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The Truth Behind The ET Conspiracy.

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:21 AM
Well firstly I would like to say that what I am about to tell you will make a lot of you question the facts and many of you will ask for proof. All I can say is that I am working on getting proof but it isn’t going to be easy and you will just have to accept my word for the moment..

I have had a couple of threads posted recently one titled “Aliens Don’t Exist” and “UFO’s/USO’s does not mean ET” and these two threads were hammered by people saying things like “There are sextillions of stars, there must be intelligent life” and “You are ignorant” or “You should research the subject” Well ATSers I am well researched and I am aware of how many stars/planets are estimated and I assure you I am not ignorant.

Fuzzy photos and shaky video of objects, documentaries and Top Secret military video and photos, High ranking officials etc is not proof of ET’s visiting our planet, if at best it is far more sinister than that.

The purpose of this thread is to correct what you think you know historically and help you understand the agenda that is truthfully playing out right in front of your eyes.

I am not interested in people throwing the same old questions at me, I will only answer questions relevant to the information contained in this thread. With that out of the way, I will tell you my story and the truth is, I don’t care if you believe me or not for I know what I am about to tell you is the truth and nothing but the truth.

It all begins with my father who passed away in 1996. He was an advanced propulsion engineer who worked for private/public companies and the military as a civilian. I remember gatherings at my families home where I overheard things, things like “We are on the moon and have been since the early 40’s”.

My father used to take me camping and on these trips we would always frequent the same camping spot out in the hills, out where the Bee’s would fly. My father refered to them as bees. They were triangular craft capable of amazing things, he would tell me that he helped design them.

I remember my father telling me once that the Bee’s flew in outer space and that they were capable of amazing things, things that to most peoples knowledge were preposterous, outrageous even.

My father told me that the Bee’s would fly to the moon and beyond and that there was a whole other set of rules regarding what was going on in outer space or the “galactic navy zone” as he liked to refer to it.

My father was a good man and there is no reason for me to doubt his integrity and the integrity of his friends, which leads me to the next part of my story.

One family friend who stands out is Terry, well this is what he will be called here. Terry was a real intelligent nice guy, my family loved him. He was always so positive about everything and painted such a beautiful picture of things. He had been diagnosed with cancer twice and had battled through it on both occasions and won.

I remember a time when a bunch of adults were talking about the Apollo missions and Terry mentioned that they were a farse, not that man hadn’t landed on the moon but that man had landed on the moon much much earlier than history cared to say.

He said that man had been on the moon since the early 40’s and that there were currently mining operations among others on the surface and beneath the moons surface. I would learn later as to the extent of what Terry knew.

This conversation stands out to me as a child because I was well aware of common history, I was aware of the Apollo missions and what he was saying was a farse. I remember wanting to say something to the likes of “That’s not true” man has landed on the moon and they did it when they said they did not earlier, the’re not mining.

When my father passed away in ‘96 my mother decided to move us on to where my mothers family was, I guess because she felt more comfortable there. My fathers work had us moving all over the place so it was new to us, the possibility of having somewhere stable to live.

We all mourned my father and to this day his memory will forever stay with me, in fact in a way now that will never disappear. My father was more of a genius than I had known and this was to be made more apparent some thirteen years later.

I was traveling for work and was in the pacific working on a project when I was contacted by Terry. He asked If I would like to come over to his place and reminisce on times gone by and play catch up. I agreed and I went to his home, which was a beautiful home set on top of a mount. It would seem Terry had done well for himself.

Once entering Terry’s opulent abode I remember feeling a sense of urgency in his delivery, he seemed like he had something he wanted to tell me, however felt like he need to drudge through all the other stuff if you know what I mean. We talked about times gone by, the gatherings with the family etc.

This line of pleasantries led to an amazing series of events that still give me goose pimples now. Terry told me that my father would have wanted me to know something. Now thinking that Terry is going to tell me something like “Your father loved you” or something to that effect I hesitated and heard him out, but what Terry was about to say was much more than that.

