like more finger pointing going on than I have fingers to use as a basis for reference.
The lyrics of “Whiskey Lane” seem very appropriate words of wisdom for some ATSers, in my opinion.
I’m not sure who brought this up after semperfortis was talking about “ridicule” verses “questioning”, but I believe the individual speaking as to what the caller was doing as oppose to what the caller may have been doing or believed they were doing may have some validity to it. Civil servants can be “briefed” to believe one thing about someone supposedly above them in their chain of command, and may even become witnesses to something that was not as it appeared to be. However, if evaluating someone’s intentions in relation to their mental well being, and doing this for every “whistle blower” that steps forward, then it is us who are “playing doctor” who are the ones deciding if every tidbit of information coming from that individual is totally baseless or if sometimes an imprint of some measure of truth exists within their stories or not. And who is to say someone who has a decade or more worth of black op (psy-ops?) operational involvement is not to be considered “mentally unscathed”. Scars may exist where words fail to define such scars.

Concerning the discussion between nef & silk, nice balance
really nice balance in views and an adult conversation. This show is well formatted and certainly brings to the ATS table a coherent audible medium to discuss rationally some speculative issues in a delicate manner. I like that, a lot. When nef brings up the point of fact that maybe someone who has had any involvement in any black operation may have “mental scars” so to speak, it is a legitimate and noteworthy possibility that I personally have no problems believing in based upon more than 11 years in the usaf, with friends & family who have ties to informational technologies. My brother worked at the pentagon for more than a few years analyzing and reporting on satellite imagery to his chain of command (seventh to the president). My younger brother is not an ignorant man. And my own experiences through 11 years of networking and people i met during my service, before & after, have offered me some interesting pieces to a puzzle. The experience I bring to the table are not personal passions first and foremost, nor an agenda that is born of self glorification, but rather on subjects I have managed to learn a little bit about by just being in the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the wrong time, depending upon how one chooses to look at it. I was stationed as a firefighter at nellis afb in January of 1999 following basic training and tech-school at Garland Fire Academy at Goodfellow afb in Texas. With the exception of 44 months worth of deployments to various warzones during multiple deployments, nellis afb was home. I am Originally from Illinois, and currently living there again (Pekin). I have managed to witness a few things and come across some information that is difficult to relay in a meaningful way to some, and this is an understatement as sometimes some of my experiences extend past what I can conjure up the words to define.
And, forgive me for this small confession, but …
My credibility may certainly be compromised to say the least. I have received a diagnoses of “Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder associated with Traumatic Brain Injury and Schizoaffective Dissorder” and receive a paycheck every month from the government via the Veterans Association for more than $2,600 every month for the rest of my life. And I feel guilty for it. All I did was decided to speak up and speak out one day about things I disagreed with and things I wanted answers to. MY SENSES: I had witnessed on more than one occasion phenomenon that have encountered no rational explanation for, nor can describe accurately with words, I think. So, now that ATSers know that those I may or may not be trying to “blow the whistle on” are the ones being trusted as to the mental well-being of alleged “whistle blowers”, please keep in mind the news that is brought to us by the drug companies that may have a pill for that.
Are there things going on that the general public may not always be fully aware of?
Look at the world economy (what is $$ spent on?) and tell me who may have bet the world economy on it?
For as long as there are those who suffer the delusions that they can control all the pieces of the puzzle, there will be those who are discrediting the credibility of those who have a valid piece to that “true” puzzle, I think.
But I will be damned if I will let them, or any one else, convince me what senses I have cannot be trusted, whatever their credentials may be to make such a prognosis or diagnosis may be. People (ATSers) offer different insights from various perspectives, and sometimes when we peel the distorted truth away, or bring it into focus, we can better ascertain a simple truth: “Who am I to totally dismiss everything that anyone says?” …. “And what does all I know thus far add up to?”.
nice song

Insert humor here:
Nice plug for Megaddilddo .. um Megaddiddo, sorry.. (GreenEyeLeo).

When (I think it was Nef) mentioned that people can be programmed through books (words) I think it may have been an understatement. But a comment that was on the mark no less, in my opinion. And now imagine a book being used for social engineering purposes allegedly being brain fed to generations (the bible) of beings we seemingly share more than 99.7% of the same dna with… and what results may become of so many for so many centuries, for so many generations, of their dna being fed such information. There must be some long term effects on us genetically if evolution is to be believed when realizing that generations worth of our own kind have been subjugated to such belief systems for generations. Ah, but who am I and what do I know?

