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Similar Colored Lights UFO's Vernon and Summerland BC

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posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by PeachesEnRegalia

If you'd had equipment to film them, they wouldn't have given you a spectucular siting. I couldn't video mine, and if we had the kind of equipment, I'm not convinced we would have been able to do it. They're not allowed to prove things, it has to be open ended, earth is like a test, and people need to search for answers, that shows their consciousness, growth in consciousness, soul orb.

Now, there is another thing about video's because I did capture something on video, it wasn't our normal sitings, but I thought it was a black op craft over the schools, it came twice in one week over the school. And I could see what it looked like, though it was dark, it was kind of like a short stubby plane with bent stubby wings, very short wings, that had elbows and curved towards the body. It was soundless and moved very very slow, even hovered. Over the school? I'm not going to post it. All you see is a red orb for a short while.

You can't capture a craft, you just capture a light. Then people think it is a light on the mountain or a strange small orb. And don't listen to you.

Now, what I wish we had set up, would be a few things: 1. dobson telescope. I have instructions for buildint an old fashioned galiean one, and that would even do, since we're not trying to see Mars!!! Just the sky overhead! Mount a camera that is modded to record in Full Spectrum UV range.

Also camera's modded to Full Spectrum and/or IR.

I sure can't afford the expensive equipment and our only hope of doing something like this is to break down and budget building telescopes and modding. Mom with 5 boys, and an extra now, letting one of their friends stay with us because the ministry wanted to send him to vancouver, and maybe wash their hands of him while he ended up on the street, on a very humble income.

What I don't know is if you would get the distance with the video. If you mod a camera, does it work at distances of say 100-500 feet, or just the foreground, in front of you? It's the distance we need.

Even with that equipment, I'm pretty sure it won't turn out as seen, I'm very suspicious that they don't let you do that.
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posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 04:41 PM
The one over the schools, was really suspicious to me. I knew it had to be black op, for it was there for a while, long enough to bring in the black choppers that came out for our sitings. But they didn't show up. And you know, we're all sick this year, back to school, and the whole family is instantly sick. WHY? What are they dusting the schools with?

That was while ago, over a year ago Feb, and then a week or so later was driving my oldest son back to grandpa's, he is now lving at home with us paying off his student loan and not contributing, but my dad who takes trips to mexico and spends alot on himself was taking most of his check, which I didn't appreciate that kind of help much. In any case, inbetween the High School and the elementary, on this back road I always take, hovering without moving, overhead, was a small jet, kind of looked like a small 747, but with more slender wings, can't remember if they were bent or straight. I pulled over and stopped right near it, it was maybe 200 feet in the air. Not very high up. The minute we pulled over, it flew off slowly.

I suspect they are dusting the schools.

I also have telepathic contact with my experiences and get pulled, some kind of astral projection, and have had real concrete contact, ie. the kind I don't appreciate, with wounds and stuff. Also was told "this day take 9 days to complete", so we had some significant time lapse in one of our family abductions after siting a grey at the glass doors at night.

But my own psi with these crafts near the schools told me, what I flashed on strongly, was Rockefeller, and the middle east, don't ask me what I mean, because I don't know what I mean. I talked to some friends about it online, and have been told about their secret space program and I believe eugenics/viral, etc. And it seems to have a connection between David Rockefeller and some branch of paramiltiary that seems connected to middle east black ops, who seem to work with US ones, and seem to be over canada. And I now trust my psi, never used to, but now I do. When I shrugged off my experiences, we would have a siting that night. So I finally started realizing, its for real, when you get pulled or have contact telling you you are going to be in a meeting with them that night. I also knew when 2 people died back in Penticton, and where one woman's body was.

So while I can't prove that the Rockefellers and Middle East black ops are working on projects with our black ops and dusting schools.

I believe it.
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posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 04:51 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I hear what you're saying and I wasn't necessarily trying to "debunk" the video. Just that it immediately reminded me of flashing police lights on the HWY filmed from a distance.

