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"Hell Has Come to South Louisiana"

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 03:46 AM

Like so many others in Louisiana who have any affiliation with the response effort to the oil disaster (which is basically everyone), as his statement indicates, Guidry is appalled at the seeming lack of concern about the heath effects of the dispersants on response workers. “There are incidents the Coast Guard itself has recorded and documented of planes spraying Coast Guard boats, platforms, and fishermen with dispersant,” he tells me, “Our biggest battle now is trying to get people protected, and it’s pissing me off.” Guidry is hearing directly from fishermen he knows participating in the response effort, and they are telling him they are being sprayed. To make matters worse, despite BP being directed by the so-called EPA and Coast Guard on May 26 to dramatically decrease their use of dispersant in the Gulf, recently released Coast Guard records show that BP has exceeded dispersant limits on a near daily basis since that order. Guidry, like everyone I’ve met thus far in Southeastern Louisiana, is all too aware of the fact that, as he succinctly stated in his testimony, “Hell has come to South Louisiana.”

See Article Here

This interview with a Louisiana man is very interesting. It is reported that he gave testimony to some Congressional members and his testimony is given within the article.

As a resident of northern Mississippi, this concerns me greatly. I have family on the coast that I have checked in with frequently. My grandmother was on a vacation to these family members and will be returning this Friday. I will ask her about her trip and see if she observed the beaches or noted odd odors in the air.

Would someone care to explain to me why they are not offering or allowing protection for these workers? And why are WE (as in the United States) allowing them to treat these workers this way?

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