Maybe for some, “insanity” is the tool they bring to the table, since it is their “innocence” that is being infiltrated during discussions they choose to participate with on ATS. No offense to the ATS motto of “Denying Ignorance”, but if we look up the accepted definitions and reference a thesaurus, the word “Ignorant” does surface more than once.

People seem to have defense mechanisms in place at the genetic level which do not make it easy to interpret some pieces of the puzzle accurately. That and there are social engineering obsticles in the way that seem to diminish and belittle the “ego” which is one medium we rely upon for rational interpretation and adjustment to our environments. Those who are anti-ego … are anti what? What negative aspects of the ego exist according to the definition of “ego”? something I often wonder.

Some ATSers may offer weird stories, or threads that seem to be a fellow ATSer suffering a “Messiah complex” or “I speak directly with aliens” or “I am an alien” venue, but some truths may be discovered about ourselves from witnessing someone willing to engage with their own imagination or sanity, I think. But after we pick their story apart and dissect what it is we can dissect and effectively absorb, I think we owe it to our fellow ATSers to help them pick up the pieces, add them back up together, and re-adjust to their new surroundings where what was once inconceivable … just became possible for the first time in their minds eye.
I’ll share a personal experience with you,
Although my credentials are verifiable, one must take into account the “condition” military/government doctors have labeled me with. And, according to them I am 100% disabled due to mental issues stemming from being to close to stuff that went boom too many times…
So you and you alone get to decide the validity of my account of what happened one day when I was assigned to the fire alarm communication center (FACC) at nellis afb. The date? I’m sorry, I cannot recall. It was between 2001 and 2006, of that I’m sure. It was not between May-2002 & Dec-2002. It was not between Oct-2003 & Jan-2004. It was not between July-2004 & Nov-2004. It was not between Mar-2005 & Sept-2005. These were most of the dates I was not at nellis during this timeframe, as I can recall.

continued ...

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posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 10:36 PM

I was far from the only one to witness the events of one day, a date I can’t remember. The highest ups at the fire station were called away on what on some logs was reported as a “helping hand”, on other logs was reported as “Training exercises”, and god knows what else it was reported as in logs. But it is my professional opinion that there were thousands of witnesses from the base alone. I was an acting ncoic of the fire alarm communications center. It started at about 0900 and ended around 2030 that evening. Radio transmissions were mostly gone all day long. The airfield was ordered vacant, no maintenance crews working on aircraft. There were orange lights hovering for hours over “the Q area”. Flight paths were clearly changed as aircraft flying into McCarren were being flown around Sunset Mountain. And at the end of that day, around 8:30 pm when the radios finally came back online, there was a lot being said, and people who erased the tapes of what had been recorded on the fire department logs. At around 8:30 pm the first radio transmission I heard all day was from the control tower saying something to the effect: “we have radio communications back online, and power is back online too, now”. At some point I may share my story as best as I can on a thread here on ATS, but with the amount of stories that exist from far more credible sources than I consider my own background to be, it shouldn’t be required, I think. It isn’t that people are not talking about their experiences. It is that people are not listening to peoples’ recounting of those experiences in my opinion.
What really happened that day? I don’t know. Am I “crazy”? depends upon who you choose to believe, I guess. But if the tax payers are willing to pay me $2,600+ a month and cover my medical expenses for the rest of my life, then call me “crazy”. If it makes you feel better, I might be willing to agree with you.
Can mass groups of people be “hypnotized” and/or “subliminally influenced”?
Compared to whom? One out of the masses?
Mentally conditioned in order to do something they would not be willing to do under “normal” conditions? What conditions are the normal conditions? Programming human memories, affecting peoples’ prejudices? Is the water ok? Jump in? how deep before one can no longer turn back?
ATS Live: Can mass groups of people be “hypnotized” and/or “subliminally influenced”?
Esoteric Teacher: “I’m not sure…”
ATS Live: Can mass groups of people be “hypnotized” and/or “subliminally influenced”?
Esoteric Teacher: “I don’t know”
ATS Live: Can mass groups of people be “hypnotized” and/or “subliminally influenced”?
Esoteric Teacher: “Let’s put the theory to the test??”

