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did aleister crowley summon the loch ness monster ?

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 09:06 PM
I'm a Scot, born in Aberdeen and until 2007 lived my whole life there. I've been to Loch Ness many times and I can definitely say Crowley left some kind of imprint on the Foyers/ Drumnadrochit area.

I once stayed a week as a guest at Borlum Farm, directly across the water from Boleskine house, and the whole place had a very eerie atmosphere at night and a general feeling of 'presenses'. In addition items would go missing and appear a day later or not at all.

As for Boleskine itself there was a story in Aberdeen about some guys that went up there in the 80's to steal amplifiers etc. from Jimmy Page when he owned Boleskine. They were never seen again. Rumour was they had been killed by guard dogs.

There is definitely 'something' in that Loch. I saw it myself once, Four of them to be exact. One big one three small ones. Swimming casually up the loch just under the surface. I estimated the large one to be about the length of a bus.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 12:20 AM
well then the post seems to be getting more interesting , i need to find out weather or not the first siting account has been constant . if it was first recorded in the mid evil times then died out after and then seen again after crowly then he might have summond somthing back that might have been their befor further research is needed ..thank you all for your post



posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 09:01 AM
Crowley purchased the Boleskine estate on Loch Ness for the purpose of performing the ritual outlined in the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. He began the operation, which takes 6 months to complete, but was later summoned to Paris by the Supreme Magus of the Golden Dawn, so he did not complete it there.

He completed it years later while in the Sahara.

The purpose of the ritual is to integrate the divine will in the microcosmic personality. He had no intention of summoning Nessie.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 09:38 AM
I hate it when people get this wrong...

The Loch Ness Monster summoned Crowley!

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 09:35 AM
I'm sure he summoned it spiritually and maybe was able to manifest it into physical form. I've heard this from elsewhere too. I know he spent some time at Loch Ness.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 04:17 PM
Aleister Crowley did a lot in his life and was one of the pioneers in Western occultism in the early 20th century. He has grown from a man though into some bestial legend full of hyperbole and misinformation. He was not a Satanist. He was not the Devil. He was not some mythical Man-God. And he certainly did not summon the Great Marketing Monster of Loch Ness.
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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 04:35 AM
Correct, the Loch Ness Monster would have summoned Crowley. Crowley would have called the Loch Ness Monster as well, by his very own "lifestyle".

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 04:42 AM
I was based at Kinloss for many years and used to regularly visit the Loch, both during the day and night. It really is a strange place, you can feel something tangible their. I have never seen anything but you do certainly get the feeling of being constantly watched. Plus, the water always seems so dark, almost black on some days.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 05:16 AM
Yes! he did summon the Loch Ness changed it's name to Gordon Brown.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 06:01 AM

Originally posted by Alexander the Great

How is it going to bounce in and out of this world?

Well, maybe only things that don't belong in our current time-line
can bounce in and out, hence maybe why things that belong here do not.
Because they are from the past. present, or future things cannot do this
because of obvious reasons. The past has happened and maybe the information
is stored in some energy that sometimes burps, so to speak, and boom a prehistoric sea monster appears.
Maybe it only happens in Lochness because that specific region has a glitch in the "energy".

Who knows, just letting my thoughts run, don't mind me.

Didnt some guy admit to hoaxing the whole loch ness sighting?

That being said, if it was time travel, would the rotation o the planet, solar system, galaxy, have no play in this event? I find it hard to grasp how the position of an object in the universe at any given time is never considered when people talk about time travel.

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