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Grey's Anatomy 101

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 03:58 PM
Being that I am not very knowledgeable in the subject of the Grey aliens (Sometimes this is spelled Gray in the US but Gray's anatomy has already been spoken for) I have decided to make a few speculations about their anatomy. I believe that the members here at ATS will have access to information that I am not aware of and will be better suited to correct me in their comments. Hopefully the members of this forum will be able to shed further light on this subject.

I would like to start from the top down, so to speak, using what little information is available.


There are three distinguishable aspects of eye witness accounts and reconstructions that are relevant to the discussion of the head. An oversized head, oversized eyes and a small neck. I will attempt to analyze these areas with this first post.

The large head poses one specific problems, the small neck would not be able to support such a massive head. Since no drawings or descriptions from eye witnesses or abductees has ever described an alien as “Having a massive neck like an American professional wrestler.” I will assume that the description of the small neck is accurate and I will attempt to explain how this could be.

Explanation One
One plausible explanation to the cranium neck dis proportionality is that the skull of the Grey's are hallow. I do not propose that the Grey's are stupid, only that the skull itself is comprised of a lattice work of hollow bones. Every bird on Earth has this type of latticework/hollow boned skull design. Instead of having a solid massive skull as humans and other mammals do, the Grey's may have evolved to have a massive brain with little protection. This type of skull offers movement, speed and flight capabilities but offers little protection for the brain. In this scenario, the Grey's would be highly susceptible to a bump on the noggin' or shaken baby syndrome.

The problem of weight still remains however. The weight of the skull would be greatly reduced but the weight of that massive brain would still induce an “I can't hold my own head up” effect. The gait of these aliens would be extremely noticeable or distinguished. Remember the time you got so drunk that when you tried to walk your head bobbed up and down? I do, I was walking/staggering home as a teen. I stepped up on the porch without looking and caught one of the 4X4 support posts right between the eyes. Damned near knocked me out. I fell back onto the gravel driveway and woke up the next morning with cuts and scrapes all over me. Man! Those were the days!

Explanation Two
The Human race has done remarkably well with the brain we have. In previous decades, 40's and 50's, some scientists attempted to prove that brain size is related to intelligence. Although the size/intelligence argument is sometimes debated among scientists today, no empirical evidence has yet to come to light. No one will argue that the brain of Andre the Giant was not larger than the brain of a small framed woman but there is no evidence to prove that he was any smarter than a small framed woman. If brain size is not important then the Grey's having a massive brain does not indicate intelligence.

The study of the brain cavity of Tyrannosaurs indicates that the tyrannosaurs had a well-developed specialized olfactory analyzer. This shows that the Tyrannosaurs had a far greater sense of smell than most animals. The remainder of the Tyrannosaur brain is comparable in size to modern reptiles.

The cranial examinations of birds have proven that the visual cortex is highly developed in relation to the rest of the avian brain. The need for birds to see well at great distances has led to this evolutionary development. The alien Grey's have been described as having large eyes. This would indicate that the Grey's have a need for a highly developed visual cortex.

Using the information available, I would speculate that the Grey's have a brain no larger than the brain of a human except that their visual cortex would be greatly developed. Since the Grey's have been described and having diminished nostrils and lacking ears, I would assume that the areas of the brain relating to smell and sound would be greatly diminished also. Having one area of the brain overly developed and two other areas of the brain diminished would indicate that the brain of the Grey's would only need to be the size of our own or possibly smaller.

If the alien Grey's have no need for a larger brain, (an outdated idea proposed in earlier decades with no relation to today's standards,) Why then do they have such a massive head?

Possible Solution:
Based on the information available and the product of reason I would like to offer the following conclusions.

Assuming that the Grey's brain is approximately the same size as our own, and that their cranium is so much larger, I wold conclude that the brain cavity is, to a large extent, hollow. This area of the cranium may in fact contain a “bladder” of sorts. The bladder, much like a balloon could be filled with a helium like gas created within the Grey's own body naturally. The gas Helium as you know, is lighter than air. Having a head full of lighter than air gas would allow such a small neck to support a massive head.

