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Words to Live By!

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:48 PM
If any of you have ever read any of Nepolean Hills stuff this is an unusual encounter he had with The Higher lives or masters that is really intriguing and some very good words of wisdom. This is so different from his regular stuff yet so good if one lived his life by these words alone he would do really very well. I have posted some excerpts below but I recommend you read the whole article, I found it posted at the link below.

Now and again I have had evidence that unseen friends hover about me, unknowable to ordinary senses. In my studies I discovered there is a group of strange beings who maintain a school of wisdom which must be ten thousand years old, but I did not connect them with myself. Now I have found there is a connection. I am not one of them! - but I have been watched by them. Here is how I found it out...

The Master now gave a word of caution for the Initiate who is on his way through the Jungle. He told me-as I now tell you-that now and then open spaces appear in that Black Forest, and as one walks clear of clinging underbrush he may think he has conquered all of the twenty-six enemies. This may be a deception on the part of the enemies. A dependable way keep track of the enemies one has overcome is to list them on chart, thus:


The list should be checked at least once a year. Done honestly, and with the insight and self-knowledge one has gained, such a check enables one to search his record and know the names of the defeated enemies. These are crossed off the list. As long as one enemy remains, the person who made the list still wanders in the Jungle of Life. When every enemy has been accounted for, he has passed through the Jungle...

The Master went on quickly: "The Initiate retains the power to neglect or deny any of these requirements, but, should he do so, the penalty may be the complete revocation of the powers he has gained through many years of devoted effort. The powers include great blessings: "Hope, faith and courage to carry out any desired objective. "Benevolence toward his fellow men, and compassion for their problems.

"Self-understanding which reveals to him the nature of his own stupendous powers.

"Endurance and persistence enough to enable him to overcome all obstacles in his path.

"Sound health, both physical and mental.

"The wisdom with which to evaluate all things, and the self- discipline to give him complete mastery over himself.

"Patience with which to deal with adversities.

"Tolerance toward all, and a true spirit of brotherly love.

"Freedom from worry.

"Material abundance to meet all his needs and desires.

"A keen evaluation of time.

"Freedom from all vices.

"A magnetic personality and a spirit of generosity which, attracts friendly co-operation.

"The ability to profit from his mistakes of the past.

"A listening ear, a silent tongue, a faithful heart, a keen, sense of loyalty.

"A profound love of truth.

"The capacity for telepathic communication, including communication with Infinite Intelligence.

"A true understanding of scientific prayer, along with the capacity to get aid from the Masters when it may be needed.

"Immunity against the acts of all evil persons.

"Release from all inherited negative traits. "Complete mastery of every kind of fear, including the fear of death.

"Understanding of the over-all purpose of fife, along with the glorious ability to live according to that purpose."

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 09:26 PM
Yet one more reason I love ats! The most interesting and inspiring stuff is brought here, that I would otherwise miss.
Nice post, poetic and useful as well.
Thank you


posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 12:27 AM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

Glad you like it I found it very inspiring and just had to post it for others to read. I am going to print te whole thing out and refer to it often!

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 01:40 AM
i say.... to live is to die.. to die is to live....... life is a game PLAY IT!

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 11:38 PM

Originally posted by Nosferatu_DJ
i say.... to live is to die.. to die is to live....... life is a game PLAY IT!

Care to elaborate?

Well it might be a game but it aint no punk video game. And if it is a game what if we all just stop playing?


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