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Fixing the Problems

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 02:52 PM
We were promised "change" and "transparency". Maybe we should all be doing something to help this become a reality. It's not a one man job.

You can't be transparent when the waters are muddy. And before we can fix anything, we must have a starting point.

The mud is coming from dark, dirty deals and bribery. The mud is from acts of secrecy. It is in places both high and low. People owe favors. I think we need to start with the lowest origins.

We need to weed out ALL members of secret societies out of our local governments! We need to get background on everyone who is in our local governments and expose the dark deals. Why does the city planner get so much "free stuff" that would cost the rest of us a nice bundle? Look around. What kind of corruption are you seeing right in your neighborhood. Why are city and county officials turning a blind eye to injustice? Are they part of it or on the take? Why does the mayor's relatives always get the job openings or contract bids?

What has been done in darkness must be brought to light and shouted from the roof tops! And it starts in your own back yard.

We need to expose every member of these secret societies and their deeds.

Then, we need to boycott corporations who have been built by members of secret societies. Yes, there may be some self-sacrifice in doing this, but we must be willing to suffer that in order to make changes for the greatest good. Many operate by deceiving us as well as being price gouging extortionists. Some companies have cameras to catch shop lifters, but hey! let someone get hurt in that store or have a bad accident due to wet floors and there is suddenly "no film" in the cameras. It's time to stand up to these evil tactics and those who have oppressed us in these ways.

Many of these corporations that work to undermine our very health or practice unscruplous deeds offer scholarships and other "good works" to placate and distract many others. Even the churches throw out a crumb to the poor hoping that will be accepted to cover their misdeeds of molesting children and making up cunning lies to pursuade people out of their money.

The problem is that we have allowed the compromises to continue. We cannot expect any kind of truth in this world as long as we continue to accept secret society members to run our governments and corporations. We do not deserve truth if we allow ourselves to be bribed into silence by "comps".

Where would you start? And how would you bring these things to light in your community?

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by Alethea

Corruption is evident. Humans as a species are corrupt. If you weed out all corruption, you have transcended the human condition. I hate corruption as well, and my family does. We try to change things, but nothing ever gets done because all of this is on a much deeper level than most people could imagine. The government gives you just enough freedom for you to believe you are free, and when you try to question they shoot you down and shut you down. It's how things work. Should it be changed? Yes. Should more people notice this? Yes. Should we be less blind or indifferent? Yes.

But can we change the deepest ingrained instincts, such as protecting and helping ones own? Can we change the human condition? Can we change our own flaws?


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