Fill a balloon with helium and let it go in your room. The balloon will float at the ceiling. After a few days you will notice that the balloon has dropped and that it is not inflated as much as it was when first released. This occurs because helium atoms are much smaller that other atoms, they are so small that they are constantly leaking through the rubber atoms of the balloon. Presuming that the Grey's naturally produced Cranial Helium (CH) is similar to the helium here o Earth, we could conclude that the CH would also leak from the Grey's cranial bladder. I have never read a description of a Grey with a Fro or a Mohawk, I propose that the leakage of the CH, inadvertently effects the hair follicles in a negative manner and produces the bald “ captain Jean-Luc Picard look of the Grey's head.

Throughout the investigation of thousands of UFO landings and alien abductions there has not been found a single footprint. Even Bigfoot with his massive body and small brain has left footprints that have been collected as plaster casts. Since no eyewitness has ever described the Grey's as having a jet pack or other device to help them hover, we must conclude that no such devise is needed. Having a helium filled “balloon head” would not only help the Grey hold his head up but would also help them to stay secretive by not leaving footprints.

Please feel free to comment on my analysis and to correct my scientific knowledge with insights of your own. I look forward to reading your opinions and information.

An examination of alien Grey's genitalia or lack thereof.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 05:23 PM
Um, wow. I will need some time to digest this but you got my interest!!!

S&F. Keep it coming!

and welcome to ATS!

It will be interesting to see if you thoughts on UFO/Aliens change since joining ATS.

Take Care.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by ChicUFO

Helium Heads!!!!!

OMG.....I'm never leaving ATS!!!!!

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 05:56 PM

I would like to start from the top down, so to speak, using what little information is available.

No disrespect intended but how, if you're working from the top down, do you go straight from the cranium to the genitalia? The neck and torso should come next, no?

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:02 PM
Most races/species are not naturally formed but cloned, and not all are completely biological though many/most have souls. They're surprisingly strong, their frames are not the same as ours.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by ChicUFO

Hi ChicUFO, great thread.

Ive often wonderd about how a 'stereo-type' gray/grey would evolve and tried to come to conclushions about their home world, anatomy and basicly what makes them tick.
Obviously taking into acount witness statements and basic generalisations.

Like you said, the head is a good place to start.
And I can see why you think that the Grey could be atuned to better eye sight.

Anyway, a funny thing ive often read about is how the Aliens have double eye-lids because their planet is aparently bright (the fake serpo files spring to mind)
but then, Why are their eyes so big?

I often thought that an animal that had big black eyes was usually the result of being a nocturnal creature.

That made me think, and could also Explain why a lot of Alien encounters take place at night.

With the Over sized head, I agree. The bone structure could be made up diffrently, or it could actually be diffrent all together. Maybe its a carbon based?

Or their planets gravity is weaker and enables them to be able to support such a large head?

But a counter arguement to this could be the usual description of the Greys being 1 meter tall, maybe emplying their gravity is actually stronger and it compresses their bodys down. And in fact, I think its a good explination of their apparent strength... Just like Superman.

Their used to being heavy and on Earth they have heightend strength which explains how a 1 meter tall being could over power a human physically.
And to add, for a variation on their height, maybe the 'taller' greys are brought up in space. And since space has no gravity, it alows the body to grow.

Although, most of this is just an idea, as a lot of people suggest that Greys are nothing but cloned drones.
The 'worker ants' of the Nordics/reptiles etc.

Its a good subject to speculate on and fun to look at an evolution model from here and try and apply it to the E.B.E.s. to try and gain an insight into their world.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:15 PM
Would the large eyes be an indication that their native territory is dimly lit? Sharpness of vision is not simply a matter of size. An eagle's eyes are not bigger than our own. But we live in a fairly bright environment in the daytime. An owl, however, has large eyes and hunts at night.

As far as Unity's definitive statement on cloning...And you know this for certain how?

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:25 PM
The secondary eyelid said to be seen in some Grey's is called a nictitating membrane
It is primarily in predatory species like sharks and birds. It is a protective shield designed to protect the eyes while biting down. I do not see where this could have evolved in a Grey's anatomy but I will consider it for further posts.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:25 PM
I say the Grey's head is bigger than ours because they do in fact have a larger brain.

The evidence of Greys having small nostrils and a tiny mouth collaborate with this statement because when compared to a human’s nose and jaw it is evident that they both are evolving to become smaller (think removal of unwanted wisdom teeth) when compared to our closest living ancestors (Chimps and Apes). We are following the Grey's evolutional footsteps.

