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Clintons Dealing For $11M Westchester Mansion

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 10:38 AM
Looks like the Clintons are even taking advantage of the economic collapse to move on up. Glad to see somebody still has money to spend on extravagance.

Clintons dealing for $11M Westchester mansion

Looks like Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton are moving on up -- to a deluxe mansion away from prying eyes.

Sources told The Post the Clintons are planning to trade their almost-modest suburban Chappaqua home for a sprawling $10.9 million estate in the bucolic Westchester town of Bedford Hills, complete with 20 acres of gorgeous land surrounded by New York's elite.

The massive compound -- sweetly named Clover Hill Farm -- comes with high fences, two guesthouses and a mansion fit for Bubba's millionaire lifestyle.

The current owner, Paul Wallace, founded the Manhattan real-estate firm Broadstone Group. The 74-year-old retiree declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Westchester federal court in May.

His property had been on the market since December.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 10:45 AM
I used to pass by the Chappaqua house everyday for a year on my way to work and once even saw him in the deli getting a hard roll. It WAS a very modest home, and $11M is a lot of money for a new one, but then again, a handyman special up in that neck of the woods with one bath and no tub can run you a cool $800K. They can afford it. More power to them if they get a bunch for their old house too. Someone would probably pay more due to its historical significance.

Ooops I misread LOL been up allll night. I was babbling about the house in Chappaqua and thought THAT was selling for $11M. Now you have me wondering though....

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