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Your Spiritual Revolution II: Basic knowlege I: Your Body

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 02:39 AM
and thanks for the monoatomic gold words of wisdom. i'd been reading into it and some people are saying its an nwo conspiracy to mess up our extra-dimensional dna so we cant ascend. thats why i wanna find an alchemist to get it made. what they sell to us would be garbage, wouldnt it? the person who patented it was nwo. but its historical fact that it was used by ancients and mystery schools of multiple religions. and kept from the masses. i think its probably real, but hard to get pure. and i dont trust anything thats "sold" to me. i never tried it but i would definately love to go the whole nine months and more. haha probably expensive though. on my thread i'll bring all this up and tell people not to take it bought from a store.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by mav0360

Thank you for your contribution! Some stars for you!
If you are interested in alchemics and hermetics, read John Baines "The stellar men" Wow! Its free available on the net...

To the monoatomic stuff:
I met this wise guy once in spain. He was looking like typical alchemist style, like in the books... It was a lucky coincidence i met him. We talked the whole night about an error in einsteins special theory. He ment i was the first in six years (since his discovery) who could follow and understand him...
Tho, he invited me to stay a time with him. We drove back with his truck to one of his occupied "houses" in the pyrenees. There he had made up a large "laboratory" and also had this small ...kiln for monoatomic gold production (what i didnt know until the last days).
We discussed a lot about hermetics, physics and all the stuff like here on ATS. One day we where talkin about the anunnaki and enlightment, he suddenly jumped up and came back with a small casket. Inside was this white powder. I thought he wants to give me some drug like coca or else, but he explained me everything and i tried...
First there was nothing, but along the evening i started to become more awake than ever! It felt like the time around me was running slower and i am superman or so...
This lasted for nearly three days and we made some other experiments in that time... Then i felt asleep for about three more days...
When i woke up he was very strange and upset about anything.
He asked me to go to the next village (as i did before) to buy some foods. When i was coming back he and all his stuff was gone...

I dont know where he is now but since a few weeks i have the strong feeling that i will meet him once again, when i start my next jurney...

Lets see...

By the way i had an old friend in switzerland who was something like an actor and high degree mason who thaught me lots of secrets.
He took it too, but never told me about it. I was always thinking he was taking a drug but when i now remember back to it it makes so much sense...
Rest in peace, bredren!

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 07:18 AM
just downloaded the stellar men. it looks like a good addition to my elibrary.

that story is crazy (in a good way). quite an experience it sounds like.

but as far as him disappearing, i've often felt like i showed people too much, and left them to learn on their own. i'm sure you have too. maybe it was too hard finding someone else who seeks true knowledge. being the only one to know certain things for so long can take a lot outta you. almost no one else knows things that we talk about regularly here on ats. before i found ats, i only knew two or three people my entire life who were on this level. still i only know of a few. its difficult having no peers for so long. thats why most of us are solitary in nature.

i never met anyone like that though. i met some wannabe witches before and one wannabe alchemist. but they were chumps. your guy sounded like the ultimate find. hope you do meet him again. time will tell.

your other friend sounded cool too, though masons arent high on my list of people i wanna know. theyre about the same height on the list as cops (for me). no disrespect intended, cause he sounded like a cool guy.

what do you think of those binaural beats? i tried them a few times recently and they sure do have effects. i heard about them years ago but was reminded recently on a thread here. i dont know if i prefer it to real mindfulness and self mental control, the clarity i gain from deep meditation is always preferable, but they may have potential in some ways. i know it doesnt really fit with "your body," but its interesting, and worth bringing up.

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by mav0360

Well, it seems i have good luck in those people crossing my way...

I don´t know but my whole life seems to be a unite synchronity...
And i know i am ont the right path. I once decided for the light side (yeah i did black things once...
) and since this it seems to be good... very good. Surely i come away from the path too, but in afterwards every decision makes sense...

As i stated above, sometimes i feel like Neo from matrix...

and i know there are only a few ones outthere... hope to find them, but it seems i have to be a leader... even if i don´t want...
People just deciode by their own to follow me...
It´s a miracle...

Even finding this site (and stay here) seems to be one of this synchs...

Hey, when you just are downloading , read "the thiaoouba prophecy"

Ah.. an have a look into the "I am enlightened...i think" thread, i am discussing with this pespi78 guy since a week about how he has been decepted...
Would like to hear your opinion on it...

