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Michelle Obama Rouses NAACP Before Vote Condemning 'Racist' Elements of Tea Party

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:57 AM
I have so flippin had it!!!!
I will not be brainwashed by this libertarian theology!! I love all good and decent people, NO MATTER COLOR OR CREED!!!


You think we are all so stupid, we can't see right through what your doing?
You say tea partiers are racist, yet you ignore the crazy black panthers comments and ignore blatant voter intimidation.
You say all whites and Republicans are racist, yet you stand up and call one of the biggest racist to ever stand in Congress a good man. Ha, what a joke!! You don't mention that Byrd (D) at the age of 47, filibustered against civil rights. Saying him being part of the freakin KKKwas just bad judement while trying to get elected, WHATTTTTTTTT
You call the terrorist bombers in Uganda "Militia." Boy, if that's not a complete distortion of the truth I don't know what is.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Jesse, and Al, you all really need to stop living in the 60's and get with the times. Are you all having acid flash backs or something? How can you all say whites are racist, when WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT? MAKES NO SENSE IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone out there just know, they will never get me to hate anyone, other than themselves.
The Americans are coming to take all you scum bag liars out of office and take back our Republic. So you had better pack your suitcases, you aare done!!!!

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by sickofitall2012

Good post, let it all out.


I will not be brainwashed by this libertarian theology!!

Obama and his group are nowhere near libertarian. They are severely liberal, however.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 12:29 PM
This is nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black....

Second line for fluff!

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 12:58 PM
reply to post by mishigas

Just look up that term, you might be surprised. It is what Rev.Jerimah Wright preached as well as what the black panthers believe in.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 01:23 PM
So far in this thread we have David again attacking the GOP, nothing new there, by claiming that rich whites vote republican. Thats your defense for M. Obama playing the race card? Really, thats all you have?

Where are the rest of the Obama supporters in this thread? Afraid to try and defend this? Cant actually look at your wonderful POTUS that you love so much in a negative light and try to defend what he and his family believe. Just sit at your computer and hate rich people, claim anyone who believes in limited government and securing our borders is a racist. Thats what you want to believe and wont try to defend your views or the statements and racist actions of this administration its nothing short of cowardice, which is why you sit back and do nothing while your freedoms are ripped away from you. Have your nanny state. You deserve it and you likely need it.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by salchanra

Where are the Obamanites you ask
Behind That Racist Mechelle Obamas Fat A$$.

They know now they've praised and worshiped a total Failure.
Hows That Hope and Change Working For Ya? I know the Die Hard Progressive Liberals will still come running to the Obama Clans rescue as often as they can.

I'm sure the New Black Party has members on this site, I know the W. H. does.
Obamanites, Mechelle and your Dear Leader Are and Have Always Been Racist!

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 08:01 PM

Originally posted by ~Lucidity
One's racist and the other is not? This is getting very interesting, and it's not going anywhere good.

[edit on 7/12/2010 by ~Lucidity]

Lucidity, My Friend, Maybe your thinking of this situation with Obama and Michelle. Let me know if I'm right.

So, Does anyone here want to say we're all wrong and Michelle Loves You and America
We know they don't care about you or the families in the Gulf that are going throw financial hard times right now, Hell Michelle and Obama won't even vacation there.
But remember your Obama Feel Your Pain.

YOU WERE ALL WARNED IN 2008 AND BEFORE! Look at our Flag in their Fire Place. You don't believe they would? I think your wrong, I think they all ready have.

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 01:44 AM
So this is how this thread dies?

No one will post in support of the Obama blatant racism?

Maybe if the title had something like, Israel is the devil, or why Iran is right, or maybe, Obama is our savior this thread would have gotten more attention.

But no. It's going to die because the Obama spouters won't look at what this man and his family are and try to defend it.

Hide in your basements, blame Bush, don't actually deny ignorance, just do what "feels" right. Pathetic, no other word I can think of. That's all you readers and non-posters are, pathetic. Grow a pair, defend her racism, she part of your admin, your chosen one.

But no, just read away and write in a different thread how he is looking out for us. Coward.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 07:13 AM
I need to clarify something I wrote in my previous post.

I wrote "libertarian theology." The term is Liberation Theology, not libertarian. I mis-spoke in my fit of rage, sorry for any confusion.
For some reason, it does show an option to edit it, but I wanted to clarify it so others can research it for themselves.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 07:22 AM
Michelle and her husband are feeding the flames with gasoline and it is apparently working for them. They have given the NAACP a new reason to exist and a new enemy to battle. So much for progress...

The NAACP is being widely criticized by a growing number in the Black community with enough sense to realize what is really going on. Whenever Jackson and Sharpton get involved you know their only purpose is to keep themselves relevant and in the spotlight. Time to run when they show their heads.

NAACP should oppose all elements of racism regardless of the target. They have yet to speak out against the Black Panthers.

Perhaps this is why:
NAACP Direct Tie to Black Panthers

The Obama's seem like they are laying the foundation for a new race war or perhaps an all encompassing war between the Have's and the Have Not's.

