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Photo Of The UFO That Shut Down The China Airport!!

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posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:01 AM
Okay I'll put this out there.

India dug up a few Vimanas, figured out how to fly them.

"Guess what world? This is our first demonstration that you will all become our slaves"

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:05 AM
The OS said the object was picked up on radar. I doubt the airport has a radar that can pick up missiles, so we can probably rule them out.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:05 AM

Originally posted by Phage
reply to post by FlySolo

That is because they are flashing lights. On..."porthole". "porthole". On..."porthole". Only the lights which are on continuously leave a streak.

And helicopters don't generally shut down airports either. Hence, the image is not of the object which shut down the airport, it is of helicopter.

[edit on 7/8/2010 by Phage]

well as always phage knows best. his extensive knowledge in all subjects has proved him right once again. blah blah blah

we mite aswell just accept it was a chopper now right?

i just dont think this was a helicopter...a military helicopter sent over a civilian airport without informing the control tower? nobody to give a reason for it being there? no pictures of it actually looking like a helicopter?

true helicopters dont usually shut down airports...if this image isnt of the object in question and the video doesnt give anything away...why would you think its a helicopter? you cant possibly have an educated opinion.

weather the image is of the object or not...i dont think it was a helicopter...i dont know what it was though.

maybe...just maybe phage knows as much about this as we all do and is talking out his rear end as per usual.

[edit on 9-7-2010 by Silicis n Volvo]

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by MissSmartypants

I'm thinking more along the lines of o'hare ufo incident than anything.

they're curious about our flying people en masse. wtf

bb code on the fritz again, huh


[edit on 9-7-2010 by reject]

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:08 AM
whew.. still laughing hysterically at the helicopter stuff... It amazes me the stuff that people come up with on here.. Instead of saying, "cool pic, I'm not sure what it could be".. People insist on spending time trying to debunk and come up with all kinds of hilarious ideas to convince people that THEY have all the answers and satisfy their own ego's..

The common theme I find on ATS as of late are people trying to convince the masses they THEY are indeed, the "go-to" source of "truth" and if you want the answers, you should beg for said person to give them to you. It's sad, really. As a human, use your intuitive knowledge and judge for yourself what it may be. Right or wrong.... Don't be a sheeple and rely on people to think for you

What is it? Who knows... Unless the person with the original comes out and says "Hey look, this is what it is", nobody knows. These useless comparisons are all garbage.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:09 AM
Certainly looks a lot like this.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:09 AM

Originally posted by FOXMULDER147
The OS said the object was picked up on radar. I doubt the airport has a radar that can pick up missiles, so we can probably rule them out.

By no means -- we still don't know what the report of a radar sighting signifies, if anything, because of the unavoidable garble factor.

Also, as a caution, recall -- even if you don't believe -- #9 of the notorious Phil Klass's principles of UFO research:

Philip Klass's 10 principles for investigating UFOs

9. Whenever a light is sighted in the night skies that is believed to be a UFO and this is reported to a radar operator, who is asked to search his scope for an unknown target, almost invariably an "unknown" target will be found. Conversely, if an unusual target is spotted on a radarscope at night that is suspected of being a UFO, an observer is dispatched or asked to search for a light in the night sky, almost invariably a visual sighting will be made. (Klass UFOs: The Public 304)

During the Condon study, an incident near Santa Barbara, California produced a Radar-Visual case. Here lights from ships off the coast were seen through a mirage as odd stationary lights. Once seen, the requests for radar checks were made. These produced numerous targets with various speeds. It was later determined that these lock-ons were due to birds and Anomalous Propagation (AP) conditions. Once the mystery had been solved, one of the scientists involved made the following observations:

I think that the...incident could be a landmark case in the whole area of UFO studies. It combines so many factors. Firstly the incident involved a whole complex of associated events, which were reported by the most respectable observers. It combined multiple radar and multiple optical sightings. It occurred very recently and a substantial amount of recorded data is available...It was sufficiently strange to cause interceptor aircraft to be sent off to investigate it in the heat of the moment, and also to cause the local and visiting experts considerable perplexity even in the cool light of day...

It would seem that most of the inexplicability of the events in this case (and possibly in many others) arises not from the facts themselves, (i.e., the specific sightings, etc., at any given instant) but in the interpretation made and significance attached to them when they were considered in inappropriate juxtapositions. The way in which this was done at the time under operational pressures and even subsequently provided, in my opinion, a most important object lesson. (Condon et al. 365)

Interesting enough to note is that the Radar-Visual sighting is no longer considered evidence of ET. Now UFOlogists are more apt to accept that our alien visitors employ radar stealth (since we possess this technology) in their travels. Also, radar in the 1990s is much more accurate in filtering out AP than thirty years ago.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by Silicis n Volvo

maybe...just maybe phage knows as much about this as we all do and is talking out his rear end as per usual.

I'm seeing quite a bit of that myself...

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:10 AM

Originally posted by BRITWARRIOR

Originally posted by Sanity Lost
This will end being reported at a string of chinese lanterns comming in.