The reason for our diminishing nose and jaw is because our body is making room for our over-active and ever developing brain. We no longer need powerful jaws to rip flesh from a kill, nor do we no longer need a heightened sense of smell. So, our body is slowly evolving to remove parts that we have little use for. We do not need a strong muscular jaw with big teeth, nor do we need a heightened sense of small because most smells disgust us.

What we do need however is extra room in our head for our brain to expand and develop more neurons with a larger cerebrum. Just how we don’t need a strong jaw or a powerful sense of smell, we need our cerebrum to better control our body movements, sensory processing, language/communication, and learning/memory.

Each of those traits is becoming increasingly more important for each generation in our society. It would make perfect sense for us to evolve a larger head and thus a larger brain similar to the Greys because we are becoming more dependent on using our brain to outsmart nature with our thoughts than we ever have. We are constantly challenging ourselves to come up with an original idea or theory, not to mention the fact that each generation fills their brain with more information than the last.

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by tooo many pills

Yeah, it kinda makes sense.
If thats the direction were going, then I wonder how long it'll take? 60000years or more?

Also, and this may sound compleatly nuts and its just an random idea I want to through in the mix, but do you think that it may be possible that the Alien could have some sort of built in sonar?
Think, their big dome head could be hollow, and may pick up the faintest of sounds.
Which may be the borderline basis for their 'supposed' excersensory sences?

Since theres been alotta Alien/USO, under water storys the past few years?

We get fish with big eyes, long limbs to propel their-selfs.
And im trying to remmember a species of fish that has a growth on its head that 'makes it' look like its got a big brain.

bit daft.. But its just a thought.


posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:53 PM
Another possibility in regard to the large head / skinny neck is that the gravity on their home planet is not as strong as here on Earth.....and for all we know what people claim to see could be their version of a space suit. I tend to lean towards this because what people claim to see of the greys shows the extra large eyes and no discernable genitals.

But really, none of us, even the so called experts know nothing about the physical make up of beings like these.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:55 PM
Cool thoughts and good research buddy!! S&F from me!!

My thoughts on their neck might differ from yours a bit though.

Our necks are powerful because of the amount of muscles/tendons in them that allows us to turn our heads, how do we know they can even turn their heads? If they could not turn their heads it would amount to a significant loss of muscle/tendons.

Also, if they have hollow bones that would take off some of the weight as well. They could have evolved different bones than us made out of a different substance that could be substantially lighter.

Their spinal cord could be shaped/formed differently than ours and could be significantly smaller. Again we have evolved on Earth and anything evolved on another planet would be significantly different than what we know now.

As for Genitals, the could be hidden and come out when mating/casual sex was initiated as animals on Earth are similar. And that is to say they mate like we do, maybe they mate with their


posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 07:02 PM
Also, My personal belief is that the 'grey's' are actually humans that have evolved and have time traveled back to the past.

We would do it to our ancestors, so why would we think humanity would change their thought processes?

They come investigate and try not to disrupt too much of what is going on. Kind of like what we do when investigating another species as well.

They also resemble us too much, the chances of aliens resembling us is slim to none. And if we continue to evolve with technology our bodies would be of very little use to us, and our minds/brains would become bigger.

What always gets me is that the 'grey's' heads are never tilted or weighed down, that would mean they are used to a similar gravity to our own, or they are artificial life.

Just a thought.


posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 10:07 PM

Originally posted by ChicUFO

An examination of alien Grey's genitalia or lack thereof.



THAT will be EPIC!

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 11:35 PM
I hope one day that I can communicate with the grey's, the good ones that is. I want to be able to communicate telepathically if possible. I am crossing my fingers that before my time comes, I can soar through space and become a part of the intergalactic universe and community. It's flipping possible, I just can't understand why humanity has to be so negative and ignorant about life other than greedy earth. Why can't we just meet the Lyran type of races. The funny thing is though I am Assyrian AKA an original Sumerian/Mesopotamian and I am an original bloodline, and not mixed. So I wonder what kind of ties I have between Aliens =P. I always notice that I seem to have a spring of idea's that seem to be unique and out of this world sometimes.
I guess I have to wait and hope and study physics... I feel down in the dumps because of this sometimes.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by jdmmade
I hope one day that I can communicate with the grey's, the good ones that is. I want to be able to communicate telepathically if possible. I am crossing my fingers that before my time comes, I can soar through space and become a part of the intergalactic universe and community. It's flipping possible, I just can't understand why humanity has to be so negative and ignorant about life other than greedy earth. Why can't we just meet the Lyran type of races. The funny thing is though I am Assyrian AKA an original Sumerian/Mesopotamian and I am an original bloodline, and not mixed. So I wonder what kind of ties I have between Aliens =P. I always notice that I seem to have a spring of idea's that seem to be unique and out of this world sometimes.
I guess I have to wait and hope and study physics... I feel down in the dumps because of this sometimes.

