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Need help analyzing this footage.

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:52 AM

Originally posted by icepack
could you describe more, what it felt like ?
and whats behind that window, i mean outside, or is this shot from outside ?

From where I was standing, there's nothing but sky.

It wasn't so much a feeling as a "knowing". Kind of like when someone is looking at you & you just "know".

I wasn't really expecting to find something in the window. The reason I started taking pictures is that when I feel something like that, there are a lot of little lights & orbs floating around up near the roof, & I like to get pictures of them. It was an accident that I caught this thing looking in.

I have other pictures of the same window with shiny eyes looking in, & others with nothing at all there.

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by icepack

Yes, it was just there suddenly for us too, but we called more to just get the job done since there were clearly so many in need.

Well, again you really need to understand where they are and why they didn't pass when they died. They feel afraid, unworthy, frustrated, angry - whatever it might be. Religion has done so much damage in this matter. We have an entirely wrong idea of what the "afterlife" really is. In the first place it's not "after" anything! It's our real life. This down here is the illusion.

There are all manner of rituals and ceremonies for helping people cross over. That's mostly to put you in the right frame of mind. That's all any procedure/ritual/ceremony/technique ever is. It's a game for your own mind. You can, with practice, create the same thing instantaneously while you're doing housework or talking on the phone. You envision a bright opening to the other side, you call the angels and relatives (they know who they are) and you encourage these folks to pass through. You must develop sensitivity though so that you can address problems when they happen or sometimes you may get an "angry customer". lol It hasn't happened to me but I've read about it happening. They are souls, after all. Treat them respectfully, with love and affection. Understand their pain and fear. As always, love is key.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:17 AM

Originally posted by icepack
It made me, former sceptic, a near believer.

Really? Oh, come on. You're impressed by this? Even if it isn't fake (which it looks like), it doesn't really even show anything. Just a kind of misty thing that might even be... I don't know... mist?

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by took red pill

I have other pictures of the same window with shiny eyes looking in

cool, could you post it ?

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by Blue Shift

no, really, this video and another one convinced me that there are ghosts. before that it was just a myth to me.
here is the other one, its a compilation, its the second sequence at the graveyard, just look closely how this "thing" fades away like a fog or mist:

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 12:57 PM

Originally posted by icepack
cool, could you post it?

This is the same window from a different angle on a different night.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by took red pill

looks awesome. i think there some kind of snout with it too, like a jaguar.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 02:32 PM
reply to post by icepack

Whatever it is, it is 15 feet above the ground. The white spot where the mouth should be is a smudge on the window.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 01:56 AM
oh, ok.
you should put a camera up there the whole night that automatically shoots a picture every minute or so.
tape recorder would be nice maybe to capture some evp or disembodied voices.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 08:59 AM
reply to post by icepack

I'm an absolute beliver. but I instantly thought this looked like someone exhaling a cigarette just below the line of sight of the camera, which then gets blown by the wind...

Much love...

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 01:22 PM
a possible explanation for this mist or fog like apparition could be, that it takes energy for the entity to get visible.
paranormal researchers talk about cold spots when ghosts are around and try or are made to appear. this necessary energy is taken out of the air-temperature. this cooling down makes the humidity to condense, so i think what we see in the video is condensed water from the air humidity.
when it is dry and humidity low, its probably less likely to see such apparitions.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 05:38 PM
Allow me to re-tell a story told to me on Tuesday just gone...
i was on my way to a dear friends house up on the wolds in
Yorkshire,i was driven there by taxi,as we climbed up the steep
roads towards the village i mentioned to the taxi driver who i
dont know of how nice and quiet it must be to live out this way.

now the taxi driver said oh yes i used to walk all over this place
with my dogs and stated that him and his wife lived in one of the
properties in the village WARREM PERCY,it was an old house in
the middle of three and he pointed it out to me on the way.
then he said "bloody haunted!"real serious like.
he then stated after moving into the property things began to
get weird,tools would be moved to another location when he
put them down,some just vanished!

he and his wife had lived there only about 3 years and had put
£5000 of there own money into the property but things got so
bad they left.things he told me.

an old women who it turned out had once lived and died there
would show up face to face when him and his wife where in bed,
he saw on a few occasions phantom dogs dash under the bed,
he mentioned shadows "shadow people?" move around.

this all got to much for him and the wife so they left,they later
found out the previous tenants had similar experiences and
they even set out an extra seat at the dinner table for this ghost
she was apparently called myrtle and had lived with her sister many
years ago and died in the cottage.

i must add the taxi driver was just your average yorkshireman
who would laugh off ghost stories just your normal pint drinking
dog walking Yorkshire bloke no nonsense type.

so this story intrigues me i am not far from the village and may
take a closer look see with me camera ask a few questions?

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 10:36 PM
reply to post by icepack

wow, they removed it from youtube. weird.

here is another version, its the first sequence.
the second sequence on the the graveyard, i consider real, too. but the other sequences in this video i think are fake.

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