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US Navy Evacuates Gulf

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by justadood

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by TheCoffinman

It makes sense to me about the tsunami theory, because thats exactly what I thought when I learned of the NOAA blackout "due to security reasons". It also seems reasonable that these warships are going down there to help with the drug issues it a sense. I do think the gulf disaster and the warships moving are related though.

the noaa site is unlocked now, just checked
so much for the tsumani theory...

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 10:38 AM
The drug interdiction explanation is not what logically explains having over 7,000 combat troops, over 200 helicopters and over 46 naval ships sent to Costa Rica to fight the war on drugs.

I ask first and foremost, where did these DOD assets come from? Could it be that they evacuated all gulf coast naval and military assets so that they would not be affected by a gulf sea bed explosion? Perhaps so. Perhaps something else will occur, but for the time being, I think that the military and naval assets in Costa Rica are a clue to advanced knowledge of an impending disaster that was kept from the public for reasons which would only make sense to those that decided to keep such information from the public.

While being next door to Panama does afford the DOD the geographical ability to plan military operations into Panama, if the intention is to destabilize Panama, any war with Iran will make the Panama Canal a strategic asset that we cannot leave to others to control during any near term future world war.

Like the Straight of Hormuz, the Panama Canal is key to shipping routes that oil travels to reach markets around the world. We may be positioning in advance of a world war with Iran and if so, this is a good chess move for the USA.

While some benefit comes from being in Costa Rica, I do not think this is about Panama as much as Panama becomes a secondary benefit to those that are doing the planning for the purpose of being out of the initial blast radius when and if the gulf sea bed explodes and releases deadly methane gas clouds that will add to any death and destruction that any explosion creates.

What is more logical is that there is advance knowledge of an impending disaster about to occur and if that is the case, then one would have to ask, how did they know it was going to happen with such timing accuracy that it allowed them to move navy assets and pack up and transport 7000 troops and over 200 helicopters in advance of the disaster event?

How indeed did they know to move everyone if not planned? I have pondered that question and I have some interesting ideas.

With a total solar eclipse occurring on July 11th, 2010, I personally believe that the astrological and planetary alignment will be combined with other means to intentionally detonate the gulf sea floor so as to get it to explode and cause a major global disaster that will kick off other events and a chain of events for the whole planet to contend with.

Study the total solar eclipse, the obvious lack of motivation to clean up the oil spill or spend any money on doing so and it becomes about not wanting to waste millions of dollars on a clean up that will be negated by a foreseen sea floor explosion that will undermine all clean up efforts.

Perhaps they knew it was going to blow all along and if this is the case, it might explain why there has been no real response to clean up and a media black out to hide the lack of effort to clean up rather than cover up what is not being done to clean up the oil.

Bear in mind that military forces have been sent to the gulf coast area and are currently conducting training to evacuate the masses. How did they know what the focus of the training would be about if not planned?

I would ask why they didn't inform the public? As of today, they have had over 80 days to prepare for what I believe they know is coming. We the public are left guessing and wondering what is going on while the insiders prepare and move to safe zones. This is the part that screams of criminality and advance knowledge.

Oh well, time will tell. We only have to wait till July 11th, tomorrow afternoon or later into the evening to find out if my theory is valid or just another fear induced manifestation brought about by the gulf oil spill and all the subsequent pollution and contamination that it has brought to the regions affected.

Add in the prospect of a world war with Iran and others and anyone could get flustered or confused with what is going to happen. In that regard I am no different.

What would be sad is to discover that they knew all along about the coming disaster and kept the public in the dark for their reasons and not for the benefit of the public.

Anyway, drug interdiction is not the real truth and most will agree that something is not right with that cover story. I guess we will find out tomorrow. Let's hope that I am just being overly concerned, but something tells me that our future is about to manifest itself right before our eyes.

As for me, I am going to prepare for what may come. It would foolish to ignore all the signs and clues that something is coming that will require our full attention.

I just hope that after the future disaster that we still have internet and the ability to communicate with each other. If not, then this may very well be my last posting on ATS. If this is the case, then do not ignore my concern. I have returned to post this reply just to deliver this concern, so either use it or ignore it. Connect the dots yourself, just don't ignore what the dots show you.

Thanks for the posting, it was a good read.

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