He told me that he was mason and that he knew things only people dreamed of, he told me that he was part of the highest of highs and that what he was about to tell me was truth and only truth. Terry told me that he knew a lot he wanted to know and a lot he didn’t but that all the information was important for me to know also.

Terry told me they were mining on the moon and that he had been there. He left the room telling me that he was going to get something, naturally I was intrigued. Terry entered the room dragging a large plastic trunk, I offered to help him with it but he refused to let me help, Terry’s not as young as he used to be so I watched him painfully manipulate the trunk to where he was sitting, Terry sat back down.

He opened the trunk and I could see a number of things in there, that at the time I thought were maps rolled up in cylinders. He took one of the cylinders from the trunk and took the end off it. From it he took a very large rolled up piece of paper and told me to take a look, I moved closer as he rolled it out on the table.

It was a photograph, It was black & white and showed a lunar landscape with domes connected by tubes . There were things that looked like nuclear cooling towers and in the background what looked like three massive pyramids, The photo was the biggest I have ever seen and had cross hairs, like that of a hunters scope and some numbers/letters, He told me they were measurements and ID’s.

At certain points on the photo, there were people and machinery in the picture, the machinery resembled that of what would be used here on earth but just different. The strangest thing is that the people in the photo were not wearing helmets or suits like I would expect, because of astronauts, they wear suits that are pressurised and they need oxygen to breath. I stated this to Terry and he told me that they were specialized humanoids designed for the lunar environment and that they didn’t need them.

You have to understand I am shocked at this point, I cant believe what I’m seeing! They looked just like us but weird in a way which is difficult for me to explain because of the nature of the picture, it was like they had a body suit sort of covering there entire bodies but they were the typical shapes of humans.

I would really have to try and draw a picture as an explanation in words can not do this any justice. I looked at the photo for a while and he explained how things worked up there which totally went over my head. I noticed more cylinders in the box he had and asked to see them but he told me that they were for another time.

Now this next bit is really insane. He pulled from the trunk a plastic bag that was vacuum sealed, he also pulled out a vacuum bag sealer, the bag was filled with what I can best describe as metal filings, like that of aluminum, he then opened the bag and the contents disappeared! I mean vanished! Right in front of my eyes.

He told me to hold the bag, so I took it from his hand and I could feel weight and form to it, like the metal filings were still there but invisible. He then took the bag back and proceeded to vacuum seal the bag, they reappeared! I in disbelief then had to ask what it was? He told me it was called Zoniom or Xoniom , Zonium, something like that, Terry has a thick accent so sometimes it can be tricky hearing him correctly.
He told me that it was one of the things mined on the moon. Terry told me that there are far more elements than what is available to the mainstream and that this was but one of them.

I unfortunately had to leave although I really wanted to stay. I told Terry that I wanted to catch up again soon and I left. Upon getting home later that evening I came to ATS and posted “Aliens Don’t Exist” and here’s why.

Terry had told me just before I had to leave that mankind is easily manipulated into believing fanciful things while dismissing the things right in front of their eyes. He told me that aliens from outer space were non existent and that what was really going on was preparation for what apparently is refered to as the “Great Deception” by people in the know.

Now a lot of you would be questioning why I would just take his word and that would be fair and I must admit I got carried away by it all but on my second visit to Terry’s I would find out some things which changed my thinking on the whole ET and UFO situation.

It was about a week or so before I returned to Terry’s home, I had wanted to get there earlier however work commitments had not allowed for that. I was exited and had been thinking of many questions to ask.

We sat on the balcony and drank coffee and I asked if I could probe him on a few of the things he had brought up during our prior conversation. He told me that he had a lot more to tell me and that I could ask all the questions I wanted once he had said his piece, he told me your father would have wanted me to tell you this.

