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Plan to Cap the Oil Well (Step 4) -- Install the 3 Ram Capping Stack

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posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 12:57 AM
Step 4. Install the 3 Ram Capping Stack

What is a "Capping Stack"?

Here's a good illustration of the entire assembly:

The "Capping Stack" - BP's Explanation Explained

The Video:
Plan to Cap the Oil Well (Step 4) -- Install the 3 Ram Capping Stack

Now I hope this capping stack assembly along with the blind rams et al, to secure a blowout preventor that will work.

In 1979, another Gulf Oil Disaster was caused when a well suffered a "blowout"

Along the Texas coast, they’ve lived this before

Now, we are talking about tens of thousands of pounds pressure. Since 1979 no advancements on proper containment? How about prior to 1979?

Inside Business - Art Technologies - A precision metal forming company

At 3:52 Minutes in above link,

We have 12 presses ranging from 45 to 800 tons

So what kind of pressures should we be able to modify this technology for an application such as controling pressure? It seems that 100 tons or more would not be unobtainable.

Furthermore, if BP were to implement an invention such as the MYT Engine from Angel Labs, to be used as pumps to collect the oil, it would be small cost effective management. Imagine the engine that can run on atmospheric air pressure and pump high volumes of _________________ (Place your contaminant of choice on previous line), at 40:1, cleaning up it's nemesis' mess....

Well, hopefully the 3 Ram Capping Stack will work....

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 01:16 AM
The Up to the minute thread already has all of this info, as well as videos.

That's what the thread was created for.

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 01:21 AM
Were being lied to. Anyone with any kind of mechanical background can see that. There is no reason why they could not have capped the well head months ago.

4140 chromoly steel can withstand 5x the pressures involved. Think about how many times a gun barrel can fire at pressures of 50,000 PSI without failure.




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