It's hard to prove obviously as it's pitch dark out.

Since you're from P-town you'll know where Munson Mtn. is. That's what I envisioned when I saw the video. Someone up on that peak zooming in over the lake towards HWY 97 somewhere between Summerland and Penticton. Although there aren't a lot of houses near the shore directly across from Munson, it could have been anywhere up high on the east side towards Naramata ...

Anyway, I had seen this video quite a while ago. It's interesting in any case.. too bad it was so dark and blurry. and as I said I've definitely seen my share of weird things out here over the years. "wingless planes" being just one example - but that's for another thread.


posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by HIWATT

Yes I know various places around Penticton and the Okanagan. This was over her house. But I'll give another example.

If you sky gaze, (which I never used to do alot, I used to enjoy the stars a bit, especially when there was something beautiful see, out of the city, but not so much in the city) then you'll notice planes, occasional chopper, how things move. When we started seeing the crafts, and this was years later, the family had seen them when I was younger, but I was pretty blocked about the whole thing. At that point you really pay attention as to how crafts fly. For example, April 08, this red lit craft appeared, had a contact experience first, and then looked up and this light moved in slowly, soundlessly and then hovered. After about 5 minutes, after the kids all saw it, it arched up high and flew over town. Planes fly straight, they don't arch up suddenly. They can look red, when leaving, I noticed, but not coming, they fly fast. I would say, kids come and see the plane, just to test what we had seen, and by the time they moved half way to the door, it was over the roof. That craft stayed in the same spot, for at least 5 minutes, long enough for them to make a commotion outside, and then when it arched high and went over town, they ran out the front door and down the road after it waving.

A plane, may not appear plane like unless its low enough, and gets closer then you see the outline of the wings, and the lights turn to the classic, white , red, blue/green.

Now I never had a camera that even worked at the time, but I'm really glad I didn't video it. You can give descriptions until your blue in the face, but most people will instantly substitute something else and won't listen to what you're saying.

For example, what went over the school showed up as a small red stationary orb so someone called this small stubby soundless plane a light.

I watched it fly in twice, saw it fly off once, but didn't catch it flying off when I managed to catch it, for I was in bare feet in Feb and they started turning to ice, so ran in for my slippers and when I ran back out, it was gone.
I don't know what size it was, but would hazard a guess at about 20 feet in length. But small red orb when video'd.

The ones we saw, that were literally chased by choppers at several points, and emitted an orb, and connected to me, greeted me, was probably around 30-40 feet, but its under a light, so don't know the size exactly. Once at flying over the roof, near all the lights, (and they often vanished, or arched up high so you couldn't see under the lights), just once, they let us see. It was a saucer, and at that point would have said about 30-40 feet in diameter.

The point is, nothing is going to register on video, it won't show up. They'd have to do this in the daytime and won't.

But most people know when they're trying to capture something or witnessing something, (at least when its relatively low), that its not a plane, not a chopper, not a blimp, not a bird, not a lantern and not a orb. Some people are greeted by them, and in contact, or connected, like my son was, without knowing why. When it came back say 20-30 minutes later, he knew, though it was soundless and we watched it go over again, and then he pointed to an orb near the trees and when I tried to talk to him, he was in an altered state, almost hypnotised kind of, he finally nodded when I asked several times if they had connected to him, so he knew to go out at that moment. Because there was no sound.

These sitings aren't happening so people can prove them. They're happening to slowly wake people up to questioning things, obviously, and gradually nudge others. They're not allowed to just prove themselves.

Dorothy Izatt is probably one of the most provable ones, for she is able to video them, regularly, and it never mattered what camera she used, even borrowed the video camera from the Unsolved Mystery crew, even had others develop the film, did in their presence, and had witnesses and yet despite all of that, if you don't want to believe something, you're not going to.
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posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 06:41 PM
I took some notes on the first and second of the videos on page one, that I found really interesting. He seems to have a bit a cold when he's giving the speech but.

