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Transparency International -Global Society Leading the Fight Against Corruption

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 12:41 PM
So I am doing some misc. research on the net, and I found this organization Transparency International which calls itself the "global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption."

Some of their topics for 2010 are/have been:

Educating for integrity

G20 – Calling for Action

Preventing Corruption in Sport

Climate governance for a better world

Anti-corruption challenges in the Americas

A chance for good governance: Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Palestine

Navigating Corrpution Risks in Defence Contracts

Re-starting with Integrity

African Education Watch

2010 Winter Games: On Track for Sustainability

Anti-Corruption at the World Economic Forum

Stopping Corruption to Save Lives


And interesting topic from 2008 is the Bribe Payers Index which states its purpose as:

"As the effects of the financial crisis are being felt around the world, Transparency International’s 2008 Bribe Payers Index (BPI) exposes the degree to which companies of the leading exporting nations are likely to engage in bribery when doing business abroad."

"The damage caused by supplying bribes, irregular payments and other types of influence buying is clear – distorted markets and social inequity. In spite of governments’ pledges of zero tolerance for foreign bribery and assurances of ethical behaviour and corporate social responsibility from companies, the 2008 BPI reveals that not one of the world’s most influential economies can be seen as being exempt from exporting international corruption. The 2008 BPI should serve as a call to governments and companies alike to observe and pursue anti-corruption measures with renewed vigour. "

Reports include bribe payers by the various countries, and sectors such as
public works, real estate, oil & gas, etc.

That summary is available here:
and the index report is available in English, Spanish and French

There is a full report available at 24 pages from the same source.

Here's one of their videos:

"Corruption's Impact on Sustainable Development -- interview with Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International, at ADB."

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