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My first paranormal sighting

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 02:23 AM
I would like to share with you my first paranormal sighting , this event happent when i was about 10 years old. I lived in a large building complex with my mother and my sister, one night my mother was away and me and my sister wich was about 13 or 14 years old were watching the television and as it was late my sister told me to go to bed. As i started to walk to my room from the living room i stopped and frose, my sister got up and walked towards me and looked where i was looking at a shadow of a person hanging from a rope. My sister screamed and took me back into the living room where we stayed scared out of our minds untill our mother came home, then the shadow was gone.

I know what you are thinking by now, it was a reflection of something that reflected on the wall. Seing as we lived on the 4th floor and there where no pots or plants or anything of that matter that could have been reflected upon that wall, i will tell you this was not the case.

This event did not cross my mind untill many years later when i was about 15-17 years old, then i decided to ask my sister if she rememberd this. She told me she did but she did not want to talk about it and i should speak with our mother about it. I thought this was strange but she refused in such a manner that i did not want to bother her about it, as it clearly upset her. I then had a talk with my mother and she refused also to talk about it , told me i was not old enough to understand the issue and she would maybe tell me when i was older.

A few years passed by and i brought this subject up again, about the person wich we saw on the wall. So my mother agreed to tell me about this, she asked me if i rememberd mutch about this time wich we lived there. I told her i did not remember mutch, as i was so young then and my biggest consern at that time was school and friends i guess. She told me that the man that rented us that place had a father that used to live in that appartment, one night he was arguing with his wife and went to a room in wich my mother slept in while we stayed there, stood up on a chair, put a noose around his head and screamed at his wife to come in there. The wife came in and he yelled at her to kick the chair from under him. She did.

My mother then went on to ask me if i rememberd the priest that came to visit us, i did not remember that. She told me while we lived there that sometimes when she was sleeping she had a dream about a man who beat her up and tried to kill her and she would sometimes wake up with bruises or screaming during the night, this i also did not remember.

The priest that came was a priest that specialised in exorsism and he tried to abolish the demon in that room, he was unsucsessfull, so we moved a month later from that apparment.

All that i can think of now is , poor persons who moved in there after us. As my mother told me the landlord did not tell us this when we moved in so i doubt he did to the persons who moved in next.

This event changed my life in regards to the idea of a higher being, a force in wich we do not understand.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:23 AM
reply to post by Spacedman13

Thank you for sharing this story Spacedman13.

That is amazing that you saw the shadow of a hanged man and later told that a man died there by being hanged.

Wonder how the demon played a part in the whole thing and why the priest was unsuccessful in removing it?

Spooky! That is crazy that the wife actually kicked the chair out from under him!

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by sniknej

From what i would think , is that the man was a angry man who just was not ready to let go allthough he asked for his death, making him stay behind in "limbo", not quite sure if that is the correct term, maybe purgatory is. While googeling it i found a quite interesting answer to a similiar question in wich i will now quote.


Is there an in-between Heaven and Hell place,...? for in-between people?


Yes. We're there!

I would like to take the opertunity while replying to state a fact about my post, the light in wich the shadow was reflected from was moonlight, therefor i mentioned there was nothing that could have reflected it from, such as plants and such as we were living on the 4th floor.

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