UFOs / Alien Abduction 1 talk and discussion with Brian Ruhe

Part One:

---Statistic indicate that over 50% of Canadians and Americans believe the UFO's are real and that they're Extraterrestrial Crafts. 11% have seen one.

---I'm the director of a meetup group that has been going for 3 years now: Vancouver UFO, meetup group,
UFO, Conspiracy and Mysterious Realms (almost 200 members and meet approx ever 2-3 weeks) Sunday nights, around 7 pm.

---I gave 5 talks on Langara College in Vancouver, on UFO's to the ESL students, foreign kids 19-20,. They have a course at Langara College called mysteries,

---He says, don't be a ufology apologist and be afraid to admit it, most people don't think you're crazy and if they do, maybe they're interested but afraid to admit it.

UFOs / Alien Abduction 2 talk and discussion

Part Two:

---Martin, one of the directors of showed up to meeting as well, and introduced himself. He also spoke of the yukon siting:

Giant UFO in Yukon Territory, 1996 - Docu

Famous Giant UFO Mother ship Sighting in Yukon Territory, Canada (1996) 30+ Witnesses 1/4

---Scientific Evidence:

1. Scientific method.
2. Cannot control variables but can predict some.
3. Things that cannot be predicted or controlled but you can take measurements, for instance, seismographs. So like in an earthquake or a solar flare, (you can't predict ahead of to experiment with but you can measure as they occur)
4. Events that involve intelligence, such as airplane crashes, rapes, murders. You don't know when they wil occur, but they do fall under statistics, and after the fact you can collect evidence.

---UFO's fall under this last category! The testimony of witnesses is very important. We shouldn't discount witness testimony. Our entire legal system is actually based on legal testimony.

---Large body of testimony, about 1 million people have seen/reported ufo's. Based upon that, there is lots of evidence.

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 07:04 PM
He gives in video 2, an example of a red necked couple driving their car, and all of sudden waking up in a field, with their car, a ways away, while saying not all abductions happen while you're in bed.

Well no they often don't. Most of them do however. But, I've experienced something while driving and my brother had 2 hours missing time while driving the produce truck, an experience he shared with the co-driver.

But no one woke up in a field like that, and one could suspect that this was a paramilitary operation because when you are involved with something else, you may be clocking along at 100 km/hour, but its seemless. You shift ahead, in my brothers case, the truck was 2 hours ahead too, but you're driving effortlessly, perfectly synchronized, its something I don't think our military can do.

He also points out in many cases you will see a grey. Yes, since 4 actually. And prior to abductions, prior. At the window or door. But I also recall in memories humans, and in actual checkups and some of those take place in the house. And sometimes you think you're in your house, but possibly your not. For example, in a medical gynelogical one with humans, very tall humans, the woman is the doctor and the male guards or does his job. I was meditating I thought, and under quilts, wearing both a sweatshirt and because I was cold a very warm housecoat as well. And I was freezing.

That meditation lasted 4 hours, wherein I knew a craft was directly over my room, and was in nonstop contact with the couple, and the medical was taking place, was aware of procedures occurring to me, but no pain. And I was told humans were insects because I wouldn't cooperate, in kind of mind scenarios meant to raise your hormones. I just kept telling Loving Beings don't do this. This is not what Love does. So he quipped that humans were like insects. I said, well then move along. He said, Of course some could happily spend a whole life time studying insects. But, I thought I was in my bed. But the surface was very hard feeling, and I was freezing, completely freezing, chilled to the bone, as if I was not wearing anything and on a hard cot.

I've had memories come back from childhood concerning that couple, and they're not negative, but quite scientific and cool. Very nordic looking.

Human type ETs seem to work along with greys, too.

edit to add:
(Really interesting, he says in the video that people will find themselves sitting on a slab, I gather its hard, naked. Well that explains freezing to the bone since I'm a green house plant and like it way warmer than most people)

I often wonder if I should go to any of those meetings, or get involved in anything. But, its always a trust issue. Don't really quite trust earth ufology groups. If we ever get our telescope built and camcorder modded, then to me it would be more fun and authentic, to make a meetup group, for those interested in building their own telescopes modding equipment, and relaxing under the stars in safety, not in the middle of the woods, in back yards and safe parks, meditating. Free but donations for coffee, what not, workshops for modding, stuff like that.

