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The Aquarius Writings #1

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 03:20 PM

Perspectives employed:
Esotericism (Christian, Hindu)

Subject: Anger

When you are angry about something, you are more willing to enact change. When you are angry, you have a passion about receiving that change.

When you are angry, you can take control. Others have authority. Others have power. Others take the right to make decisions for you, and what is there that you can do about it? When you are truly angry, you will know it when all of these beliefs dissolve like powder sugar into burning coffee. Like creation into the mouth of Shiva.

Anger was driving every revolution of history, where every kind of authority and power has been so dissolved. Consult the memoirs and autobiographies of your fill of the revolutionaries themselves. They know not only about being fed up to and way beyond the breaking point, but about courage and victory as well, in every type of struggle imaginable, both personal and global.

Anger burns, and can burn uncontrollably! So remain centered in your energies, bright and logical at all moment, fair in all conflicts. Let not your anger be soiled and spotted with selfish desires, but burn bright and pure with unstopping divine vengeance for light, beauty, and eternal truth. Anger that is contaminated with selfishness is doomed to burn itself out in tragedy. There is such a thing as Divine Anger and, being seared into all eternity and woven into our histories, it is always the passion, the force, and the victor.


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