I am on the same page and hopefully one day we will be able to communicate with another advanced race, but, unfortunately we have not figured out how to communicate with other species on Earth.

Many species have elaborate languages in their own social groups and yet we do not always take it as language. We can communicate to a dog I guess and a few other animals, but they all communicate inter species to one another.

When we can actually have a chat with another species on Earth thats is when we will be getting somewhere. Dolphins are very close to intelligence as people we still cannot communicate with them, same with all primates.

You would think there would be people working on this as this would be truly an advance for civilization.

Species are there waiting to be in the loop.


edited because my keyboard typed what it wanted...

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 12:41 AM
I hear you, it's really saddening I just want to see the universe, things eyes have never seen before... It feels that the government and what they are doing is just putting a restrictive shield... always interfering and being ignorant about life other than us. Screw NASA as well... constantly avoiding the truth.

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 06:21 AM
The Grey's eyes

There are several descriptions from sources describing this alien species eyes. Some say that the eyes are unblinking while other witnesses describe two separate working eyelids. The most prolific description states that the eyes are deep black.

The eyes may indicate two separate families or genders. For more information on genders you will have to wait for my Grey's Anatomy 101 Alien Genitalia thread. This thread is for the specific analysis of the head and neck.

The oversized eyes would indicate that the Grey's evolved in a lowly lit environment but this assumption is not the only possible explanation.. Large eyes can evolve in several extremely different species here on Earth and I will attempt to describe several possibilities for the evolution of the Grey's eyes and eyelids.

Before I begin I would like to mention that when I am describing differences between eyes I am referring to the eye body ratio. For example, we know that the eye of a blue whale is much larger than the eye of a mouse but this statement does not consider the eye body ratio. When compared to the size of the body of the animal, the mouses eyes are larger for his body than the eye of the whale is for it's body.

Unblinking Eyes
Several species of life here on Earth have eyes that never blink, snakes, insects and fish are examples of these types of animals. The reason for blinking is to moisten the eye, animals that do not blink have other methods of achieving this or of preventing the loss of fluids from the eye. Snakes do not blink because they have a protective covering over the eye, this is evident when snakes shed their skins. As the skin of snakes begins to loosen from the body, it dries and takes on a whitish tint. The covering over a snakes eyes comes loose from the eye leaving them virtually blind until the skin is removed. When a snake is shedding it's skin it is recommended that the owner leave them alone as they are more aggressive and more likely to bite.

Insects have multiple eyes that are covered with a similar coating as in snakes. These types of coverings prevent fluids from evaporating. Since the eyes of these animals do not dry out, there is no need to blink.

A fish doesn't need to blink to moisten it's eyes because if the fishes eye dries out, well, it's dead.

Using the information that the Grey's have unblinking eyes we can come to the following conclusions.

A. The Grey's are aquatic. This would explain why their eyes are so large as they would need them to see underwater. I do not believe that the Grey's are aquatic because they would need to remain in water. I have never read a description of an abduction where the Grey's were wet or that the abductee had a hard time breathing or swimming inside the Grey's spaceship. No siting of a landing has ever shown a draining of the ship before the alien could exit. Therefore I conclude that the Grey's being aquatic is out of the question.

B. The Grey's have some insect DNA. This would mean that the Grey's would actually have multiple eyes as well. I do not believe this to be the case as the eyes of insects are not located in the spaces that a mammals eyes are located. The Grey's are remarkably similar to our own “human” species in appearance so I must accept this to mean that they have evolved along a similar line. Insect eyes simply does not fit into this evolutionary model.

C. The Grey's have a similar coating over the eyes as is seen in snakes. This seems to be the most logical conclusion. This coating would be similar to fingernails in humans. Since the Grey's have never been described as being covered in scales we can conclude that their skin is similar to our own and that there is no need to shed it all at one time as snakes do. The possibility that the Grey's would experience a period in which they would need to shed the eye covering remains however. As in species here on Earth that do not blink, the covering will in time, become damaged and scratched. If someone comes up behind me and touches my shoulder, I might jump and be startled. If someone comes up behind and touched me on the shoulder in a completely dark room, I'm gonna knock the crap out of them. I believe that in the time between the lens covering separating from the Grey's eye and the time that it falls out, would be a bad time to mess with a Grey.