Grass roots always!
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posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by PeachesEnRegalia

I just wanted to add what I had posted to you about how you probably wouldn't have had a major siting if you had a camera on hand. And I knew the answer inside me, I have windows open to information, even some downloads at times. And in this video:

UFOs / Alien Abduction 3 talk and discussion

One of the women asked, why don't experiencers, suddenly surrounded by 3 little greys just snap a picture of them, and of course, you can't move your body, usually, sometimes its your "will" that is paralyzed, altered state, ie. I remember not wanting to go to my room, not wanting to lie on the bed, ready to go down stairs again, but had to walk to the bed and lie down, and the curtain of sleep fell quickly in this incredibly panicked state, where I was praying to God, asking Higher Self for help, imploring Michael to race in. If all of the above wasn't true, your equipment would not work.

Just around 10 57-59, Martin, the director of UFOBC, points out a time when, someone was seeing a UFO, so he reached in his pocket for his camera, and instantly the UFO faded, then he put it back and the UFO came back.

Also, in video 3, they bring up, the robotic or unemotional state of greys and how much pain can be caused in the procedures and also, questions were asked about missing people.

I've never experienced pain in my memory, what is allowed. Sleep falls quickly. I've experienced more cool behavior from nordics than greys, oddly enough. I have no idea if the grey that was moving covers that spoke in my mind before our abduction was a bot or had a soul, they can wear these like suits. But, "she", was very gentle, intelligent and sensitive. And even the cool nordics, take really good care of the children, and he used kind of dry humor with me. Despite unwelcome situation, they were not hard, mean and careless of feelings or pain.

But there are negative beings, entities in some of those suits. The paramilitary do abductions. And in a Coast to Coast on area 51, someone gave testimony to seeing a satanic pentagram. To me, that implies that what they have been doing since before Solomon's temple, is rituals, sacrifices and bringing in lower astrals or something. So really bad things like people disappearing is not what I call positive or even neutral, ET's.

There are sides in life. But evil isn't on higher levels. And faith is really important. Faith in Higher Power/Creator, and if not spiritual that way, Higher Self, Love/Goodness, and Progression.
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posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 08:30 PM
Just before 12 10 in the video, someone brings up Mount Adam's and James Gilliland's ranch and the infared picking up what you wouldn't normally see and that with infared, you catch things nearly every day. Well Brian Ruhe then says, that they had field trips there in the meetup group and one couple from Delta had actually caught something on video.

He said the kind of equipment that was used, was a High Speed Camera, and then when you play it back, you use slow speed, and you can see the crafts.

A group, that passes the hat, builds and mods, and has some kind of fun community fund raising event for some shared equipment for the group, would be awesome. This should be in everyone's hands, not just the wealthy. I'm kind of a reverse snob, I like grass roots best.

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 11:37 PM
Just had a sighting, no camera. Family visiting, marshmallows out back, tent sent up for kids. And I felt a ufo, saw the greys in my mind. I said look at the clouds. And they were like bubble wrap, like a disturbance in the force, bubble waves, and suddenly over the roof, not high, 50 feet or a little higher, this transparent red orb, the size of a basketball from my perspective, appeared and flew behind the trees. I said. Look, do you see that ufo? No on caught in time so I don't think they were meant to.

Then, I walked quickly around the tree and it was the size of a plane now, solid red light, much higher, still soundless.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 05:11 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
Just before 12 10 in the video, someone brings up Mount Adam's and James Gilliland's ranch and the infared picking up what you wouldn't normally see and that with infared, you catch things nearly every day. Well Brian Ruhe then says, that they had field trips there in the meetup group and one couple from Delta had actually caught something on video.