Good find, OP!

Don't be stupid,

China have obviously sold ALL there Chinese Lantern to the West.

Helicopter: Then just who do they have working at this airport kids? thats just insulting the chinese peoples intelligence and ours... Airports are full of human flying machines i would expect them to know the difference.

Military Aircraft: Highly highly highly unlikely, i can see the headlines right now, Chinese Military fly helicopter into airport flight path & passenger airplane... 200 dead

Im pretty certain they would have informed air traffic control within the hour or so it sat in the flight path at the end of the runway and have better places to test black projects.

This story is getting better & better, i wonder if there going to come out and admit they do not know wot it is.

"Military Aircraft: Highly highly highly unlikely, i can see the headlines right now, Chinese Military fly helicopter into airport flight path & passenger airplane... 200 dead"

actually this is a very good point my friend

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:10 AM
Is it possible that what the ground crew saw was not necessarily the same object observed on radar, that in fact there were two separate things going on?

Just putting it out there to see what others think.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:11 AM
A helicopter -- military or private -- must have onbard, by law, a transponder. As soon as a helicopter comes within range of an airport that transponder will automatically respond to the Air Traffic Control. It has no choice.

Ergo... a helicopter cannot be an unidentified object near an airport, unless in the unlikely event that it doesn't have a transponder onboard.

My conclusion, a helicopter didn't cause this chaos.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:12 AM

The above link is closer to the source.

Please reply

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:15 AM
reply to post by FOXMULDER147

infact you are right..

they even track them outside radar range now

Tracking helicopters outside radar coverage

helicopters need to be tracked by the control tower when they are outside radar coverage (blue area). Their transponder data is picked up by receivers on North

and these is done by oil rigs..imagine an AIRPORT

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:16 AM
reply to post by sjreese

So it is late Friday in China, is it not, where is the official release?

Not directing this question at you, but responded to you posting the article link.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:17 AM
Oh comon, if it's a helicopter, they would have reported unidentified heli or something rather than object. Why would the millitaries conduct missle test near the airports lol??? Firstly it endangers planes flying in and out of the airport, secondly if they are really testing new missle technologies, they would have done it in somewhere deserted out of public's eyes and keep it classified.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:18 AM

Originally posted by MissSmartypants

And here's their expanation...

No offense but it looks like a jet landing with landing lights on. Looks like most of the windows are covered per flight attendant instructions but a few broke the rule.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:19 AM

Originally posted by Chadwickus
reply to post by Sendran

Well here's the photo anyway

Does look to be a rocket.

[edit on 9/7/10 by Chadwickus]

Thanks for the help Chadwickus. A shame the image is of an earlier sighting. I'd hazard a guess that the people at The Times had already come to the same conclusion as we had regarding the photo's of yesterday's sighting and printed this more spectacular image instead.

Thanks again.


[edit on 9/7/2010 by Sendran]

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:23 AM
Well...Lets see if anything more comes from this...hey...maybe its a sign of the coming Alien presence from yesterdays thread...."Saturday Alien's Will Reveal Themselves" or

It is an interesting pic...Im going to look into this some more.


posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:25 AM
reply to post by Tripple_Helix

Why would they shut the airport down for what seems to be a normal aircraft when looking with the naked eye?

Well, maybe they shutdown the airport for military maneuvers. Maybe something was wrong and something or someone was lost. Maybe the aircraft in the photo wasn't what they shut down the air port over. The point here, is that there is a whole host of possibilities, including an alien invasion or a simple missing child or terrorist even, though some are more likely than others. All I'm saying is that the photo in question does not prove to be anything other than a screwed up exposure of a normal aircraft.

We should first rule out the likely scenarios before jumping to unlikely conclusions. For instance, if someone knocks on my door, I should not automatically think that they are home invaders and blast holes through the door until and unless I have ruled out more likely scenarios, such as a neighbor or friend.

While this photo does not look like a normal craft at first glance, any inconsistencies can easily be explained by the obvious exposure problem. Ask yourself this.... Is there any proof or hard evidence to suggest that the photo is anything other than a normal aircraft? Not really, since the exposure of the photo is screwed up. Does it look weird? Absolutely, but only because of the obvious exposure problems. If this is really how the craft would look, then why is it that the actual photo of the craft would not be affected by the exposure problem, while the other objects in the photo are, especially when the object would moving? You would think that since the craft should be moving, it's photo should be even more distorted than the other static and semi-static objects in the same photo. So, if we can agree that the craft itself should be distorted in the photo, then we can agree that the real life appearance would not be the same as that in the photo.

Show me proof or hard evidence that there is some type of abnormal craft in or around that airport and I'll be more than happy to give more consideration to the notion that something out of the ordinary is going on.


For reference:

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 08:30 AM
The Daily Mail is reporting that "witnesses reported seeing a comet-like fireball in the sky" (doesn't sound like a helicopter to me).

But adds that: "Some Chinese experts claimed that the strange sight was actually debris from a US intercontinental ballistic missile."

Great. Another missile explanation. ATS is going to love this!

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