He explained that years ago he had met my father and that they hit it off straight away. They became best friends while working closely on a project called ZBW3 which was carried out by the military in Argentina of all places, I wasn’t even aware my father had been to Argentina.

Terry explained that what they were working on was essentially a space ship that people in the know referred to as the “B’s”. I clicked straight away and told Terry that my father used to take me camping and we would watch them, I thought they were Bee’s and my father never corrected me as I used to make buzzing sounds while watching them on occasion. He explained that they were nicknamed B’s because they were B craft, which meant they were Beam craft and that the B in ZBW3 stood for beam. He told me that they were referred to as killer bees also and that reference to the Bee was common.

He told me that the B craft I had witnessed as a child was actually quite antiquated now but that it was still in use as what he called a “Hauler”.

Terry then went on to say that this was the last time he would work with my father on such a project as my father had a contract back home and that he was consumed with that up until the time he was diagnosed with cancer which he added was more than likely due to the exposure he had to the technology and that his battles with cancer was due to this.

Terry told me that after work on the ZBW3 he was told to take a holiday in which he went to Hawaii and surfed as he loved riding long boards, apparently he was pretty good too. He told me that one day after a spending the better part of that day surfing he had returned to the hotel he was staying and that there was a man waiting in the foyer for him.

The man explained that he worked for the Government and showed him identification to verify this. He told me that they did not spend time discussing things but that he was told that he was required to work on the ZBW3 program again. Terry told me that he really didn’t want to go back to work as he could easily settle into things in Hawaii but his love for his field would not allow for that to happen and he was soon on a plane.

Terry told me that the strange thing was upon returning is that he was told that he would have to take another flight to another installation and that he was not told where that was. He was under the impression he would be working in Argentina but it was definitely not Argentina he would be working.

Terry explains that it was close to midnight when they flew out and that he was taken from his quarters by car to one of the hangers at the installation. They drove directly into the hanger and this is where a Hercules aircraft was positioned, apparently all black and not in typical colors. He was moved from the car to the Hercules which he says was quite nicely decked out in the seating area, he even had cabin crew to attend to him.

Terry was not told where he was going until the last hour or so, he was told that they were flying to New Zealand which is located in the pacific near Australia. Terry explained that upon arriving the taxied directly into a hangar and were moved from the aircraft to a van and taken to a motor lodge, where he stayed a couple of days, he told me that he fell in love with the country in just those two days of being there.

Terry was then told by an officer that he would be flying out that night to the final destination that Terry was still not privied to, it wasn’t through lack of asking apparently, but he was told on each occasion that their final destination was need to know and that he was told he didn’t need to know.

Terry flew the night of being told he was to fly and that his departure from the air port was much in the same way he had left Argentina. Around midnight he was taken to a hangar and boarded the same Hercules he arrived on, they flew through the night and Terry remembers waking up to a view of ice glistening in the sun.

They landed on the ice and were met by ground crew, he was then taken by an ice truck to an area he described as being at the foot hills of a mountain range. It was there that they entered into the side of a mountain and Terry was amazed by what he was witnessing. He describes it as a massive maze of tunnels opening up into what he said were large hangars. He mentioned that there were craft in there he didn’t recognize and some he did as they were B’s.

He was being driven by an officer on an electric golf buggy, telling him as they went that he was in a joint facility and that he would not be here long. He was taken to what he described as a hall where he was met by around a dozen men.

He was told that his skills were required and that he would spend two days at the facility being briefed by other engineers as to what he was going to be doing. It was at this facility he met an old friend he had not seen for years, I will call him William.

William was a fellow engineer who Terry had spent his university days with and William was exited that Terry was there. This is where Terry found out a bit about what was going on. William explained that all of the people at the facility were masons and that he had been selected a long time ago because of this. Terry asked why and William explained that there were secrets far beyond those passed on to him at the lodge, Terry explained that at the Masonic lodge there really aren’t many secrets.

