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The Mysterious NWO Windows XP Xerox folder

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 01:21 AM
The mysterious Xerox folder of Windows XP.

Registry search;scan computer for Xerox...1 event found. 2nd and 3rd scans no Xerox found in registry.

hkey_current_user > software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > typed URLS;

= url-1,

Result 1; Xerox string deleted from registry, Xerox folder still in program files with nwwia folder inside. Show hidden system files on,no other folders visible in nwwia.

registry search nwwia;

no registry result found for folder nwwia in xerox, no xerox nwwia found, no xerox/nwwia found either.

If this folder was meant for xerox programs,then it would not initialy need a search url hook registry, but simply a xerox folder for future xerox machines or programs,where then a url search folder associated with the xerox program would be created in your registry,but not before!

The presumptive conclusion as indicated by it's url hook with the internet explorer browser and that it is also a mysterious "ghost file" attached to your OS, is that it records your typed URL search and website links that "backdoors" ( to Microsoft as a hidden SPYWARE or "COPY" program to track you. Such as xerox is associated with copy, or shall we call it the "Microsoft Black Mocking Bird"?.Nothing would be stored on your pc in that folder but immediately sent to their garbage pile.

It hooks your browser start page then goes from there as to what you search or target. CIA,NSA,CSIS,FBI....AGENT NWO ZMO SPY!

q = query xerox folder in XP for typed urls to backdoor microsoft and the "bill-ing money scam" Gates of Hell in cahoots with the apples of JOBes MAC daughters!

Just like their Operating systems stink like LinuX or Ubantu Voodoo for you!

If I had the money and the team, I could make a superior and bulletproof Operating system for you that those others would not be able to understand, but we would be able to still run their Serpentine 8 programs without worry! And you would have no worries browsing on the internet or your important files being hacked or corrupted alongside the Operating System.

Of course, they would eventualy back engineer the computers, so a secure and well protected cloud system may resolve that issue or one where all information self destructs the OS and hardrive if opened by an unauthorized guest!

Reboot did not reinstall the typed urls search hook in internet explorer current users key.

A new registery search after reboot found no xerox or nwwia folder.

Folder is impossible to remove as well as nwwia.

However after many tries, I finally did manage to remove all groups or users from the security permissions,as well as changed the file to video only template and left the read only box checked. No users or groups appeared in security permissions after a reboot.

whether or not this will disable this "ghost spy" and mysterious file of Xerox, I cannot say, and also your default home page search is also backdoored to microsoft anyway, meaning all search engines tie in to microsoft one way or the other. Considering this what's the inane point of that xerox folder not being removed? I also had show all files and show system files checked as well during the searches and examination of the xerox folder.


Either way microsoft still knows everything about you just like your computers are not as secure as you think they are, aside of hackers who can read your email packets or the fact that your IP is illegally being displayed to the world! This ip revealing your address or location should be kept private by your isp providers and a encrypted security number only accessible on the internet and websites that would match the isp records of you and only accessible by them or by a legal search warrant of valid reasoning.

No answers found in Microsoft knowledge base.
No answer in ask pc experts knowledge base or Allexperts.

No one gives you a direct or honest answer and most tech experts tell you to leave it alone! ha ha!

Well it if was installed for a Xerox device being anticipated,then that is an illegal monopoly! ha ha!

Even wikianswers directs to the crap old/new blog site with a "politicaly correct" answer and your Internet browser will freeze or act funny searching for an answer once their bots catch on! ha ha!

I think it does what it says! Copies everything you do without any trace of visible files that are sent to microsoft!

Must be a good coverup!

Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis

Tell it like it is!

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 02:15 AM
The folder is there in case you install a Xerox scanner. If you do, xrxflnch.exe will be installed there by Windows. That's apparently a WIC launcher, which is activated when the scanner sends images to the computer, so the appropriate program can be opened. See this thread for some not-very-useful info.

The reason the directory is always there, even if you don't have a Xerox scanner installed, is because of Windows File Protection. That's a thing in Windows that constantly looks for system files that have been modified or deleted (either by the user or a malicious program), and replaces them with cached copies. It's not very well written (like much Microsoft software), so it needs to have that directory around to monitor even if there are no files installed in it. That's why it is continuously recreated if you try and delete it.

Here's some tricks for disabling Windows File Protection, if you want to. Be careful, there's a good chance you can screw your computer up:

What you're seeing in the registry with IE is not any integration, but just IE storing the last addresses you typed in the address bar, so that the dropdown listbox that lets you select recently visited sites will work even if you quit and restart the browser.

Look elsewhere for the eyes.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 02:32 AM
The folder nwwia allows you to choose different icons for the folders in the Windoze dialog boxes. Only folders, though, without images in them... although you could make one for that too and stick it in there if you were strange enough.

So, instead of the manila folder default you could choose, say, the star that's used for favorites...

You must choose properties for the folder to access the function.

Why they call the main folder Xerox only a serious geek could say.

A tad paranoid are we?


posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 02:34 AM
Yeah it belongs to xerox, whether it's used or not depends on the hardware configs you have.

Let's get real, if "big bro" wants to monitor you, they will do so with ease..Don't kid yourself

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 08:02 AM
yeah and XEROX knows every single thing that you do on your computer because they were the ones who polished up the Graphical User Interface that we're all so familiar with. see those windows that you can drag around and minimize or maximize whenever you want to? those application windows keep track of what you were doing, like where the window was positioned the last time you closed it and all this data is stored in the mysterious registry if you're using ms windows. and yea, your computer activity will be reported to XEROX coz they really care about what you're doing. and don't click on that mouse, XEROX made it so that it can spy on you.

how xerox spies on you through your computer

The GUI was first developed at Xerox PARC by Alan Kay, Larry Tesler, Dan Ingalls and a number of other researchers. It used windows, icons and menus to support commands such as opening files, deleting files, moving files, etc. In 1981 Xerox introduced a pioneering product, Star, incorporating many of PARC's innovations. Although not commercially successful, Star greatly influenced future developments, for example at Apple, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.[2]

they're all in on it!

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by toreishi

Good post toreishi! Tell it like it is!

After all my changes and incuding renaming the folder, windows recreated another xerox folder after todays power on.

Whatever it is, scanner, WIA or not, it is still a monopoly and a public nuisance aside of being spyware.

Why don't we have all the other printer companies embedded on our OS like Xerox?

Or any additional hardware manufacturer like ATI, Creative, LG, etc. Give them all permanent folders you can't remove!

To boot, windows knowledge base gives you no direct answer just like googling it.

To actualy think that this is a folder in your pc with no registry record traceable even adds to more suspicion and makes you wonder what the other "deeply" hidden system files are or the ones you are denied access to!

If this was simply a file intended for a scanner WIA hookup, then why hide it and keep it hidden from the registry?

Load of crap just like all their systems are!

Unfortunately at present we have little choice but to use these evil encoded serpents of 8 systems for the nwo,just like their browsers,virus scans, or anything major that they eventualy subjugate like General Motors.

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