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Staging an Endgame in the Never-Ending Game

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posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 10:43 AM
Consider chess matches at the highest level of competition. They rarely, if ever, end in checkmate. Rather, the two combatants set up their various machinations until one person "blinks" or makes even the slightest error. Once recognized that person resigns the match. The players are looking so far ahead that the loser know when he has stepped off the winning path and irreparably onto one that leads to defeat.

The same is true of the games on the world stage. This is why we are always seeing vast gambits set-up but never fully executed. The losing party (whoever that may be) resigns the match and stands down. This could be a high profile consecession on the world stage but is far more likely to be a simple quiet retraction of back room policy positions.

In the end, the status quo is largely maintained; for those in Power always remain so and it is only the underlings who may ascend higher or be laid lower depending on the results.

And so anyone who is awake can see a MASSIVE end-game being laid out on the world stage:

- GoM Blowout
- West -vs- Iran escalation
- Massive deployment to Central America
- Missiles in Poland

As we take a look at the strictly military elements, the chess parallels are reasonably clear. What the U.S. is doing is putting the world's oil supply in Check Mate. Think about it. There is always talk of how powerful OPEC is because it can "shut off" the oil supply. The U.S. is showing that (in spite of our thinly spread military) that we could do the same thing.

Consider the major Members of Opec (I exclude the African contingent and smaller M.E. countries due to their relatively low ranking in both power and oil production, making them extensions of their big boy neighbors):

Saudi Arabia

We already own Iraq. Saudi Arabia has a mysteriously special relationship with the U.S. which is clearly tied to our silence on their abominable human rights record. The U.A.E. is among the more westernized of the M.E. countries and by far the most receptive to the Elites' mantra regarding the facts that Money Talks and Bovine Feces Walks and so does not need to be leveraged in the same way.

This leaves us with Iran and Venezuela (which hold some influence over OPEC colleague Ecuador). While we are amassing forces in the Persian Gulf that could take out Iran's "nuclear" capabilities, it is clear that those same forces could eliminate petroleum infrastructure as well. Likewise, the forces accumulated in Costa Rica could easily blockade or destroy South American export capabilities.

Now the reason for this could be as simple as warning OPEC not to jack the prices too much as we wallow in our own inability to safely and effectively exploit our own oil reserves. After all, a 6 month moratorium on domestic off-shore drilling would seem an ideal time for OPEC to flex a little muscle.

Russia's ties to both Iran and Venezuela (while not as strong as China's) could cause some tension, so the Polish missiles were a necessary show of force to cover all of the possible points of attack (either military, diplomatic or economic).

All right, so we have this stand-off to keep the lifesblood of the world economy flowing. It looks like an endgame, but we will not be given the excuse to pull the trigger What else is at play here?

The BP Blowout . . . intentional or accidental?

Intentional(ish). As a matter of fact, BP's increasingly obvious track record of short cuts in the petroleum operation could in fact have been a horrific/messianic act of self-imolation in the name of their alternative fuel goals. Madness, you say? Consider their short lived campaign a few years back when they were marketing themselves as British Petroleum: Beyond Petroleum.

BP has been working on a wide range of alternative power methods. What if they are trying to sacrifice the Oil industry in the interest of being a front runner in the post-petroleum world?

This is not to say that they intentionally blew out this well. But perhaps they intentionally exploited every loophole and shortcut the system allowed with the knowledge that it would one day lead to a clusterfornication of the proportions we are now witnessing.

The endgame here? Let's imagine the worst: miles of Gulf Coast a wasteland. A toxic storm surge or two makes a swath of land 500 miles long and 3 miles deep (inland) relatively uninhabitable. BP is on the hook for Billions of Dollars in damages. Something needs to be done with this 1500 square miles of seaside property, along with the waters too toxic for fishing or use as shipping lanes.

Enter windfarms, solar arrays and tidal power generators. From the scorched earth of the LA, MS, AL coasts would arise a phoenix dedicated to meeting the power generation needs of the entire South East. With access to this massive real world lab, the technology to get us off of oil and coal would be able to develop by leaps and bounds. No need to worry about NIMBY, since no one would want to live there.

The technology is proven to the world and alt fuels move forward from there . . .

BP is soon able to repay their debts in energy, while selling their advances for use elsewhere or setting up highly profitable operations in other parts of the world.

Now you may ask why such a devastating move as allowing the destruction of the GoM was necessary. Simple politics. No one would let this all happen otherwise. Obama's moratorium on oil drilling is needed. A convenient location for the energy farms is needed. BP, as a publicly traded company, needs to justify the shifting of resources away from their previous bread and butter.

We saw a big sell-off immediately prior to this calamity. TPTB could tell that the Deepwater Horizon was finally going deep enough for the calculated incompetence to pay off. When you start seeing the same Wall Street jackals start picking up more BP stock, that will be the time to jump on that bandwagon as the "solution" will be at hand.

Remember this is a Governments sponsored gambit. The scientists versus the oil-barons. Cowboys versus Yankees to borrow old terminology. With our suicide switches in place on the world's oil supply, public opinion being swayed towards big time changes, and the opportunity to move to a new phase of development, we have what looks like an endgame but is, in fact just another step towards uncharted territory.

[edit on 12-7-2010 by RobertAntonWeishaupt]


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