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Monatomic gold

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posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 06:04 PM
This is actually a re-post, I am re-posting it because It was moved by a mod without informing me so I could not discuss it.

Monatomic gold or white gold as people call it, Mono = 1, Atomic = Atom. Based on this Mono atomic should be singular atoms of elemental gold and nothing else.
I have never taken the stuff myself but I was watching a few youtube videos on how it is prepared. Whilst watching these videos I came to the conclusion that the stuff they are selling firstly is a compound and therefore not monatomic at all and secondly I seriously doubt the stuff has any gold in it at all. In the periodic table of elements the only mono atomics are the noble gases which is why they are non-reactive.
As monatomic gold is supposedly a form of gold then it should be possible to make it using high purity gold as a starting point.

This is what Laurence Gardner has to say about the production of monatomic gold using pure gold as a starting point:

"In simplistic terms, the white powder is created by striking the metal sample, under strictly controlled conditions for a pre-calculated time, with a designated high-heat -perhaps from a DC arc: a single directional current from two electrodes. But the truly unusual thing about the powder is that, through continuous sequences of heating and cooling its weight will rise and fall to hundreds of percent above its optimum weight, down to less than absolutely nothing. Moreover, its optimum weight is actually 56 per cent of the metal weight from which it was transformed. So, where does the other 44 per cent go? It becomes nothing but pure light, and translates into a dimension beyond the physical plane. This conforms precisely with the formerly mentioned Alexandrian text which states that, when placed in the scales, the Paradise Stone can outweigh any of its quantity of gold, but when it is converted to dust (powder), even a feather will tip the scales against it."

Ok so lets place a nugget of high purity gold between two arc rods and remove all the air so its in a high vacuum. We switch on the arc and first the gold melts, then it starts to boil, as it boils it releases gold vapor. Once the gold vapors fills the chamber and if the arc is continued it turns to gold plasma and gives off its spectra. At what point do you think this is going to turn into a white powder?
Oh but the burn times and the temperatures are secret I hear you say! Has anyone actually seen a lump of pure gold turned into a white powder (without the addition of other elements)??
Laurence Gardner has more to say about this:

“So, what precisely is the highward or high-spin state which converts these noble metals into an impalpable white powder? A normal atom has around it a screening potential - a positive screening produced by the nucleus. The majority of electrons going round the nucleus are within this screening potential, except for the very outer electrons. The nucleus goes to the highward or high-spin state when the positive screening potential expands to bring all of the electrons under the control of the nucleus. These electrons normally travel around the nucleus in pairs - - a spin-forward electron and a spin-reverse electron. But when these come under the influence of a high-spin nucleus all the spin-forward electrons become correlated with the spin-reverse electrons. When perfectly correlated, the electrons turn to pure 'white light' and it is impossible for the individual atoms in the high-spin substance to link together. On that account, they cannot naturally re-form as metal and the whole remains simply a white powder.”

Ok so basically what he is saying is that the positive field around the nucleus of the gold atoms (produced by the positively charged protons) expands (magically) and envelops the electron cloud around the gold atom. Fore some reason now the electrons decide to disappear and turn into pure light. What are you left with? Laurence Gardner says your left with a white powder. If the electrons are now gone because they have magically turned into light what your left with is an unstable gold ion. The atom has now lost electrons so the positive charge of the protons in not balanced with the negative charge of the electrons. What would result is a positively charged gold ion which is unstable so what will it do to stabilize itself? It will attract free electrons towards itself to balance and what are you left with?
Gold, exactly where you started!

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 07:18 PM
Prob won't have a chance to reply because of time, but just wanted to say.... stuff really works....been taking it for 3 years. First aquired it from an alchemist friend in Co and the minute as it was is still lasting me. i probably take a gelcap full every 3 months or so just to amp up the effects here and there. I used to take it daily then found it could really burn your energies out overdrive style....recommend taking only an intitial schedule of it to get the ball rolling and then your body starts making its on on its own. Don't know the specifics of it but standard physics and medicine have no bearing with this really is somethin else.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 05:57 AM
Firstly as I am someone who knows a bit about alchemy I would like to inform you guys that this stuff has absolutely nothing to do with the philosophers stone of alchemy. The philosophers stone is actually a red powder which is an occult secret, never has or never will be revealed to the masses. These people who make this stuff have nothing to do with alchemy but just use the name.

As I said, many of the videos I seen on youtube actually are making compounds which don't even have gold in them. The real philosophers stone is not made from common gold but what the alchemists call "our gold". Our gold however is not your gold ie the metal you wear on your finger or around your neck etc.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 06:04 AM
The philosophers stone is no secret. It is a mushroom.

Anyway what is the benefit of taking this mongold stuff? Regardless of how it made. I have read taking the mongold and collodial silver is good for you.

Yet I believe this op is trying to figure out what mongold is and possibly debunk it? So itwould be nice to know a bit more about it in general.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 06:42 AM
The philosophers stone is not a mushroom, in reality it has to be made, is not found in nature.

Whats not what we are talking about here though. This stuff that people are paying good money for hasn't even got gold in it but is just a mineral compound.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 06:49 AM
It is highly unlikely you are consuming gold. If you were, you run the risk of heavy metal poisoning.

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