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a heartbeat is a talent

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 05:22 AM
i have come to the conclusion that a heartbeat is a talent.

the body is a great "device" capable of adapting its organs to achieve the greatness that is the "body".

one "organ" within the "body" the heart has been adapted to constantly emit a frequency.

the talent of a beating heart is self maintained but there are many conspiracies pertaining the ambient function of this talent.

the purpose of this talent cannot be known in the objective attempt of knowing without the prerequisite environment for its function. here is a glimpse of what this talent could be related to; but even this is not sufficient in grasp.

here is a depiction of this "talent" in action

some of the conspiracies i mentioned earlier can be alluded to by the iconography in use around the functioning "talent".

please discuss openly without ridicule of others!


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