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Translation Of Mexican Pilots Sighting

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posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 05:04 PM
came across the translated version if anyones interested


INTERVIEW with the Mexican Pilots who witnessed the UFOs!

2004 Mexico UFO Case Crew Interviews

These are transcript excerpts from the interviews with three
crew members directly involved in the Mexican Air Force C26A
plane incident on March 5, 2004 - conducted by researcher Jaime
Maussan as part of the investigation in April 2004.

The crew members are Major Magdaleno Castanon - flight commander
& pilot of the aircraft. Lt. German Ramirez Marin - Radar
Operator, and Lt. Mario Adrian Velasquez Telles - FLIR Operator.


Interview with Major Magdaleno Castanon - Pilot.

Question: Major, did you feel worried at any time when you
realized you were surrounded by these unknown lights?

Answer: According to the information I heard from the operations
co-ordinator chief - he was in charge of the visual operation on
the screens - he mentioned that the objects were in the back, on
the left side and in front of us. It was at that moment that I
began to feel stressed.

Question: But despite that information, none of you could see
the objects?

Answer: We never saw them. We couldn't make visual contact with

Question: Then, only through the FLIR was it possible to detect
the presence of these objects?

Answer: Yes, only with the FLIR system... the infrared camera.

Question: Would you say that the objects were invisible to
normal sight?

Answer: I would say so because none of the crew could see them
with simple eyesight.

Question: At that distance, where the objects were from you,
wouldn't you have been able to see them?

Answer: The closest distance that we had from the objects was 2
miles. Our experience tells us that we can identify conventional
aircraft at that distance, so that's the doubt that operation
left on us.

Question: When you decided to turn off all your airplane lights,
you made that decision to avoid any posible conflict with these
strange objects?

Answer: I did that perhaps following an instinct, thinking that
maybe it could help in some way. As flight commander, I felt I
had to take some kind of meassure because the signal I received
was that we were being followed and by turning our light off, I
was expecting a similar reaction from them. It was an instinct.

Question: At the beginning of the incident, was it possible
these objects became aware that you were following them?

Answer: It's just a guess, but perhaps there was a connection,
in that sense, because it is very strange that we first pursued
them, but when we cancelled that and made a completely opposite
turn te objects then also turned - but in OUR direction and
began following us. I think it could be posible that in some way
these objects were aware that we had been following and
observing them.

Question: What is your conclusion on this experience Major?

Answer: What I can say as commander of a plane on a mission, is
that this incident serves as a new precedent of future
operations yet to come in our military division.

As a commander, I accomplished my duty in performing a safe
operation and maintaining the safety of the personal and the
equipment. If a similar incident were to take place in the
future and something tragic happens, the fault won't be that of
the commander due to a loss of skill or negligence.

Question: Are you concerned that these objects cannot be seen.

Answer: I'm concerned because if a tragic incident happens, I
would not have any evidence that could be used as legal defense
in a court of law during any resulting trial.


Interview with Lieutenant German Ramirez Marin. (non-FLIR) radar

Question: When was the first time you became aware of the

Answer: When we made a turn to route ourselves to Campeche, the
FLIR infrared camera operator detected a target without a shape,
just a shine. The target continued being observed with the FLIR.
Then we detected other targets at the left side of the plane.
They were eleven targets. We never had visual contact with them.

Question: The eleven targets appeared on the normal (non-
infrared) radar?

Answer. No. The eleven targets were not detected on the radar
screen. Initially, only one target was detected by the radar.
Then another target appeared at one o'clock, that's how we
describe the position that is in front but slightly to our
right. And then a third one in back of the plane. Those were the
only three targets that appeared in the radar screen during the
incident. The other ones that were at nine 'o clock, on our left
side never appeared on the radar.

Question: There was a time when these objects surrounded you.

Answer: Yes, we can assume that because we had information of a
target in the front, another one slightly to the right, one in
the back, and according to the FLIR several others on our left
side. So, we assumed that we were surrounded.

Question: Did you feel fear?

Answer: Fear...? Yes, personally, there was some fear because
we were confronting a situation that had never happened to us

Question: The objects movements on the radar were out of the

Answer: Certainly. Our data information - most of all, the icons
(blips), the clusters - were always there on the screen, but the
information on their movements was constantly changing. Their
speed changes were sudden, 60 -120- 300 knots, according to the
radar information.

The same happened with their flight paths. The courses showed 90
degrees at first then, suddenly, 130 degrees on the radar

Question: What does that mean?

Answer: It means that the target changed direction constantly
at great speed. There is no aircraft that can perform such
direction changes so quickly.


Interview with Lieutenant Mario Adrian Velazquez Tellez. FLIR

Question: Is it posible that the FLIR gave false information?

Answer: It is not posible. This was visual information of a
target that had both heat and movement, so it would not make
reference to something that was not there.

Question: Does the FLIR register hot air?

Answer: No. FLIR doesn't register hot air, it registers an
object that generates heat.

Question: Then the eleven objects that were detected by the FLIR
were generating heat. Were these objects there even though you
couldn't see them with your eyes?