William told Terry that he was in for a real trip and that he wasn’t going to spoil it for him, just that he should keep his mind open and enjoy the ride. William told Terry that what he thought he knew about things was going to be seriously challenged. William explained what the different craft were and how they worked. Terry was familiar with the Beam craft but was shown different kinds of drives which were apparently called G drives.

Terry told me that he was blown away by the technology displayed to him, he also explained that the rare material he had shown me on my first visit was used in the manufacture of true stealth craft and that these to were flown by GE humanoids. He told me that these craft were housed in a airtight hangar and were visible. Apparently he was told that the material was used in the entirety of the build, even the suits the GE’s would use were made of this material.

Terry explained that he had a specific task and that was to be flown to a location where he would work on a beam facility.

After a couple of days Terry was told that he was good to go and he was taken into a small room and suited up. He mentioned that the first suit was too tight and that they had persisted in fitting him into it, while he explained it was too tight, finally they got another suit after twenty minutes or so.

He was then taken to another room where he was briefed about the flight he was about to embark on. He was told he would be going up in ZBW4, a craft that had apparently been fitted with anti inertia equipment. He was told that the B4 was not like the B3, it didn’t travel as quickly and that the inertia system would keep him safe at the speed they would be travelling, apparently around 7000 Mph. The B3 was apparently capable of up to four times that speed hypothetically.
Terry asked where they were going and this is where he was told he was going to the moon, the dark side to be precise and that he would be up there for around three months to a year. He mentioned at this point he was nervous and a bit worried. I asked why and he simply told me that I would have had to been there.

He explained to me that the B4 looked nothing like the B3 and that while the B3 was triangular and large, the B4 was smaller and was a simple cylinder. It was metallic and resembled the fuselage of a commercial aircraft, if you took the wings off and flattened the nose and tail.

He was moved onto the craft with four other men, all of which apparently ignored him which he found strange. He describes the interior as being pretty cramped and that the seats were not very comfortable as they were made out of what seemed liked aluminium and canvas, he mentioned they were like deck chairs. He explained that the rest of the interior was pretty bland but did mention a symbol painted onto canvas pads that were attached to the walls, he described it as being a picture of a circle with a triangle inside it.

Before long they were on there way which he says was terribly jerky for the first five minutes or so and then he heard what he described as a slight whirling whistling sound. It was at this point he describes feeling like he was in a really fast elevator. He also explained to me that he had not seen any pilots or had seen the cockpit, presuming there was one.

Terry says it took the best part of an hour and he says it was the longest hour of his life. He says he experienced quite a violent shake and the whirling, whistling noise subsided. He felt a jerk and was moved what he thinks was sideways. He mentioned that there were no windows for him to observe anything from which made for a very boring trip.

Around twenty minutes passed and the door he and the four other men had entered through opened. They were met by very bright light and exited the craft. Terry was told that he would go into a quarantine zone and that he would remain there for an hour. Terry describes this point as being a pain in the arse as he had just spent an hour in a tin can and now he was in a glass box.

Terry was then moved on to an area which he says resembled a High School gymnasium, there were many people there apparently using various types of equipment to work out, he was told that he would need to exercise there twice a day. He was told that there were systems in the facility which created gravity artificially however atrophy was still a concern. I had to stop Terry here and say that this was sounding crazy. He simply said to me that this isn’t anything.

He described to me that this facility was pretty normal in appearance and that what he observed in the first few days was all pretty normal. In those first couple of days he met with engineers and the like and was taken to the Beam area which he says he took a train to, much like on the subway. I asked Terry what his job was exactly and he told me that he was to oversee the adaptation of the beam and that he would explain all of this to me at a later time.

Terry explained that what he was telling me would get him in a lot of trouble but that at this time in life he couldn’t care less. He told me that there is an evil being played out and that I needed to know what it was.