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:37 AM

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 03:36 PM
So really not much happened in the last days...
I will state now my last words on this:

This thread series is mentioned to help everybody and it helps me by writing down all the knowlege and experiences i have achieved in the last twenty years....
But as stated i wont go on when there is less to zero interest in it.

As my "lucky number" and the one that follows me everytime (with synchs and all...)is the twentytwo, i will only go on when the thread(s) reach a flag level of 22!
Tho if you want me to go on then give me your flag and tell it to every friend/member that you think it could interest him...

I dont look for fame, but i want you to contribute and disscuss the things i post for you... I want that so much as possible can see this and help as much as possible, tho...

Peace, love and light,
let u guide by higher i


(Remember ...22!)

posted on Aug, 2 2010 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by JimIrie

hello, what I would want to know? hmm. good question.
I'm not sure what you can give help for, but I myself have tried a few times to enter a meditative state,the deep kind,where I truly connect with my higher self/higher energies I suppose. I have failed ofcourse. I would also be glad if I even was able to have lucid dreams at my own will and then actually remembering them after waking up,but I suppose those topics are another thing all together and not something you planned on talking about.
Still,I am willing to try anything my friend, any help is highly appreciated,especially at these dark times where help and opportunities liek this come rarely.So I'm just counting my blessings I suppose to have found this thread.

Any help that can help me reach a higher state of awareness,or possibly to enter a state,where I could,for myself, find answers to some burning questions that have pretty much consumed my whole life for the last 3 years,namely the whole upcoming period of change and enlightenment,I have based all my life around this and my only motivation to live on and be hopeful of the future is this change. Yeah,it has touched me that much,I have done some major reading of many sources about this,and ironically,the mroe I find out and read different sources,the more i supposedly know, the less I know it seems.The rabbit hole is jsut endlessly deep it seems,and I feel that I don't know anything anymore,The veil is on everything on this planet.So any help you can provide,please do.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 06:39 AM
reply to post by Valeri

Hi Val,
sorry that i couldnt answer directly but i had a lot of ral world work to do the last days, tho...
So for you question to get into a state of higher conciousness, it is avery long path and needs a lot of work to come to this state...
I for myself needed nearly ten years for it but i also started with eight! So i wanst as much infiltrated by tbtp and else... So it was easier for me to reach all this as for "normal" people...

If you have read the part three of this series (just click on the roman number three, down in my sig) you will know that you first have to know your subconciousness mind if you want to go a step further to get in touch with your higher i.
That is surely not the only way but the easiest for people who have been indoctrined by all the cr*p outthere.

With the subcon on your side you will get knowlege about yourself and abilities you cannot imagine now.
Your subcon has registrated everything (even in sleep) and was affected by so many different things, you first have to work off all the stuff you have done to it in your lifetime. Start at your actual point of life and go back until your birth...

But you stated you have even problems to get the concentration while meditating... So this should be the first point to work on for you.

First you have to understand how the whole physical/astral connection works. Clear is that your brain is the connection between them.
But what are the catalysts that bring you to the wanted level? Its really easy when you understand it...

Your brain works with PICTURES and ARCHAIC SYMBOLS AND THE WILL to do it, to reach what you want.

Imagine when you as a kid learned to walk or talking. When you have done it once you have the picture of the certain action.
If you have the will to do it(and thats the harder part!), the brain sends the command through the nerves to the legs and does it! (Here plays the motoric a important role, but the same you can achieve to mental technics.)

So notice:

***Image + Will = Act!***

This is the first important rule! And if you do a bit research on magical subjects you will see that is the pure core of every teaching and culture or ritual...

There are different ways to train your visualisation and will to get the concentration you want.
One training example:
Take a certain thing that has much details, maybe a rose or another flower (naturals are more detailed).
Now take a seat and relax.
Lay it in front of your face with a neutral backround behind it (white?). then stare at the thing for a minute without blinking. You cannot? Train your will!

So stare, but try to soak up every detail...
Now close your eyes. You will see the flower (or whatever) in imagination. Try to hold the pic aslong as you can. If it is gone try once again. Eyes open, stare, close look, hold.

If you get really good at it, you just have to think about a thing and you will see it with closed eyes (or even opened...).

Now you still have to train your will, better.
One traning example could be:
Try with focussing at a little point on the wall ...start with, lets say 10 min! Go up to 30 mins...
Two weeks you should need (with daily training!) but more is surely better...

So this should be the first step for everyone who is new to this subject. Try to understand the "formula" above and train your will and visualisation!

Uhh... and you said the veil is on everything, yes sure but if you have lifted em once you will see the "secrets" in everything, everytime...

