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Politicians could never be on a voting ballot without support of big business

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 04:04 PM
I'm talking national level. Politicians need wealthy supporters, and TPTB (which is one and the same most often) have their own agenda, and that agenda will be adhered to, not what the average citizens want.
Then there is wheeling and dealing such as, We(The Corporation) will stop using this chemical to make _____fill in the blank if you the EPA, loosen your restrictions on where we can drill,etc
How can we ever have a real republic? For that is what this country really is; when people that care only for themselves, or naively believe they are doing the right thing because you have to have successful businesses to employ people, and so to hell with people who cares if they are healthy, have health care, have a living wage, and education! Because I will have enough money for my family with profit margins that are extortion to buy fifi the dog a diamond collar!(I know many people personally like this) And a fortress in South America to protect them from "the have nots.(Bushes)

Capitalism, is fine, and the people who invest take a risk, so they deserve to profit from their investments, but do people have to have so much money, at the expense of paying a living wage, to the employees?

Where is my flaw in this reasoning? Greedy people who run the politicians Do Not Care! So cry to these people in power and believe me they Don't give a Damn! Our words fall on deaf ears!

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