Terry told me that during his time he met and got to know very well a high ranking officer, I will call him Red. Terry tells me that Red shed light on a lot of things for him and that they attended the Masonic lodge there on the moon.

Red explained that information had been passed down through generations and that it had stemmed from the knights Templar. Red told Terry that man had been on the moon well before the Apollo missions and that the technology used had been kept secret from the mainstream by means of keeping their fingers on the pulse so to speak, he explained to me that mainstream scientists were guided into their knowledge and that funds were only given to those who followed what they wanted.

Red told Terry that the world was controlled by a panel of handful of men, descendants of appropriate bloodlines and that what the mainstream believed to be truth was quite the opposite. He explained that there is an agenda and that they were both instruments in that agenda.

He explained that mankind had been deceived for a very long time and that all the clues were heavily guarded by those in the know. He explained that the first craft manufactured on earth were built in Germany prior to and during the war and that a world government has been in power for hundreds of years.

It was explained to Terry that what he had worked on was developed using ancient technology and that the world had been wiped out thousands of years ago due to a cataclysmic event, which apparently explains the historical record when researched.

Red was Terry’s contact in which he obtained the evidence I have seen that backs his story up. Terry has told me that he was not able to smuggle out the evidence but that Red was.

Red told Terry of an agenda that sounds even more bizarre than this story so far. He explained that what is known as good and evil exist as gods of darkness and gods of light. They are and have always been. Apparently to be a mason one must believe in god and apparently it is the god of darkness that is presented to them at the 33rd degree.

He was told that ET’s as they are known are non existent unless you were to refer to the gods of light and dark as ET’s which they are not. He explained that they had been gathering DNA from unwilling humans all over the planet, selected for there particular bloodline and genetic make up and that this explains the abduction phenomena.

He also explained that mankind had taken the bait hook line and sinker and that belief in ET’s and flying saucers was exactly what they were after. He told Terry that man was being manipulated into thinking that a god of good and dark does not exist, and that mankind was being conditioned for so called full disclosure and that so called ET’s (GE humanoids)were going to contact earth with an objective of further enslaving the masses.

I believe everything Terry has told me and I have seen the evidence to back up most of what I have been told.

On my third visit to Terry’s place he showed me more from his box of tricks. I will now explain what else he had to show me. Aside from the first photo he had shown me I was shown more which were smaller and not like the first I had been shown.

I have seen photos of the various different life forms which range quite a lot and now understand what people refer to as so called greys and yes they are telepathic however have trouble using this ability on humans at least when Terry was given this information. Apparently they have highly developed pineal glands which work kind of like a 2 way radio GEH to GEH.

I was shown pictures of humanoids which have arms where legs would normally be. Humanoids with slim and flat bodies apparently for working in tight spaces, some of these also had arms where their legs would normally be, apparently these were used in 0G.

I have seen photos of structures on the moon and mars, apparently there is a similar setup on the red planet also and others. The structures are mostly round and are interconnected by what look like glass tubes, apparently these aren’t, they are actually made of an organic material Terry was not to sure about. There are networks of tunnels that interconnect their so called humanoid farms and apparently its not just limited to our moon or mars etc but is here on earth.

Terry was told that networks of tunnels exist here on earth and that mountains are used also in order to hide what’s going on. Apparently under the ocean beds tunnels interconnect with mainland and island areas. Terry was told that high speed LEV like trains would be used through these networks.

On my last visit to Terry’s he explained to me that I must keep my eyes and ears open and that I should be aware that in coming years a lot of what has been told to me will play out before my eyes.

I told me that religion is a manmade construct and that it is a way to keep people dumbed down and clueless while working within a storyboard that is being acted out by a select few.

I was also shown something that I have trouble trying to explain to you. But I will do my best. It was explained to me as a computer but far beyond anything I have ever seen or even could possibly conceive.

