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Live Oil leak Estimation counter

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 11:32 PM
Wonder exactly how many gallons have leaked since you started reading this thread?

I was checking out a Torah codes website (not what this thread is about) and at the bottom of the page was a live oil leak estimation counter. It is estimated in Gallons.

im not sure if there is any other sites out there with this but it is pretty shocking to say the least. But i thought i would pust it up here for you peeps to check out.

Check it out near the bottom of the page here....

Edit..... Found a better link with the live estimate widget here, and the html and codes to embed onto your websites and homepage.
Maybe the mods here could get this widget embedded onto the forum for the deepwater disaster????

Who should i message (MOD wise) to see if ATS can get this embeded onto here?

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