He said the kind of equipment that was used, was a High Speed Camera, and then when you play it back, you use slow speed, and you can see the crafts.

A group, that passes the hat, builds and mods, and has some kind of fun community fund raising event for some shared equipment for the group, would be awesome. This should be in everyone's hands, not just the wealthy. I'm kind of a reverse snob, I like grass roots best.

But do they show what they claim

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 05:14 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
Just had a sighting, no camera. Family visiting, marshmallows out back, tent sent up for kids. And I felt a ufo, saw the greys in my mind. I said look at the clouds. And they were like bubble wrap, like a disturbance in the force, bubble waves, and suddenly over the roof, not high, 50 feet or a little higher, this transparent red orb, the size of a basketball from my perspective, appeared and flew behind the trees. I said. Look, do you see that ufo? No on caught in time so I don't think they were meant to.

Then, I walked quickly around the tree and it was the size of a plane now, solid red light, much higher, still soundless.

Well since you keep claiming that you are somehow connected WHY no pictures or videos

Oh and NO lame excuses please

posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by wmd_2008

That is my siting. And I rarely have a camera on hand. Its usually upstairs with kids, needing batteries recharged or another download cord from amazon sent for, and didn't think anything would show up with my ex there insisting on building a firepit in our backyard and roasting marshmallows except for the fire department, which did oddly enough and I had anticipated it as well. (said with extreme dryness).

When you have a siting, unless your set up with equipment especially good quality UV equipment and Ultraviolet, you aren't going to get anything. Except a dot, something that looks like an orb, a red light, or white. And thats with good but not great equipment.

And they usually don't last long, like mine. Probably from noticing the clouds were disturbed to the siting a minute, and then from the orb appearing and doing a swirly thing and going behind the trees 15-20 seconds, and the 10-15 seconds I round the trees it's large, plane sized flying off and gone in no time.

I stay and watch and give witness, not attempt to run around like a chicken with her head cut off, try to see if the equipment has batteries, and by the way I never set the date thing that pops up, because its way over my head, only to miss a siting.

I posted above in the videos, that the man from UFOBC gave testimony that in one of the sessions the siting occurred. The person reached for his camera and it faded, he put it down and continued.

Oh, by the way, would love to win the lottery and have all the equipment, and if I did, I'd get a ranch like James Gillilands set up, and have youths from the ministries shared living who keep leaving, we already seem to be a drop in resource for a few them, and actually try to help them the way I'd like to.

Oh, another component to sitings, at least like that one, you're also not yourself. I was drugged feeling, in an altered state, just kept lamely pointing up and saying, look, no body did, then moved around the tree and said, "They weren't meant to see" That wasn't me consciously saying that, it shocked me when I recovered from that feeling.

In other words without money I don't really care about photographs, I like testimony.
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posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 07:38 PM

CBC report on it too:

" 'Look at this light,' he says, 'there's a light flashing out there' … I looked, and I said wow!"

According to Cardinal, the light flashed red, white and blue and hovered above the ground about as high as an airplane.

Cardinal's husband is a trapper, so he didn't recognize the lights as stars or aurora borealis, or Northern lights.

It's not the first time residents of Fort Resolution spotted strange things in the sky.

Three militia took their video away and then they discovered it on youtube too.

Anyway, just searching for some video's in that area:

UFO video (January 10, 1996 - Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories, Canada)

The reason I found this is looking over the Canadian Declassified files, and trying to double check some of the shorter documents with any record of an actual siting.

The one I was trying to find was this: Coppermine northwest territory 1961 ufo sighting.

Inuk Magazine #86


Some Inuvialuit have reported seeing UFOs in the Tuktoyaktuk area. Carl Jung was correct: he said that the sighting of circles in the heavens symbolizes humankind's longing for wholeness. It is an interesting fact that these UFO sightings come at night - silvery shadows conjuring up hte spirit world as the moonlight keens awareness. My people understand that the world is larger than themselves, and that it was here long before our most distant ancestors were born. My people are indeed substantial!

