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SmartMeter usage guidelines?

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 09:47 AM
I am hoping posting this in the Tech forum is ok (dont know where else to post, and cant find info on SmartMeter in ATS search)

A few days ago, a PGE guy installed a SmartMeter. I have heard alot of bad opinions about it. My average bill is $45 - $55. Yes, that is not a typo, we work hard many years using energy as wisely as we can.
I told the fella about our bills having a history of being so low for the past 15+ years, and that I had better not see my bill jump to hundreds.

anyway, I emailed PGE so they can refer me to a site that will tell me how to use energy even more efficiently with the SmartMeter (there are peak times, etc that make a huge difference)......They email me back with a phone number to call them for info.....I will try to call them this afternoon, but will tell them specifically that I want something IN WRITING that gives us guidelines, for I personally do not have the time or enrgy to sit on a phone, take down notes, and taking just their word for it. I want something in writing......

It is strange, a couple weeks ago, I was thinking maybe folks who have high bills (not using energy wisely) end up with the SmartMeter installed. But I take it, soon EVERYONE will have it.

I told the guy, that if they screw up and unfairly charge me for what I KNOW is too high an amount, I will stop using their service.....Yeah, thats right, stop using it. I guess it will be done Beverly Hillbilly style, and PGE cannot FORCE us to use their energy....period.

If anyone knows of a website I can go to that tells us the guidelines for SmartMeter energy usage, I would be quite happy.


posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:54 AM
Spoke to a PGE rep. I am E-1 Rate (Basic). Which means there is no need to pay attention to peak times, etc. So that is good news.

I suggested they put up a blog type section so people like myself could post energy savings ideas so others could use energy less, or more wisely.

Hopefully this thread will help others as more folks will end up with SmartMeter installed.

I mentioned I heard alot of bad opinions about the SmartMeter, and she said it probably depends on the rates people have. there is a rate that people choose for times they are not home during the day and need to use alot of energy during the night. When they are using that kind of rate, if they have kids for instance, (home for the summer as an example) then obviously alot of energy is used also during the day, which will definately increase their bill alot.

So if you get a SmartMeter, and get shocked by your first or second bill, you may want to check first about your rate you have, and also think about any possible energy wastage or changes in your usual routine.

Since I did not find another thread about SmartMeter in ATS search,
I will start a second thread on old-fashioned tips on how to save/reduce energy usage, and wlecome all members to contribute their tips too.

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