Answer: They were there, and we have the data references by
their positions. They were on our left side, at the same
laltitude and the same speed.

Question: How much heat were the objects generating?

Answer. We ran several measurements trying to get an image and
all the time the targets registered very hot. We never found any
irregular shape, they were spherical all the time.

Question: Is this type of shape irregular with respect to other
aircraft you have detected before?

Answer: Yes, it was an irregular shape. I know of nothing like
the aircraft I saw.

Question: In your experience do you have any previous personal
knowledge of any similar incident like this?

Answer: I have never experienced anything like this and I don't
know what to tell you. I don't have any explanation for what
these objects were.

Question: You had detection with both radar and FLIR?

Answer. Correct. The radar gave us positions and then with the
FLIR we searched that area. We located the targets and we kept
those targets on screen while the radar was detecting other
targets, giving us more positions. We tried to keep all the
targets on screen all the time, so as not to lose them.

Question: How did the objects surround the airplane?

Answer: The radar had objects on the front, slighlty to the
right and on the back. The FLIR had several objects on the left
so we could say that we were surrounded.

Question: Were the objects big in size?

Answer: They were big, especially two of them that were closer
to us.

Question: Could FLIR have created this - is it posible to
manipulate the FLIR information?

Answer: No. It is not posible to load information into the FLIR.
All the information the FLIR detects is out there and is really
happening. And the FLIR records this information in real time


posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 05:05 PM
From: Santiago Yturria
Subject: Mexico's FLIR Rep On AF UFO Case

As part of the investigation, the FLIR representative for
Mexico, Mr. Gilberto Rocha, was interviewed by Jaime Maussan
regarding the images recorded by the FLIR STAR SAFIRE II aboard
the Mexican Air Force Merlin airplane during the March 5, 2004
incident over the Campeche area.

NOTE: The comments and opinions expresed by Mr. Gilberto Rocha
are his own, based on his experience and knowledge of the FLIR
STAR SAFIRE II operational functions and do not necesarely
represent FLIR Systems, Inc.'s opinion and points of view.

Question: Mr. Rocha, you just have reviewed some images recorded
by the Air Force during an anti-narcotics operation over
Campeche on March 5, 2004. What is your opinion about them?

Answer: These are interesting images because they are not
common. I will try to explain myself. The human eye perceives
certain light frequencies that the sun emits. Beyond these
frequencies the human eye doesn't have the capacity to perceive
those images. The infrared source or the infrared rays can only
be detected with the FLIR or with special cameras that can
detect infrared radiation.

The equipment the Air Force is using has the capacity to detect
visible images and infrared images. The images that we saw from
the Air Force footage correspond to objects that emit
temperature - they are emitting heat and they are emitting
radiation to the exterior and the camera is reading this.

These images may have low resolution because of the distance
that we are measuring, but represent round-shaped objects that
cannot be compared to any known object that we have been looking
for in our air space.

Question: Could these have been any kind of conventional

Answer. No, because conventional aircraft have very well defined
temperature in their turbines and in front where friction is
registered, therefore they could not be seen as rounded lights.

If we haa a closer image of the objects, perhaps we could have a
better definition of the shape of these objects but due to the
information we have, these objects are round-shaped and we
cannot consider them as airplanes.

Question: Any posibility of the objects being a helicopter?

Answer: No, it's the same case: the turbine and blades would be
the point of highest temperature defining the shape of the
helicopter and it would be always a known shape not a round-
shaped object.

Question: If these objects are not any known aircraft what do
you think they are?

Answer: In the strict sense of the word, avoiding any distortion
or confusion, these are objects that fly and we can not identify.

Question: Is it posible that the FLIR could have been giving us
false information, that these high temperature readings were

Answer: Negative, because in the images we are seeing clouds
that have a higher temperature than the ambient average
temperature, and we can see the cloud silhouettes because the
FLIR is detecting their infrared frequency.

The objects that we are seeing are the points of higest
temperature there. Personally, I have never seen anything like
this. My experience with these cameras is completely industrial,
we analyse a whole variety of industrial appliances as well as
for the electrical industry, but for me the case of the Mexican
Air Force is very unusual.

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 05:07 PM
cheers mate!

This has actually been put up a few times but only as links, so its good to see a full transcript as soon as you click onto the thread.

I hope no one moans at this guy for putting this up "neeehhh do a search with our #ty search engine, this has alreadty been posted!! neeehhh". He has gone out of his way to share this so lets be grateful.

And anyway, I think its very important to keep this little piece of UFO history alive, while others try to close it down.

Thanks again our kid

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 05:08 PM
Cheers mate


posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 07:01 PM
I saw a show on tv, maybe - years ago. Among other interesting things, it showed a sort of invisability being using on a halftrack. Basicly is was lots of small cameras on the other side of the truck and a kind of screen on the other (like a coat of paint). You couldn't tell it was there until is moved-sort of looked like the effect from the movie preditor. If a very advanced form of this was used it would not be seen in human visable range, but it would have mass and heat that could be detected. Furthermore, it would be a great test of this. Just a thought.

[edit on 16-6-2004 by mrmonsoon]

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