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posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 03:57 PM
I first saw Riki on CNN interviews. She sounded professional and knowledgeable. And then moments ago, I across her letter to the government requesting tons of information that have to do with workers health, and documents which will show us truly what is going on at ground zero.

Her letter is here: (

And then I visited her website, read about her and what led her to her career. Then I found her book about the Exxon Valdeez... and was prepared to be disappointed... Afraid she was just in it for the money. HOWEVER... her book is available on her website as a free download showing me her interest is pure and not tainted by greed.

I for one will be reading the 500 or so pages in the coming days. Here is the link to her page should you wish to read as well.

And Riki, if you happen to read this! You Go Girl!!! Proud to see someone fighting for the little guys & girls!

EDIT: Apparently, these links take you to her home page and you can reach those documents from there.

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