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Blueprint for a coup?

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 05:39 PM
I've been reading and following the increasing groundswell of unrest among the people here on ATS, as well as many other sites - both mainstream and alternative. There simply is no denying that people are reaching the tipping point in regards to what the government is doing and the inability of the populace to do anything about it. The sudden rise (and fall) of the Tea Party is evidence of this, as is the popularity of people like Palin and Ron Paul. People are looking for a way out or at least a way around the current system. This is the primo-defacto reason Obama was elected. People are so desperate for "change" that they were sucked in to the hype - myself included, regrettably.

I read this morning the thread on ATS entitled "Why don't we all just leave?" and I was incensed! Why don't we leave??!!? Because that would be defeat! Leaving is the coward's way out. The easy way. Even worse - the act of leaving ensures that the problem, the cancer, will continue to fester and destroy the lands that you and I love.

Everyone seems to have the desire. There's obviously money there - the American population is one of the wealthiest in the world, and were there a viable movement, I have no doubt that it would be exceptionally well-funded. We are also well armed and out-gun the military with ease. This all begs the question - why has nothing been done?

I am not talking about a movement using the standard political avenues. I am talking about the real deal - an organized, methodically planned and executed takeover of the Capitol building and our government.

What this movement needs is firstly, a leader or a team of people with a clear, concise vision on what is broken and what it will take to effectively produce the change that is desperately needed in Washington. If this message can reach the people of this nation, and if the people accept it - success is certain.

If the people shun the movement, it is doomed from the start. The fastest way to LOSE support of the people is needless violence and loss of life. "Running-and-gunning" is something that the American people will not tolerate - and it's pretty damn stupid, to boot.

I've got ideas and I am sure you do too. There are thousands - MILLIONS of hard working Americans that love their country and what it stands for, and they've all got ideas.

Some of mine?
- Eliminate every single corporate dollar from the process. Allowing corporations to peddle their desires at the very cradle of our government can only skew the government to those very corporations. Allowing corporate dollars to "speak" in elections is absurd.
- Immediate and total withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq. We've lost enough of our sons and daughters. If they want our assistance, we can work out a rate card for our services. Protection won't come cheap, though. I am thinking that mineral rights to ALL of Iraq's oil for 100 years would be a good start.
- Mandatory "wage-tariff" on all imports. This means a 30% tariff on all China imports. Yes - that'll really hurt, but it will bring jobs back to the US. They'll in-turn, slap one on us, but it'll hurt them far worse. They've been waging economic warfare on the people of the U.S. for far too long.
- Let Israel stand on it's own without lobbing insults while hiding behind the might of the United States. If you kick the hornet's nest, Israel - be prepared to get stung.
- If our allies ARE ATTACKED, then - and only then - do we get involved.
- A total, thorough, methodical crackdown on the banking system and the investment system. Deconstruct both systems from the top down. Prosecute wherever a crime is committed to the fullest extent.
- Gather the best financial minds in the world and construct a fair and equitable tax system. Taxes are necessary - get used to it. (You'll thank me when your house catches on fire...) The current system is a mockery of justice.

There are others. Some good, some not - but hey, at least I've got some. What are yours?


The key? The missing piece? ONE military general to buy in to the movement. If there's one, there's more. If this movement has the support of our brave men and women in uniform, we will become unstoppable and the REAL change this nation is desperate for is but a few painful months away.

The leader of this movement and his/her advisors, the team, gathers with the military support and looks at the calendar. When is the next time that Congress is in session? Better yet - when is the next time that Congress, the President and the Vice President are all in Washington?

That's when the movement starts.

EDIT - I originally had a detailed rundown of how a 'bloodless coup' could be executed, but I don't want to have the FBI knocking on my door. Although given the tone and content of this message, that may already be a certainty.... Regardless, there is more than one way to pull this off. With the might of the people behind it - it's success is guaranteed.

I am to the point where I am willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen. Ideas? I've got plenty. I've got some money. I've got two hands. I've got desire. I look at my two daughters and fear for the nation that they will grow up in if the status quo is allowed to continue and it pains me. It pains me enough that I would willingly shed my own blood to ensure a better nation for them.

So I ask again - what are yours ideas? What do you want to change?

What are YOU willing to do about it?

I'm on the record. It's your turn.

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 05:48 PM
This is your mission should you choose to accept it.

This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ....

knock knock knock

follow the white rabbit !!!!

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 06:03 PM
Nice and thoughtful post atlguy. The things you mention as solutions, while I somewhat agree with, the problem is we are up against a system that is overly conducive to corruption and greed. I agree with total prosecution of those white collar criminals for sure, but you know money buys justice, it's our system. And when I condemn a "system" I am not suggesting a total abandonment, just some major contemporary modifications.
I think we as consumers have more power in our purchasing choices and in voicing/communicating our concerns with others via internet. I don't think we can change the system from outside, we have to change it from within.
I think stopping the consumption of useless items, trying to live more efficiently, moving towards self sustainment and staying involved as opposed to "leaving" the assessment process are all useful goals for change.
I have purchased a more fuel efficient vehicle, started a garden for my food, am installing solar power, promoting permaculture with my community and collaborating with others who are striving for change.
Unfortunately change comes slow with so much involved, but then again a few crisis's like we have now should accelerate the momentum, and the waking process of our people. That is one of the only positive thing I see coming out of these tragedies.