You are feeling more awake & the mods will applause this post…
Behavioral modification was discussed. I think I would have to do some more personal studies on the subject matter before I am comfortable discussing whatever my point of view is in a better advised manner. But, yes, I think it is a thing that may have roots in someone’s arsenal, or did once upon a time. I sometimes ponder about the circumstances surrounding a battle that took place that never should have happened because the word that the war had ended had not yet reached the front lines of either side during “the fog of war”.

I give you guys credit where credit is due. You do discuss and tackle some interesting and fascinating topics and subject matter in a comfortable to listen to atmosphere and coupled with appropriate music choices I think. I like the format and will continue to listen to upcoming broadcasts and catch up on previous broadcasts as well. Thanks for choosing to be who you guys are, and doing what it is you are doing. When I’m better informed on some issues being discussed I’ll offer what I can in a more receptive manner than some of my posts meet.
ah, but I’m the “crazy” one, just ask your government doctors, so keep this in mind when judging me and my character. I don’t hide too much. My name is in my signature, my coordinates are under location in my avatar, and my picture is also in my avatar’s background image and in my longer posts is visible and labeled as such.

At any rate I’m still listening and well into segment #3 of your 14th show. I’m liking it, to say the least.


posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 11:01 PM
we are all looking at the same things from different perspectives.

what makes the differences is sometimes what we are willing to compare our perspectives against when making such comparisons, which may offer unknown qualities/variables to those who already are addicted to the rationalities fears' subservients.

we are conditioned through "competition" to believe it is about finding what it is that offends us that sometimes people fall into the patterns of only seeking out what can offend them that it so boosts the ratings that it becomes the Main Stream Medias' number one product. Making money off of what offends us most.

ATS Live is not taking the same route. ATS Live is starting with innocence (ignorance/questions) and tackling the greatest possible offenses from varying perspectives, opinions based upon experience and supportive speculation.

When it comes to the Main Stream Media....

if those pretty faces believed half of what they were reporting as a true representation of the human race, how the hell can they smile after years of reporting crap? Most of the mainstream media reads off a teleprompter that serves and agenda or agendas, they invite unqualified guests to discuss subject matter that is not their speciality and speak over their guests. they ask questions in the form of incomplete sentences while speaking at a fast pace that takes up 40+ seconds of airtime. They speak overtop of their guests to make themselves seem more intelligent than a guest they coaxed onto their show under the guise of discussing one thing and then discussing something else.

If ATS does not fall into the above format of the MSM ) "Massively Stupid Maniacs" & "Misinformation Scoundrel Morons"), then ATS Live is surpassing the norm, that is for sure.

keep up the good work.
i'm still listening, what hour is this now???

might have to take a break..


posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 09:24 AM
Firstly thank you Esoteric for a great job - you have obviously put a lot of work into that critique

And for the rest of you guys - 8 hours and counting - please whale in and let us know just what YOU want discussed - its your show as well and we love to hear from you all !

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 09:52 AM
Heres another from the board that Id love to see debated -

The I-Phone 4 - has Apple fallen from the tree ?

intentional pun but i think worthy to talk about given the amount of members who actually have one.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 10:15 AM
Another from Chat - from our member OmegaLogos

Does the 1st amendment allow Politcians to lie with impunity???

Not sure I can comment on this - as im from the UK but jump in if it gets on the show.

Dont forget you can join in on skype or in the chat room - or just listen in

7 Hours and counting

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 10:43 AM
not needed

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 02:29 PM
reply to post by Silk

so, less than 3 hours 20 minutes away, right?
and i can listen live, here:

i'll be listening. and trying to learn more about stuff i know about and stuff i don't.

I do like OmegaLogos's thread concerning politicians.

personally if one calls themselves a politician, i think they are admitting that they are a liar, and there is some measure of honesty in that, maybe.

OmegaLogos does manage to offer ATS some good material for us to digest now and again. For that matter so do most ATSers.

At any rate, i can listen live real soon at the link provided in the Opening Post, right guys?


edited to add 3 hours to 20 minute wait...

ooh. i guess i can listen to the last segment of show 14...

