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Are we a Sovereign Nation or not?

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 03:57 PM
What the hell is wrong with these protesters who think it is totally OK to ignore international law and the laws of sovereign nations, and jump the USA's borders and waltz in undetected?
There are reasons why nations recognize borders and sovereignty. Other wise you'd have guys akin to Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and any other megalomania nut job claiming territory and citizens without their consent. To do so, is called invasion and it is an act of war!

You cannot just send hundreds of thousands of people from one nation into another without that nations consent. You have to show passports, visas, and immigration papers in order to live in another country other than the one you were born in.

Vicente Fox's unwillingness to stop the flow of illegal invaders into the USA is equivalent to Castro's sending a flotilla of his unwanted dregs of society to the USA years ago.
The Coast Guard was able to stop and capture many of them before they set foot on American soil and claimed they had "rights" to be here. Which of course they didn't.

The other issue is; migrant/undocumented workers who knowingly over stay their visa's and hide in and amongst the Latino/ Chinese/ Vietnamese/ Russian and other communities. They break the law, and stay illegally. It is that simple. Illegals having babies here as a reason to anchor them needs to be stopped.
If you're not a legal citizen, then neither is your kid. We need to insist the law be changed to stop this moronic idea that anyone born here regardless of parental status is a naturalized citizen.

They are criminals. Stop pushing touchy feelgood warm fuzzies about them. They manufacture fake documents and then have the gall to say they have the same rights as a legal citizen. WTF is wrong with this picture?

Apparently there is a mindset so ignorant and backwards within the illegal invaders brain they think laws apply to everyone else but them! And apparently our own President has this same mental deficiency. He wants to give them a free pass at our expense. Interesting since there is still controversy about his own citizenship still swirling about.

The Barry O. Snob puppet show is hoping to hedge his bets that by giving amnesty, will then equate to a 2012 victory and 2nd term. God forbid! Mark my words, if he gets a 2nd term, he'll want to amend the constitution and have a 3rd and 4th until he drops.
He already assumes he's King, he would like to make it a reality. But I digress:

The reasons for giving illegal invaders amnesty makes no sense. I'd like to see these same hooligans try to jump the border of RUSSIA, CHINA, NORTH KOREA, IRAN, and make the claim they have rights to be there!!!

The asinine argument that they'll do work no one else will do is crap. It is also about employers who do not want to pay a fair wage/benefits and taxes on that labor. It is about a food production and other industries that wants maximum profits off the backs of a disenfranchised slave labor force. Now there are truck drivers hauling the produce who do not have legal licenses to drive big rigs, and are undocumented workers as well. The whole system is aiding and abiding the problem we face.

How is it the living conditions in Mexico and Central America are so deplorable, and fraught with corruption that life is totally unbearable there? Why don't the citizens revolt and throw the problem politicians into jail or reform their own economies? Why don't they use their voting powers in their own countries to change it for the better?
Instead they kowtow to the criminal elements wreaking warfare and murder upon them instead of fighting back. Much of that criminal element wants to import it here and make life here a living hell. And there are those who will protest long and loud to allow them to do it...

For them that refuse to address their own problems the answer is this; they are more than willing to sneak into a sovereign neighboring nation and break the laws here. There are willing agitators and liberal leftists who are ready to permanently rip down the national borders and let a flood of non citizens into the USA unchecked and undocumented. For those of us who say; "No way in Hell are we going to accept this illegal invasion" we are then called racists and hate mongers. The US President being the first to cat call and harass the citizens of the bordering states who are fighting back.

Barry, you are a total yellow gutless turd! You are unfit to sit in the oval office. Those in the Congress and Senate who also want to ride on the Obama circus wagon, wagging your stink finger sat us, your comeuppance is coming in November 2010.

Vicente Fox, we are serving you is WAR!

The United States of America is a SOVEREIGN NATION! Something B.O. has yet to learn.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 04:05 PM
as a red blooded american by birth, had every generation of my family serve and fight in every war since before 1776 i have to say WE THE TRUE AMERICANS! those with ancestors here before 1776 must reclaim our nation. we lost many branches from our family trees due to the generations of war, why let those whose families who didn't sacrifice and build this nation have what we have???

why should a mexican who has 1,000 cousins move here and take what our blood died for.. we should exterminate every hispanic in the US and show that the real AMERICANS--WHITE--BLACK--CHINESE have sent a message to the world.. of you were not here before 1776 leave!!!

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 04:51 PM

Originally posted by rebeldog
WE THE TRUE AMERICANS! those with ancestors here before 1776 must reclaim our nation. we lost many branches from our family trees due to the generations of war, why let those whose families who didn't sacrifice and build this nation have what we have???

I agree. This nation should be returned to the Native Americans.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 06:03 PM

Originally posted by ben91069
This nation should be returned to the Native Americans.

So true.

Before we go on with all the "exterminate the hispanics" crap, think back a few centuries ago... Who landed HERE and took land from them in the first place? Who caused the murder of thousands of natives?

Maybe this whole illegal immigrant dilemma is just a matter of karma...

Aside from that, however, my opinion is, you have no right whatsoever to say you are a "full blooded" American unless you have native roots.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by Falken

who are you calling we.. I am native american fool!!! we were fighting the atec/mayan savages for a thousand years before the "white man" came here.. hmmmm I guess you fulfilled the requirements for assume.. ass outta you and me..

My post will undoubtedly be flagged by the hispanic invading half breeds and sympathizers!!!

i hove more of a right to this land than most.. stats-- cherokee -brass ankle clan/scottish pict clan heritage.straight from the heart of east Tennessee. My ancestry owns this land two fold-

-1.) cherokee blood (obviously)
-2.) scotish pict blood (braveheart painted face who fought the romans) and fought the Norman controlled crown of england after building this land circa 1776..had a family member die in every war since before the revolutionary.

tell me who has a right to silence my voice!!!

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 12:23 PM
We are a sovereign nation...however, the Chinese currently hold the deed....

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