Quite a read that magazine issue. Americans show up and suddenly many die of diseases after their airstrip is given during the war, and many died of famine/hunger too.

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posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 09:08 PM
OK so looking into that area and getting a bit more.

Bright flying objects, crop circles subjects of military reports Strange phenomena: Defence Department releases latest batch of UFO sightings...

A number of people witness a large triangle-shaped object pass quickly above a Yukon lake under a full moon. It makes a loud noise, but has no lights and leaves no vapour trail.

A Prairie family finds some of their cattle mutilated. A few years later, they discover a two-metre crop circle in one of their fields.

Well they've had US airforce bases since the war, and that is why there are cattle mutilations IMO.

Some, such as the "large greenish flare" seen over Northern Ontario in January, 1997, can be fairly easily explained as meteors. But others are a little more baffling...

A bizarre incident near Marmora, Ont., last February might have made believers out of three people who saw white and orange lights flying above the ice on Crowe Lake.

A similar sighting took place in Ottawa on a clear July evening. Witnesses told the National Defence Operations Centre of a display by four or five glowing objects that moved about chaotically, "merging and separating at random" for almost an hour before vanishing.

I'd like to know historically what kind of sitings they have had before the US airforce showed up.

posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 09:38 PM
Now the Cariboo , BC, got me really interested because I was feeling a connection one night, ie, sensed a craft, it felt like it was out, and the name Sheridan came along with a message on woman's groups, grass roots survival group, not that I empower any form of end of the world or the world's mismanagers being allowed to pull off any disasters. But I got some information, that just came. So I googled Sheridan and thought it was someone's name, ie. exopolitics or something.

And I got Sheridan Lake, Cariboo and reportings of sitings in the Cariboo around that area and I believe 100 mile house in general. A little bit like my own sighings.

Stunning, though cold in the winter cariboo. We lived in Williams Lake for 6 years.

This one is Big G Ranch:

"My small flashlight wasn't any help but there was just enough light to see what the thing looked like. It was disc-shaped, I'd say about 28 feet in diameter, with a dome on top and a dim light on top of that, I couldn't tell whether the rim was lighted or whether it was reflecting the light on top, but it was a little brighter than the rest of the object and seemed to be revolving. Around the base of the dome there was more faint light coming from what looked like three or four windows. I couldn't see anything inside." ,,,

Convinced after numerous sightings over the "Big G" ranch that UFOs were not hostile, and in fact tended to shy away from humans, Grattan shone his small light at the object, waved his arms and tried as well as he could to show friendly interest.

"It didn't seem to notice me at all," he said. "It just kept slowly following the calves across the corral as if it was studying them, and all the time it was making a low rhythmic noise like an IBM computer."

Asking the inevitable question about its effect on the animals, we received a surprising reply.

"It wasn't bothering them at all and, from what I've noticed, that is: usually the case.

Here is more on this:

About 25 miles southeast of 100 Mile House and similar region to Sheldan Lake.

Here are a list of some current guest ranches in the area:

Back to the other article:

There appears to be a cigar shaped craft and red lit ones that tumbled. Someone suggested Venus, but if that was Venus it was moving.

This whole region is filled with lakes and ranches and its pretty special. Would love to spend a year in a cabin there, maybe 2.

Bear in mind, this was downloaded, given to me out of the blue after "sensing" a craft, one I didn't see.

posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 09:44 PM
And I had to include a siting closer to us, Cultus Lake siting.

Very interesting.

"At around 2 a.m., she saw some crazy-ass lights hovering over the lake," Captain Scotty of the Jeff O'Neil Show recalled to The Sun.

Then, the radio show received a text from 'Wally' in Chilliwack, saying he also saw the lights Tuesday night.

Since posting this article to the Sun's website, further reports have been coming in about sightings

So just checking to see if there are videos of Cultus Lake and UFO's, since I know this region is much like what you find down the Cascade mountains into Washington and James Gilliland's ranch. Same energy signature overall.