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 03:37 PM
What are my thoughts concerning the differences between Marines and “death squads”?
Books, movies and even arcade games have been made to address such issues, I think.
My grandfather was a marine for over 20 years. My father was a marine for 8 years. My younger brother was a marine for 13 years, seven at the pentagon answering directly to the top of the marines. I joined the “chair force” so to speak, my mos was mostly in fire protection during my 11+ year career. This is some of the background I draw upon to either agree with or disagree with specific points.
I offer this philosophical question designed to be rhetorical for semper and those whom engaged in that discussion…..
if there is a category or list of "people who do not deserve to breath the same air as me", then are those who deed that list adding names to that list?

As long as there is a list of “People who do not deserve to breath the same as a me”, there will be those looking to add names to that list, …. Maybe because it is profitable, if we take into account what “their” currency is?
If a list exists of “people not fit to breath my air”
Then we will have names on that list, I think.

There may be times where fighting is justifiable or a perceived necessity, and if threatened enough I might have to concede totally that this is true for the safety of my own well being.

And to those who point out the fight but do not engage?
Those pacifists that merely pass a fist (a fight) onto the next generations, what favors are you really doing anyone if you ignore the fight or do not apply your personal skills to end the conflict??

I see more than 2 sides to this argument, sometimes being argued by those (linear minded) who only see 2 sides to this argument of acts of war verses human rights. That is my take on some of it.

About the summery of the 14th show….

No one needs to kick my door down, please. I always leave it unlocked. Please feel free to walk to your left after entering into the living room, nevermind all the large screen tvs and computer monitors in the room. To left is a kitchen, if you feel so inclined you can wash the floor or see if there are any dirty dishes you can clean for me and my brother/roommate. To your right is a hallway, and if you follow that hallway to the right my bedroom is the last door at the end of the hallway. If you feel the need to come in and wake me, by all means please do so. My address is *ADDRESS SNIPPED* and my coordinates should you require satellite imagery for support are under location in my avatar.
Fido is my dog, he doesn’t bite. And the laser beams, cameras, and bear traps are just props for a future production me and my brothers might be putting together for a short film for youtube.

I’m looking VERY forward to the show coming up soon…

innocence = ignorance according to some definitions of innocence and thesaurus references.

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 04:02 PM
next live show in 1 hour 50 minutes and 47 seconds!!!


posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 04:11 PM
Another one looking forward to the show

I missed the live show last week, tried to have a nap beforehand so i could be fresh for the show....and never woke up!

So i'm prepared this week, i'm off to have a quick sleep, i've set my alarm for just before midnight, and i have prepared nothing short of a large picnic for the show!

Bring it on!


posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 04:15 PM
Ummmm.....I'd like you guys to talk about some health and medical issues. It's one topic that actually affects us directly.

I guess I'll have to call in to get that ball rollin...

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 04:24 PM

Originally posted by DevolutionEvolvd
Ummmm.....I'd like you guys to talk about some health and medical issues. It's one topic that actually affects us directly.

I guess I'll have to call in to get that ball rollin...


That could be a "mine field".

It could result in a "big pharma / big medical industry" bash up.

It could also end up in some dodgy medical ideas & advice being offered.

It's a tough area.....

Kind regards
Maybe...maybe not

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 04:27 PM
What about children being screened for high cholesterol to be placed on Statins? What about cholesterol drugs in general.


posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 04:28 PM
link need in offering in advice. Just talking the facts; the history; the data.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by DevolutionEvolvd

How about ritalin, or other behaviour modifying drugs?

Would it be true to say that kids can no longer be kids, and that every little idiosyncracy needs a lable?

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by budski

That's a good topic as well, though I haven't really dug into behavioural drug information. I was almost misdiagnosed as having ADD as a, I think I really have ADD.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 04:43 PM
Not meaning to change the subject.........but who's singing tonight?

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by DevolutionEvolvd

see my sig

The truth is that if a child misbehaves, or is feisty, or energetic, modern "psychiatry" holds that there must be something wrong with them, as their behaviour is "not normal"

The reality is that kids are magnified adults, behaviour wise, and need to make mistakes in order to learn and grow.

But according to modern methods, this must be eliminated, and all kids must act within certain parameters and boundaries, ot they are labled with behavioural problems.

I am not saying that behavioural problems don't exist - but in many cases, it's just a kid being a kid.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 05:49 PM

Originally posted by ladyinwaiting
Not meaning to change the subject.........but who's singing tonight?

Last show, Nef decided to go and choose GEL (Green Eyed Leo)!

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