I have more faith in the people now than our leaders, so we have to keep voicing our ideas and opinions, like you have. Thank you


posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by atlguy

While I like your list, I would have to say you are treating the symptoms, not the cause.

When you want to rapidly take down and demoralize an enemy, one of the best approaches is to critically disrupt the supply chains. This is the route I suggest here:

1) Begin a renewable energy co-op movement. While renewable energy solutions may not be very efficient right now, they are efficient enough to work in mass quantities. Start getting local municipalities to assemble solar furnaces, vertical wind turbines, and solar panel arrays in unused land. These can even be done in artistc and eye-pleasing fashion or can simple take advantage of the existing rooftops. Wherever they are, they need to be owned and operated by citizens through non-profits.

2) Encourage the revival of neighborhoos level "victory gardens". This was used on a personal and neighborhood level through WWII to allow for a dramatic increase in food supplies to the military.

3) Encourage and increase the usage of smaller footprint transportation such as motorized bicycles and/or scooters and motorcycles. Some cities have a great start on this whereas others (such as Dallas, Tx) make it almost impossible to get anywhere on bike.

I'll leave at that for now, but that's the idea.. Empower the citizens and encourage independant behaviors. This cuts off the supply of "power" to the corruption.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 06:38 PM
hmmm, lets see

1) remove corporate personhood. A company does not have it's own rights, it has the collective rights of the shareholders as their property. It does not have the priviledge of 'free speech' ie campaign contribution. If a company screws up, it is not what is sued. That burden would be upon the collective share holders. If they can not cover the loss, nationalization and auction ensues to help the government defray the costs of paying the company's victims.

2) banning of political parties. Each politician stands on his own history and draws only the resources he or she can raise from his or her own pocket and contributions from American citizens.

3) one issue, one bill. Each bill is to cover one clearly defined issue and no more. There are to be no riders, no pork, and so on. A pork fund is set up to deal with the needful items that would fail due to benefiting only a minority of states.

4) Delayed disclosure of the black budget. There would remain a black budget in order to address national security issues, but after a certain number of years, the allocation of that budget would become public with no blanked areas. In the event of a blanked area being found, the blanker would suffer extreme consequences, and be the subject of intensive interrogation with little regard for his or her privacy until the blanking is corrected.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 06:47 PM
I have an addition. Vote with your money. Boycott China, and tell everyone you know to boycott anything Made in China. Also, I would love to boycott Saudi Arabia as well. Why are some of our biggest trade partners also our secret enemies? (Is the government like a mafia? "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"..)

But I don't think your plan would be very difficult at all actually. It's simple: Yes, one official military leader stops taking orders, and it causes a domino effect where the military no longer listens to the president. It might just happen naturally.

Or just wait till 2012.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 09:21 PM
First things first -

With all the times I have called for and openly advocated VIOLENT revolutions, I am sure you are quite safe as I have yet to be visited by big brother. I think you will be safe for now, though I somehow wouldn't be surprised if I was on some kind of employer "blacklist" for my outspoken words. It certainly seems that way to me, anyway.

I'm not here to nay-say your idea except to say "Been there, done that". My topic you speak of is not to say we should abandon the concept of destroying the larger enemy at hand, but to allow us to group together so that we might stand more of a chance against them. There is power in numbers as you seem to understand, but you first need the numbers to have any effect.

You can search for your people; you leader and your general - but how quickly the plan would come crashing down the moment that person was made an example of. Your general, the moment of coming public would be get a court martial quite quickly and would serve against any other who would choose to stand up. Let's not forget that most of those in higher up positions in the military are there, probably because they chose to be a part of the corrupt system. Who knows how deep in they are or how many favors they had to do to get there.

As far as my ideas. Total and complete freedom. Adhere to the Constitution and the Declaration as they are meant to be adhered to. A few changes here and there need to be made to prevent the system from falling back on itself once again, but in terms of a workable system - we have one so long as we choose to follow it.

Best of luck in your crusade.


posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 10:38 PM
I agree with the original post. I do not like the idea, but this country is heading for an armed revolt. I am talking about a revolutionary war between the common working man/woman, and the government. This country was founded and ran by men who had full time jobs, that was not politics, and that is what we need now. People running this country who know, live and love this country and have the best intentions for this country in their hearts. (Not for themselves).

The one thing we DO NOT NEED is more professional politicians. No more ring knocking, knuckle draggers who are only interested in raping this country and it's people, for all they can get.

When we finally get to install a new government:
*We need to elect people based on the populations vote.
*No Electoral Vote.
*No Absentee Ballots.
*Proof of Citizenship needed to vote.
*Voting in person ONLY!!!
*No Corporate funding for the election campaigns.
*Each candidate receives a set amount of funding from a public fund.
*They MUST account for every penny spent, to a 3rd party accounting group.
*The candidates cannot spend any "private" money on their campaign.
*The elected official WILL SWEAR to uphold the constitution of the USA, and the Declairation of Independance, and will actually DO IT!!!
*Supreme Court Justices will no longer be appointed by the President, but will be voted in just like any other judge, by the people.
*All public offices will be voted on by the people.
*No more electing Czars, deputy assistant governers, etc..., or any other spur-of-the-moment b/s government positions. (in other words: no more making up government jobs just to give your friends positions so that they can rape the people and the system on your behalf)

My appologies for the length, these are just the wishfull thinking of the worried father of a 2 year-old.

And in response to the OPs opening post, I too will be willing to take up arms and lay down my life if it means that my child won't have to live in a country that is being run into the ground like this one is.

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