Cultus Lake, BC, Canada UFO

And more BC ones:

Not to mention there seem to be Sasquatch sightings in the area, such as Harrison Hotsprings.
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posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 01:19 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Seriously that video is a waste of internet bandwidth

Blinking light in the sky a few miles from an airport you do the maths!

posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 01:44 AM
interesting videos. I don't even recall that breaking on the news but than again I wasn't watching a whole lot of news back in 2007.
My boyfriend and I have seen a ufo in Vernon and a week or week in a half before that my Mom had seen one in a totally different area. The one my Mom saw was moving in a pattern and when I had been asking her details about it she remembered that the pattern was almost identical to the pattern a UFO made that she had seen in a whole different city when she was a little girl.

It's interesting how much is drawn to the Okanagan.

posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 02:15 AM
reply to post by wmd_2008

That video, in fact, all the videos are quite interesting. And you want to know something, I've seen many crafts, witnessed them with family, my second oldest son. He's now 21. In fact he called me out to witness them many times himself, and to witness them being chased by black unmarked choppers.

There were a few different types. They ranged from theirs: red lit craft, most common. Cigar shaped, wingless tube, flying tail down, nose in the air, covered by a slanted pyramidal shape of whitish yellow light. A diamond shaped craft under a similar high odd shaping light.

The most common was the red lite craft. Do you know how they appeared. Out of nowhere, unlike any plane that flew over that you could see for the whole valley or for a long time. Oh, and those planes even at their lowest were still up there, would always reveal wingspan as they went over the roof if low to low-medium height and the lights would become red, white and greenish/blue. Not to mention noise.

I'll give an example of one of my sitings with the red lit one. I was going inside one evening, when suddenly I heard loudly, Don't Go In Yet, We Haven't Greeted You Yet! (this was after being pulled in some kind of astral I think, that was how they let me remember it) in my bedroom doing laundry, to a craft and then to a station monitoring the sun in which I saw just a little and was overwhelmed, blanked out and then was in a kind of beautiful, lounge room, that turned into a laboratory with many plants. The man I had seen before, the woman too. He was very tall, dark curly hair and she was very tall blond. My son talked about the dark haired, strong chested, men himself in a dream where he was shown things on a viewing screen, and his description of the men, matched this man. These are independent accounts, he didn't know mine, but shared his, and he shared his first, this would be a span from Sept to the following summer. I was seated between them and he said he almost regretted showing me (I was in shock, overwhelmed and my reality warped beyond comfort) She said, it was time I knew.

So after waking up in bed, making coffee, going out, relaxing, going to go back in, this happened. "Don't go in yet, we haven't greeted you yet!"

And the craft appeared, I don't know say 150-200 feet in the air. Red lit. Size of a plane. It appeared mid valley in our backyard area, and flew straight forward over our roof and vanished.

My son joined me. He saw the saucer shape near the lights, though in the past it had arched much higher.

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If that had been video'd, it would have been a light, you know a poor quality moving, red orb basically. That is how they show on film.

Oh by the way. How do you tell something isn't normal, because even a plane shows like that basically on video at night.

Would you say, because planes would appear as lights in the sky they don't exist?

Is that your logic.

Or would you, (minus the experience, the greeting, the magic way they can appear, move, disappear, grow in size like my sightings, from a golf ball size orb to a craft) but if you just saw something say 200 feet approaching, noticed it made no noise as it goes overhead, noted it didn't behave or look or sound like the planes that flew overhead ever did, what would you make of any red orb you caught on tape?

Just curious of your logic. Because the same thing you say of the videos would apply to any other conventional craft, and yet we know they're real.

Also, none of those are my video's. I can't say for sure what they are experiencing. Except for this: it doesnt move like a plane. I tried calling the kids for one of them. "Hey kids, come and see the plane" Oops its gone. "Hey kids come and see this!" And they watched it for 5 minutes while it hovered and oscillated back and forth, and then it arched way up high in a short distance and flew over the roof and town.

Go figure!

I can see where you are, but can't join you. Because I know already.

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