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Religion and Atheism are the Same

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 08:58 AM
Atheism is a cop-out. Non-belief in GOD is non-belief in self. GOD is not a dead white male in the sky. G (generate) O (organize) D (deliver) are attributes of the one reality of which we are part, therefore attributes of ourselves. Dualism (religion) and atheism are falsehoods. Truth is unity. There is no separation between us and GOD, separation exists only in the mind.
Ah hah!, got your attention didn’t I? Now, for those who have seen this same thread in another category and were thinking of commenting, there is a good reason why this thread appears twice. The Brahmin caste in India wears two threads over the shoulder symbolic of the possibility of a second birth. This thread appearing under both “Conspiracies in Religions” and “Philosophy and Metaphysics” is symbolic of the possibility of a second birth out of the ignorance of religion and atheism into self knowledge and unity.
OK, back to the thread. To illustrate the point I cite an example of a human life. 25 years ago a band with a female lead singer got up on stage and kicked some serious ass (sorry, it just doesn’t work with a**). It was the eighties and the alternative scene was exploding all over the planet. In our country’s limited music market, this band was on the radio all the time, they performed all over the country, they were hot, it was all happening for them, they could have cracked the international scene with ease. Then nothing… Recently, I was wondering what ever happened to this band. I searched the net and eventually managed to find one of their tracks on Youtube, the one that they cracked the scene with, apart from that nothing. All that potential and their total contribution is one song.
The above is judgmental yes, however there is more. I was part of the same music scene at the time, not achieving the kind of success this band was though. In fact, I had to leave the band I was playing for at the time, before they were able to achieve any measure of success (which they did for a time). In our case, my own self-judgment had been the limiting factor for our band. With that out the way, they made the scene. Ultimately however, there is also only one of their tracks on Youtube. So if you are making the scene, whilst not believing in yourself, in the end the difference in contribution to the whole is one song, compared to a band like AC/DC with their massive contribution. The difference is belief in self (GOD).
The purpose of the examples quoted above is to stir up the quantum soup. If I have succeeded in doing so, anybody to whom this applies will be feeling a bit of discomfort, and that is good! Although evolution is natural, dying and being reborn does not take place without a measure of discomfort. Both religion and atheism can be likened to blockages in the nozzle of the airbrush we are painting our external reality with. Religion is like a partial blockage and atheism a total blockage. So, if you are still generating, organizing and delivering you cannot be a true atheist, perhaps more of an agnostic (confused).

That’s OK, it is perfectly understandable. On at least two occasions during the present world age, this planet has suffered blockages in the essential flow of wisdom to humanity. Perhaps this was part of the grand design all along. Now that science has caught up with spirituality, the ancient wisdom that is starting to make sense of the all has miraculously become manifest. Buddha was not a Buddhist and Christ was not a Christian. They are metaphors for unblocked “nozzles” through which unrestricted and abundant manifestation pours into this world. For more than half a century a modern Buddha and a modern Christ have walked this planet, without anyone noticing (like thieves in the night). I will not do humanity the disservice of pointing them out to you and they would not appreciate it either. They have devoted their lives to bringing light into this world, and continue to do so with complete devotion, bless their souls. “Seek and ye shall find…”
The point is or should I say the points are the rest of us. Are we ready to clear our blockages? The question to keep asking yourself is “who am I?” When your answer finally brings the biggest grin imaginable to your face and in the next moment slips through your fingers as if it were never here, you have glimpsed it. To keep it here, keep asking the question. In this state you find that one last mirror that shows you where the blockage is. When you clear that, love and peace flows into this world through you unrestricted.
Thank you for being my mirror!
I am your humble servant

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 09:09 AM
I see what your saying.

Because people are born, and naturally accept the reality their born in as the reality, and then jump to conclusions due to primitive surroundings; They don't realize the fact that existence itself is impossible with the logic of thinking they are using.

If they reset, then they would see that being an atheist requires a bigger belief system than any other.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 09:54 AM
Woo hoo - two threads essentially trolling the same thing!!!

My response to this is here:

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 09:55 AM
Please continue the discussion in this thread.

Please do not create duplicate threads.

Thank you.

Thread closed.

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