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The battle of faith and science

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posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:21 PM

Originally posted by Muckster
reply to post by Bilw85

I am not pandering to anyone... i am simply saying what’s in my heart.

Evolution is a fact... it has been proven time and time again... The difference between myself and many other people is that i believe evolution is part of Gods perfect design.

The question i put to you is this...

Why is it that i can listen to other Christians interpretation of the bible without getting cross... however, as soon as they hear mine many get angry... why is that??

And i go back to what i mentioned in one of my other replys... Religion should be simple!!
If i have excepted Jesus as my saviour and i am a good person... why should any Christian care if my belief is that evolution is part of Gods design? Surely they should just be happy that i have excepted Chirst!!

Why do all humans have this need to angrily shove their own beliefs down everyone else’s throat???

I'm not angry. You can't possibly discern my tone from my written words, so I'll tell you I have no malice towards you. I don't believe in evolution. I have researched both sides. I have determined that saying your a christian and saying you believe in evolution could be a stumbling block to someone seeking Christ. You say that you are saved...thats awesome, I am happy for you; but please consider the unsaved.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 10:27 PM
reply to post by Muckster

Dude chill... i thought my OP was pretty balanced... it’s not like i have attacked only atheists...

Regardless of which groups you spoke about in the OP, the remarks towards Atheists was utterly wrong. Truth be told, we're damn well aware and accept that there are many mysteries to reality that have yet to be answered. Your utter arrogance of appealing to science to one day prove some mythological deity is completely ridiculous.

Err... just so you know... my OP was not a personal letter to you! And i never said that other explanations were not valid... in fact i am trying to get people to see that everyone’s explanations are valid and should be heard!! But you seem to have gone off half cocked on this one!

No explanation without evidence should be believed to be true, ever.

But i never suggested that... i said... "This simply reinforces the stereotype of the godless man being void of morals and arrogant!"

Stereotype being the key word here...

Sounds like a suggestion from my end especially considering that this is the same line of reasoning that I hear from many biblical mythology believers.

And so you continue to waffle, down the path of anger, due to someone having a different belief than yourself... Kind of proving my point!

Angry? More like irritated or annoyed. It actually has nothing to do with your personal belief, it has to do with your erroneous comments towards Atheists.

I am trying to bring people together... to show them that they don’t have to hate just because of different beliefs or ideologies... I respect your opinion, and agree with some of your points, but you seem to have completely misunderstood my intention.

Perhaps choosing your words carefully is a more proper approach if that was the original intent. You do understand that the discussion of archaic mythologies can be a rather heated topic especially when people who follow those old superstitious religions start bantering about erroneous garbage towards Atheists.

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