It looked like a small black rock, it fit into the palm of my hand easily and once it was in my hand I was able to visualize everything contained within it. It felt warm in my hand and what I saw was essentially a 3D desktop in my head. Terry referred to it as his “palmbook”. It was absolutely bizarre how this thing works and takes a bit of mastering.

Well that is my story and you can make of it what you will. I’m sure I have left out information so please feel free to ask questions. I will not however into discussuions on the validity of my claims as I know them to be true. Educated questions will be answered and if I don’t have the information I will get it. Now just to cover the obvious, I have asked Terry if I can take some of what he has shown me, or even video, voice record it. This was met with a definite no, however I am working on it.

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:26 AM
Things are just far more deeper than anyone thinks ...

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by hornum

I understand this is not yet completed so its hard for me to comment on the full thread. But i see absolutely nothing here that points to any “truth” in fact the exact opposite. With the greatest of respect to your deceased loved ones man was not on the moon in the 1940s. I think this might be the result of you trying to gain some credibility after being so harshly (and unfairly in my view) over your recent threads. But i am sorry you have no sources, nothing to back up any credentials, there is nothing here that points the “the truth behind the ET conspiracy” and the story is just utterly unbelievable.

Sorry to be so negative but its true the way i see it, i hope the next instalment changes my mind. But for it to do so its going to have to be pretty expositive and address allot of the sourcing problems and make the story much more believable. You know what it won’t, it goes to show how ridiculous this is that i have to you the word “story”. That’s al this is a “story” your relatives told you.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:33 AM
On man's perception and experiences cannot in any sense of the word prove anything.

Extra Terrestrial life is a statistical probability, nobody can deny that. To think based on anything that we are the only species of intelligent life in this whole universe is ignorant.

Until we know for sure, which is impossible, we should not be closed minded to the idea.

IMO they aren't dumb enough to make themselves known to us, look at what we do.


posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:36 AM
its not hard to understand that its impossible to prove alien life on earth with pictures and videos

so, why do you care? just ignore it

alien life exists in the universe, but that doesnt mean they are here

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:42 AM
I will leave you with what I have written here so far, in order for you to digest the information. I will add that the answers I have will be revealed in the coming posts. It is up to you whether or not to believe. The information I will presnt has been shown to me and I have been shown proof, believe me, or not it's up to you. But I do warn you, what will be presented here will shock. More to come. For those who will label me ignorant, please wait to hear me out before labelling me, thank you.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by hornum

I congratulate you for all that work.

I believe in Jesus - He is an alien - oh, well, no proof.

But without His rules we would be completely insane.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:50 AM
interesting propulsions and aliens and flying triangles(tr-3b).

whats next cant wait to finish the story.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:52 AM

Originally posted by tothetenthpower
IMO they aren't dumb enough to make themselves known to us, look at what we do.

Yes, from our point of view we’re a terrible species, we destroy land without worrying about consequences (as a whole), we kill each other daily and we seem to survive on needs such as money for example rather than natural/spiritual necessities but who’s to say any extraterrestrial life that’s at least evolved as much as us isn’t the same?

For all we know the only way for a species to survive and advance as much as we have done is to kill off the competition so to speak and force themselves ahead.

Of course we’d rather that our ‘alien friends’ would be friendly and if they are visiting us we’d prefer them to be here for help rather than more negative means but there is just no guarantee, as far as the average person is aware of they could be very much like us, more so than we’d be comfortable with in terms of personal actions against their peers and environment.

Being like us they could very well only be here for their own personal gain and to advance their own species.

A points of view is subjective, to us it may seem like a dumb move but to them it could be seen as a progressive one.

Assuming they exist at all that is and assuming they are just as intelligent as we seem to think they are/should be.

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:57 AM
Forgive me but please give me a break, stop drip feeding, we don't need time to "Digest" the information before providing more, it's total crap and another useless thread, your just looking for hits that's all. People please don't feed this thread, he/she has nothing to offer in this field.


posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:57 AM
What masonic lodge did your father belong to? Is this Scottish Rite? Freemasonry membership is public information. It's probably not going to be found online, but every lodge is completely open about their ranks.