Peace, love and light,
let u guide by higher i


posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 06:56 AM
I know this is a bit off topic but as the main people who seeks advice i will post i here and in the third part.

So for everyone who made the first steps mentioned in my last post, here is a nice meditation advice, i do myself very often.
It is an exercise that is really easy to do and has shown great effort on beginners:

Lay down (or sit), just do what is more comfortable for you...
Close your eyes and breath deep. A wonderfull technic is to slowly count til 4 while breath in, hold for two and breath out til 4 and so on...
First ground yourself.
Then when you feel a bit relaxed start to full relax your body.
Nice tech:
Start with the feet. Contract all muscles for a second, then relax them. go on with lower legs, then upper legs, then your hip, then belly and your back, breast, throat, face, upper head...
You will feel full relaxation if done right (this will need training but after two three times you will be comfortable with, or you can do it by will...)
Now your body is done. If you come so far and didnt sleep in (the first week the hardest) you go deeper.

Still breath deep ...
Imagine a picture you are comfortable with, i for myself take a down moving staircase and count down from ten til zero, whereas every new number comes with a new cycle breating in...
When you´re down at zero, feel into you if you have reached the level you want. if not count once more...
If you reached a high theta level you are right!
You will feel it if its okay or not...

Now imagine your body. You will see it like it is plus a glowing light out of it. Now activate your chakras! (You know about them?)
This, you can do through imagination. Start with the first one down where you sit on. Which shape you choose is your choice. (I do mine like a lightball connected with me through a hyperbolic "twister").
Focus your whole conciousness on it. You will see it spins very quick (if not you have a little problem!). Now imagine a up lightening of it. You give now much energy to it.
Now imagine it opening, like you want. Do it like a camaera lense or a lotus, rose or maybe a stargate opening. You are just limited by your phantasy... (if you have a method you are comfortable with, stay at it as you will need training to do it in an eyes blink...)

You will see that it was opened a certain amount. Put it back into this initial position, or you will have some problems or "wonders" the next days...

Now go on with the next, and so on until you reach the highest one...
If done right you can control then all chakras by will (if you also trained your will and concentration) and achieve different effects, that are connected with this chakra...
Also, DONT START WITH THE THIRD EYE! You will bring your whole system into disorder! This can bring your whole life into chaos!!! Let this be a warning!
But therefore you will gain full control and harmony into your body and life! Trust me! I do this every day and even work on the stage with it!

Tho, first learn about the different chakras and what they are related to. You can control with this different things!
For example The first one: Sexual behaviour and fears.
Second: fertility! (Good to make babys!)
Third: Nervous system and lymphs; braveness(healthiness activation) and stomach
Here is a big step between you will need a jump over to it (means, only when you reached a certain level...)
Fourth: Love (works great to get someone to fall in love to you)
Fifth: Communication and throat health(If you have problems to talk; tonsils)
Sixth: Third eye activation (just one way)
Seventh: Connection to your higher self (Illumination)

But again, only start with the first one! If you start with another one you will bring your system into disorder!

Have fun and...

Peace, love and light
let u guide by higher i


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posted on Sep, 28 2010 @ 11:33 AM

Originally posted by JimIrie
So really not much happened in the last days...
I will state now my last words on this:
But as stated i wont go on when there is less to zero interest in it.

As my "lucky number" and the one that follows me everytime (with synchs and all...)is the twentytwo, i will only go on when the thread(s) reach a flag level of 22!
(Remember ...22!)

haha, so I read what you have written about 22, and scroll back up to see how many flags you have gotten = 21. I smile to myself. Looks like you kept talking anyway Jim, which is good. you may feel like there is 0 interest AT THIS MOMENT but you never know when there is going to be interest later anyway, like from me. haha here have your last flag, does it matter as much now though?

posted on Sep, 28 2010 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by Inkrinhuminge

Haha! No i decided to leave this field of personal satisfaction for the sake of you all!
No really i wanted this 22 rule because i wanted that as much as possible spirits participate, read or contribute...
I realized that, wehn i just go on with the next parts i get moe coverage, than only by getting flags and to bring it up to the hot or top list, tho...

I hope you found /will find something for you inside it and give me your opinion on what bothers you most (or just thank for it or else...)

Peace, love and light,
let u guide by higher i


posted on Oct, 6 2010 @ 07:33 AM
i am happy to admit that the next part number eight is now online! It took me two weeks (five full days) to think about how to write it all down and do so..

Meditation for Beginners

Peace, love and light,
let u guide by higher i


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