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Divergent Disasters, Converging Timeline; what should we be watching?

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 02:29 AM
We've had a bad week in terms of wildlife in this country - not that us two legged animals having been doing so hot - with the Gulf Disaster alone, but its bad elsewhere too. In North Dakota a major fishing hole has seen fish dying from a total lack of oxygen in the water and here's a couple of links on that:

the TV news line from local NBS listed on the above website is here and tells the story pretty well I think, though without explanation of why:

Texas is having even worse problems on inland lakes/waterholes and it intersects with Gulf problems in one way. Pelicans are flying inland from the Gulf to feed on the fish here, but its actually from April 21, 2010, the day after the blowout and buried in news, except locally:

A few days later this is on the expansion of the fish die-off and pelican migration. Ironically some pelicans might have been better off there than on their Gulf Coast nesting grounds:

also covered here with toxicity level reports but hard to find the right info, a little:

Here's some background on gold algae:

Back to the South Dakota kill, there's little more on this, but the first report says the bottom of pond is getting dark brown "like a cup of coffee". Oil is one of the suspects since there is oil drilling in the area, but there's no definite analysis. I went to some fishing blog boards and algae would seem to the culprit in other parts of the state, but no word on the latest one as to why.

One fish kill that very much is related to the BP blowout has been moving up from the immediate to coast to Lake Pontchartrain. Here's the report from there just a few days ago:

I think if there's a point to this post outside of just new and information on this topic, its' this: All of these fish kills may have different sources and there's at least two Golden Algae and Oil, but in both the Northern most and Southern most part of the country we have serious levels of destruction to the lower level of the food chain. New stories tend to crowd out other news stories and the national news simply misses a lot of them, ignores a lot of them or censors some of them. MSM is a lousy place to keep updated except on the most narrow spectrum of news. We seem to be in at least a slow motion environmental meltdown; in some places it's in hyper-drive like on the Gulf Coast.

I have done work in my education at the University of California, Santa Cruz on environmental issues, but it's not really my field and Cold War history and labor history come first for me now, but it seems like threats to the environment are escalating and my attention is shifting there more all the time. We cannot afford to take our eyes completely off the possibility that our food chain is being destroyed from the ground (or deep ocean) up, at least by degrees.

Possible sidelight/ possible main show?

Now one more kicker here for those of you who may be tweaked by what the elites (and particularly those of you see the Illuminati/Masonic connection there in various events. Today is 7/11/2010 and a full solar eclipse will be peak at 3:33 PM in the southern hemisphere. There's also a Grand Cross alignment today and we have pretty dramatic heliosphere activity. The cross alignment is actually in a compass form this year. The biggest recent CME hits tomorrow.

I'm more curious than anything else about this topic. I'm not a long term Illuminati investigator or anything like that. I'm not big into numerology, nor have ever thought of the Masons as a major threat. But I do engage in research of various elites and have had my attention caught recently by the terror attacks, real or false flags that have coincided with Iluminati numerology. I can't explain them all away with "coincidence theory." I'm definitely not going to take lead on screaming out warnings on the Illuminati conspiracy, but I have a growing interest in looking into these things and am wondering this: Who should be watching - the elites (or maybe Luciferian elites), the politics and progress of the oil disaster, the deployment of troops and military tensions around the Gulf and the world, the actions of the White House, Congress and economic, unemployment financial reform and environmental issues, or should we be getting ready for something else big when attention is drawn to a number of quarters on all these various issues. I need some help figuring out just where to cast my eyes in the near future. I do feel something very big is going to happen soon, but who, what, why and where?

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 04:36 AM
Just a bit more on the last part of this post: Info on the eclipse can be found here at NASA's site:

and here at Twilight Tours (lots of links):

The eclipse itself is at 3:33 EST and will last 279 seconds. Those of you who are in to numerology will see that the time the eclipse lasts adds up to 18 or 666 is another way of calculating that. There is a festival scheduled for the eclipse and a number of elites are rumored to be going: the Clintons, members of the Rothschilds, Larry Page, the CEO of Google, Anderson Cooper, and more, but I'll only post more on that if I find it. Here's the festival site:

David de Rothschild is supposed to be there in his yacht he built out of entirely recycled bottles, for instance. You can see the yacht here:

Will he be bringing the one of the world's most endangered species - the family's Rothschild giraffe/

Will he bring the family pet? The the world's tallest giraffe species?

Ah, the elite. Well, let them eat cake, as they say.

I'll close with a quote from C. Wright Mills out of The Power Elite:

But the point is that they are rich and powerful and have influence in both the American and UK government, as well as the Netherlands and France, though I won't say they call the shots. They have wealth and influence that kind of money can and does buy, however, whether or not they are one of the Illuminati and whether or not the Illuminati even exists. If it doesn't there are plenty of interlocking elite groups that look it.

Luciferian groups do exist and more than that, many groups outside the theosophical society have parallel beliefs and one needs only read sociologists like C. wright Mills to know that the elites of this country do do a lot of their business and manipulation of politics through social networks whose solidarity is partially, at least, organized around clubs, foundations, think tanks, fraternities, and other such organizations and whether it's Skull and Bones, or the Bohemian Grove, these types of clubs"

America - a conservative country without any conservative ideology-appears now before the world a naked and arbitrary power, as, in the name of realism, its men of decision enforce their often crackpot definitions upon world reality. The second-rate mind is in command of the ponderously spoken platitude. In the liberal rhetoric, vagueness, and in the conservative mood, irrationality, are raised to principle. Public relations and the official secret, the trivializing campaign and the terrible fact clumsily accomplished, are replacing the reasoned debate of political ideas in the privately incorporated economy, the military ascendancy, and the political vacuum of modern America.

The men of the higher circles are not representative men; their high position is not a result of moral virtue; their fabulous success is not firmly connected with meritorious ability. Those who sit in the seats of the high and the mighty are selected and formed by the means of power, the sources of wealth, the mechanics of celebrity, which prevail in their society. They are not men selected and formed by a civil service that is linked with the world of knowledge and sensibility.

They are not men shaped by nationally responsible parties that debate openly and clearly the issues this nation now so unintelligently confronts. They are not men held in responsible check by a plurality of voluntary associations which connect debating publics with the pinnacles of decision. Commanders of power unequaled in human history, they have succeeded within the American system of organized irresponsibility.

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