But you just found out last year that your old man was a mason? What are you saying about freemasonry here? That there is a secret membership that is completely removed from the normal hierarchy and communal structure, with extremely classified military connections?

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 09:11 AM

Originally posted by hornum
Well firstly I would like to say that what I am about to tell you will make a lot of you question the facts and many of you will ask for proof. All I can say is that I am working on getting proof but it isn’t going to be easy and you will just have to accept my word for the moment.

I'd take you a lot more seriously if you had waited until you got proof. Whether it exists or not, you've set yourself up... asking for people to just believe you on the internet is an interesting concept.

I have some land in Florida to sell if you're interested.

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 10:26 AM
Another thread complete with cliff hanger installments and novel-style writing.

Look guy, I don't really go for the fluffy "long winded fancy talk" when it comes to factual information. I sure in hell do not find it amusing when someone panders to a hopeful crowd with "promises to shock".

I think you could have summed this all up in half the space you have given yourself thus far.

But slowly drip the story to us in hopes for an audience to become locked on your tale.

I find it very strange that you "promise truth" but thus far have nothing to back that up but stories from people who told you stories.

I'm aware this is not a finished product, but keep in mind I ALSO know it is being pushed, packaged and presented as just that-

A product. it a product of fantasy or fact?

Alls I know is this-

Factual stories usually have a lot more information packed inside them, and a whole less wine-n-dine fancy talk.

So...if you do not mind, would it be at all possible for you to continue without sounding like an out of work fiction writer looking to sell me a used car, and get on with what you "factually" know as truth?

I would surly be gracious for that.

M Mask.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 10:46 AM
reply to post by hornum
In spite of what your detractors say, I would be interested in hearing the rest of your story. It would be good if you could provide sources, though there are some eternal skeptics who would not believe if it were carved in stone and personally delivered to them on platters of gold.
My father was in the CB's in WWII. He was Iwo Jima, Guam, and Okinawa. His ship was on the way to Japan, preparing for invasion the day the first bomb was dropped. He told me, when I was in my teens and I finally got him to talk about the war, he would make it plain that there were things he had seen that he could never talk about. So do I have soures? No, but my father never lied to me, so I'll take his word.
Hell, for all I know, he was helping build a landing strip for foo fighters.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by Mr Mask

Mr. Mask has saved me the effort of replying to more posts than I can remember. Tell it like it is.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 10:55 AM

Originally posted by hornum
But I do warn you, what will be presented here will shock.

Forgive me, however if you are really going to give some truth then you won't mind and won't need to forgive me but....

That quote I took above... it stinks of hype. The kind of hype that smells of poop. I mean really... you're 'warning' us that the information will 'shock' us?

We're better than this you know.

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 11:12 AM
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Bastard, I want the rest of my bedtime story now.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 11:48 AM
Cool story bro!

Unfortunately, that's all it is; a story. As one of my favorite novelists once said: There is no truth; only stories.

It'd be cool if you could finish it though.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 11:54 AM
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I was at a wedding some three years ago. Best man. The photographer told me how he invented the internet and started off working at Bletchley Park decrypting Nazi communications. I caught him off guard with a little subject knowledge, but remained polite. He meant no harm.

He was a fantasist and too young to have even been born during WWII. In the light of your OP, I wonder what stories the photographer told his kids?

As the good Mr Mask points out, cliffhangers are usually the refuge of the scoundrel. It'll be just great if your story is a revelation...experience and probability leave me with low expectations.

Good luck with the follow-up.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 12:11 PM
If what you're stating is the truth, I do have one question:

Why did your father call them the "Galactic NAVY Zone"?

It would make more sense had he called it the "Galactic AIRFORCE Zone.
Did he call it this because he thought of them as space SHIPS?

I'm very confused by this. Please clarify.

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