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True Implications of Unknown Premises

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 03:04 AM
Trolled, spammed, frequented and tasted by millions of folks: ATS.

Within this forum there are important premises most readers prescribe to. These premises, if consciously understood, illuminate an unfortunate irrational programming.

In logical conclusions, one makes premises to conclude, within reason, an obvious outcome. Ex: Premise- All horses have 4 legs; Premise- All horses legs have a hoof; Premise- I can see 3 hooves on this horse; Conclusion This horse has 1 hoof I cannot see.

Pretty simple, no?

When one wishes to challenge the reason of some choice or program, one first seeks the premises of said logical statement.

I contend, society within the Western World is self destructive.

Now, most of the time, folks posting here on ATS needn't even list their premises, as they're shared so frequently amongst the members.

-WHAT ARE THOSE PREMISES that likely you've already prescribed to?

As evidenced by the board listings, between Political Madness, Aliens, 9/11, Conspiracies, Secret Societies, Disinfo, and Paranormal, those of you die hard ATS folks hold some certain premises near and dear.

What are those premises you prescribe to?

The Government Lies

The Government is capable of killing to keep its secrets

The Government is capable of torturing to keep its secrets

Truth is difficult to reveal within the clutches of the Government

More often than not, people within the Government are not to be trusted unless they personally sacrifice something for the benefit of the body politic

Government employees are interested in changing your mind

If one pays taxes to Government, that money is used to pay for Government's wishes as well as employees.

If you knew secrets of Government, Government would be interested to keep tabs on you

If you shared Government's secrets, you would be afraid of what they would/could do to you

I could go on and on, but you the reader have an example of some common premises of ATS members. Many of which you will also likely prescribe to. That in itself is not interesting; although, if you take a moment to look at one's behavior, you may see incongruous behaviors relative to agreed upon premises. I know this as the same as George penned it: Double Think.

What might this mean?

Assuming there are an abundance number of ATS members who would agree with many of the foregoing premises, what would that say about their logic if they continued to fund what they believed as a threat to their own psyche, their own livelihood, their own well being?

Further, what would that say about them if they listened to or ascribed value in publications or "news" of what government (or agents (knowing secrets) thereof) reported?

The Implications of these Premises Determines Whether or Not Logic Prevails

One who would prescribe to these premises and continue to fund Government... is either illogical, suicidal, or bewildered.

One who would prescribe to these premises and continue to engage in what is called, "the political process" is the same as a man who marries a whore.

One who prescribes to the foregoing and invests in the integrity of Government is complicit in Double Think.

Pure conjecture, although I believe that a majority of citizens agree with the foregoing premises.

Therefore, I believe that society within the Western World is Self Destructive.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 02:47 AM
To my right, deep into the depths of the ranks there remains the same as those upon my left: cowards. Unable to fathom the depth of the illusion, complicit within the lies, continuing to wind the gears despite the complaints of injustice.


posted on Oct, 21 2010 @ 11:59 AM
I found a great little video from a musician who has successfully addressed the criteria he sees as contradictory. Loved the vid, and this is a GREAT place to share his artistic reasoning. "My Country, My Ass!"

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