Blinking Eyes with secondary eyelid.
As stated above, the purpose of blinking is mainly to lubricate the eye. Some Grey's have been described as having two separate sets of eyelids that blink independently. Several species are known to have two eyelids. The second set is a protective covering for use when biting down on something alive.
Sharks have what is called a nictating membrane (the second set of eyelids). When a shark bites down the nictating membrane covers the eye so that whatever the shark is biting doesn't poke out the sharks eye. Although the Grey's may dine on some unusual items, I doubt that the food poking out their eye is something they would need to worry about.

Unlike species here on earth with nictating membranes the Grey's have hands. Hands are quite handy when eating, not having hands and eating live creatures means that you would, more than likely, be all mouth and teeth. A shark and an alligator may need the membranes but a Grey with it's small mouth wouldn't. I find it difficult to in-vision an evolutionary path that would require nictating membranes and a small mouth unless the Grey's are partial to slurping up toxic slugs like a kid with a bowl of spaghetti.

Size of the Eye
The descriptions of the Grey's as having large eyes would as stated before indicate that they evolved in a low light environment. Large eyes are important to several species here on earth and they can be used to make comparative anatomical analysis. Many nocturnal animals here on Earth have large eyes. (Again remember that I am referring to eye body ratios.) Owls are an excellent example but you must also take into consideration of the face. When we look at an owl we notice that the shape of the face is as if the eyes were sitting in two large saucers. The reason for this saucer shape around the eyes is to focus low light levels into the eye of the owl, meaning that light that would bypass our eyes is directed into the eyes of the owl by the feathers surrounding this concave facial feature. Think of a satellite dish, it picks up a signal that is spread over a large area and focuses it into a single point in the center of the dish.
Other species with large eyes have very different facial features but those features are similar to our own. Since the Grey's have similar features to our own I would conclude, from the available evidence, that they are not a nocturnal species but may be from a world that is not as bright as our own. The eye of a species that survives on arctic ice would not need to allow in as much light as a species that evolved under a tropical rain forest type canopy.

I propose that the blinking and the unblinking Grey's are not two separate species but two genders or that they are two different families.

Just as Asians, Latinos, Africans and Caucasians are families of man, the blinks and the blink nots may be two families of Grey. This could be the case and I would conclude this to be so if not for other evidence. Here on Earth we have evolved several distinctions in our families. The shape and color of the eyes, facial features, the color or texture of our hair, have evolved differently but we have not evolved to have something that another family does not. (No, male and female do not qualify as families) We all have eyes, eyelids, ears, noses, and mouths, for one family to evolve eyelids and another not to develop them does not make sense in the evolutionary model.

If a good looking female blinks at a male, the male is attracted to them. If she blinks at a small child, the child smiles. If she blinks at a teen, the teen thinks “she is hot for his body” and if she blinks at an older man, the older man thinks “I have still got it!”

If a good looking male blinks at a female, the female has a totally different reaction. If the male blinks at a little girl she may smile but the parents run in to protect the child from the pervert. If he blinks at a teen, the teen thinks “ What a perv!” If the male blinks at an older female she thinks. “What the heck does that jerk want?”

Using humans as a reference I would conclude that the females are the blinking Grey's and the males are simply wide eyed and scared to approach them. This would account for the lack of eyewitness accounts stating that a female Grey had a hot bod. It would be difficult for our own species to discern between the males and females of the species.

Color of the Eye
Black, black and black are the available choices in describing the Grey's eye color. Some abductees have described Hybrids as having other colored eyes as a result of breading with humans but the original Grey's have black eyes. Knowing that white deflects light and black absorbs light could explain the color. A low light level environment would require evolutionary adaptations that would allow the eye to absorb more light. Whether the Grey's acquired this trait from evolving underground or as a late development to living in an environment similar to a subway, I can not say but I would assume that the lighting of their natural environment would be similar to dusk and dawn or a cloudy day here on Earth.

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 03:56 PM
this is the anatomy of a grey

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 04:12 PM
reply to post by SkuzzleButt

Excellent example, I especially like the description for the abnormally long arms. I will keep this in mind while pondering further posts. Thanks for the link.

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