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 07:29 AM

Originally posted by salchanra
So this is how this thread dies?

No one will post in support of the Obama blatant racism?

Arguing with the right who have been led to believe that pointing out ones racism is somehow racist is a futile exercise. It's similar to the old hat of religions claiming oppression if we point out that perhaps hating other religions isn't being very religious.

Besides, one would argue that Obama isn't showing racism instead of supporting a so called blatant racism. Seriously, to support the blatant racism comes across as one of those biased Fox News polls.

For example:

1. Are you a god fearing patriot that supports the freedom loving tea party?
2. Are you a racist that believes the tea party is racist and supports the racists that claim the tea party is racist
3. Are you someone that doesn't care about the tea part and hates their country and spits on freedom?

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 07:34 AM
It looked like after the first wave of effort to make the TP look bad that maybe they would let it go. But they have new vigor.

Saw a few talking heads on the tube on this...."the TP is racist" gang is really lame. The NAACP head looked like he was acting....really. The TP bothers them for other reasons in reality.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 07:46 AM

Originally posted by Kaploink

Originally posted by salchanra
So this is how this thread dies?

No one will post in support of the Obama blatant racism?

Arguing with the right who have been led to believe that pointing out ones racism is somehow racist is a futile exercise.

You dont really buy the racist bit do you? But they do fear a largly white consolidation of voters....they show up at a TP and see 99% whites and they wet themselves but dont see the same way when they cover a NAACP function.

And after decades of work it disapoints them to see whites assemble in such large groups...we thought we had beat them down with guilt, turned them all into socialists and made them ashamed to look after thier own all the other races do.

Having said that the TP real isnt a white thing....its just the new slave class protesting..the over taxed, over regulated, over looked.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 08:24 AM
This is not a joke
they are trying to create a race war

I guarantee you!

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by ModernAcademia

They can only intimidate the old, very young and unarmed people among us.
The guys and gals I know, here, are not going to be intimidated by these thugs, they'd more than likely get their a$$ beat or shot.
Arizonians will not play that sh$t. We won't be intimidated at our Voting Booths / polling stations.

Race War, No they don't want a race war, they know that they'd lose.

You don't believe me?
You'd have to get your people to leave the safety of their neighborhood. There they feel protected, surrounded by their own people.

You'd have to teach them to aim and shoot. They have to have their hip hop music turned off, their cell phones turned off and their crack whores put away. I all most forgot, who's going to teach them to wear a belt to hold their pants up? Not Going To Happen.

They can't be so stupid as to think white guys and gals don't know how to shoot.
You want to take on a group of peoples that track and hunt for sport?
They gut and skin their own kills, they put their kills on the hood of their vehicles.
No, these guys and gals will not go into your neighborhood looking for you, they'll wait for you to come out, you have to eat and they know where you like to socialize.

Remember, these guys and gals reload their own rounds and fire tight shot groups and like to snipe. The guys and gals here are very well armed and know how to use their equipment for the best results.

The New Black Panther don't have the BALLS to call for Obamas race war, you'll loose your A$$.

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 10:59 PM
reply to post by guohua

They can't be so stupid as to think white guys and gals don't know how to shoot.

...and they don't hold their firearms in that silly-ass sideways grip, either.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 11:30 PM
Folks, by falling into this trap and blaming blacks and/or whites, you are being deprived of the real issue here. Our government is reaching far too mcuh into our personal lives, and they are creating new agencies to do this by the day.

We have to unite, white/black/brown/orange/alien/purple, and realize what is happening. I beg all of you to follow the below link and read into the Libertarian party. At the very basics, it wants to limit the federal government and the powers of the federal government. I promise all of ylal that we can do this as individuals, we do not need an outside force deciding what is right and wrong for us. Forget the unnecessary racism arguments, it is something put in place by TPTB to make people like us fight. We MUST stop this bullcrap (a VERY nice term for what is going on in America).

Let's do this, join the Libertarian party. Limit government. Limit OUTSIDE FORCES TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO. I beg of anyone with a legit argument AGAINST this to please explain it. It isn't logical. Libertarians want us all to have freedom and liberty as long as it doesn't infringe on others. Don't listen to the MSM. THINK FOR YOURSELVES. If they rig the vote, then we have a whole different issue on our hands. But for now, I truly believe we can vote in people with Libertarian ideas that want to stop the corrupt government from taking us over. Just rememeber that those same people you think are fighting for the people making $15,0000-$35,000 are making between $120,000-$300,000. It is complete BS and it is a shame if you don't get it. Let's do this. They are making money off of us. We are better than that, period.


posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 04:09 AM
Sad, just sad. David where are you? Your Obama friends as well?

Defend her. The racist comments. How anyone for small government is keeping the man down, hates the black man.

Disgusting. You really are. Lots of talk but nothing to back it up but hate for the GOP and glen beck.

She hates whites, that's a racist move. I have a Mexican gf, my best friend is black, yet I'm racist because I support AZ and don't want the fed in my life. Funny how that works.

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