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BP and you..LIVE..In Concert!

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posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 09:46 PM
O.K. so most people on here know i do not watch much if any T.V. well last night i watched an episode of MythBusters with my wife because she asked me to. during the show i saw a commercial from BP..yes..BP. it was one of the new people they hired to go down to the beaches and promote the great cleaning effort, during his dribble , he stated that BP is going to stay to the END "And see the mess cleaned up before they ever leave"

Then.......about a 1/2 hour later , i saw ANOTHER BP commercial with another guy telling ME that they were behind the cleaning of all the beaches and had put aside 20 BILLION$ to do this with..THEN..I saw ANOTHER one where BP is going to promote concerts on "said" beaches this summer to promote Tourism to "said" Beaches because they were sorry for the damage that has been done...


Did anyone else see these new BP commercials yet? and if you did, what were your thoughts?

I do not know how to grab them off the T.V. so I have no proof..but we both saw these new BP commercials..

I'm not sure what to think as i have been disgusted over this oil spill from day one, but i would like to know if any fellow ATS'rs have seen these yet...

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I did find this link so far....

it says..

GULF SHORES, Ala. — A series of free beach concerts may be in the works on the Alabama coast, courtesy of BP.

A free Jimmy Buffett concert Sunday drew thousands to the beach in Gulf Shores.

Officials say they hope to line up a string of big-name performers through the fall with funding from BP, whose oil spill has hurt tourism on the Gulf of Mexico coast.

Promoters say acts may include country singers Faith Hill and Zac Brown and soft rocker Jack Johnson.

The free shows would help lure visitors to the beach where Buffett played and generate business for hotels, condominiums, restaurants and stores.

A $15 million tourism grant from BP could be used to stage the shows. About $3.5 million in tourism promotion money from BP paid for the Buffett concert. The performers donated their time.

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posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 10:17 PM
Helloooo..I know alot of you still watch T.V.

any thought?

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 10:21 PM
Great whats next BP Aid?

Cmon its all in the name of PR right. Just like the threads saying its fixed...

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 10:22 PM

Originally posted by redeyedwonder

Cmon its all in the name of PR right. Just like the threads saying its fixed...

That's not PR. That's people trying to be first instead of right.

second line

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 10:34 PM
yes...but did you see the commercials?

I'm looking for ATS'rs that actually saw them too..

thanks though.....

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 11:40 PM
no one saw any of them yet..

hard to believe that...

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 09:04 PM
still no one who has seen a BP commercial yet?

I wonder if they were just played in my state..Washington..hmmm

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by baddmove

I seen a few of them.

Doesn't really concern me really. They can spend their money anyway they see fit.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 01:28 AM
Yeah I saw the one about how they're gonna see this to the end...

Makes me wonder what "end" they're talking about.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 09:57 PM
wow..i just heard one of their commercials on the radio too..

I would love to believe they really care...hmmmm

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