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A Scientist and His Island

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posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 05:07 PM
I've been reading through some of the short stories here. I've always enjoyed reading and writing. I have not really put my mind to writing short stories though. But I did do this one piece several years ago, I thought I would share. It is highly allegorical. And I know the ending needs work.

A Scientist and His Island

There was a brilliant scientist who was alone on a deserted island. His station floated above the clouds of the island so that it was not visible on the surface. It was - at this point in the story - still devoid of machines.

The scientist was happy and satisfied in his work and decided to create other machines to help him in his projects.

Now this scientist had a complete knowledge of all things scientific, and had all the building materials needed to make the androids and other machines he wanted for certain tasks to be performed. He started by making a brilliant masterpiece, an android, not unlike Data (from Star Trek: Next Generation). Now this android opened his eyes one day.

After designing and bringing to fruition his greatest achievement he smiled with satisfaction. The android was complete in all respects. Perfect hearing, eyesight, taste, motor movements in all its limbs.

He gave the android the capacity of aiding him in the building of the other androids and machines he needed for his projects. Each android and robot was given a duty they were to perform for the scientist to keep the base running smoothly.

One day after all those on the base were built the scientist told Servicer, the original android, that he wanted machines on the surface of the island as well. He gave Servicer the design plans and told him exactly how to make each one and sent him off to the surface. Servicer enjoyed the work he was assigned, and was soon off to build the machines needed on the surface.

The androids and robots in the station looked on as Servicer went down and built the machines that the scientist had designed. They noticed that those on the surface - although inferior to those on the station in quality - had a special function that they marveled at. These robots on the island were able to sleep and recuperate their energy. Also, there was a technical process by which they were able to meet together in an intimate way, for their was a division between different genders of robots, male and female, to produce offspring.

The scientist and Servicer were fond of the machines that were built on the surface.

Now there was an android from the station named Vader. Vader was intelligent in his design, and quick in his thinking. He became haughty in his android heart due to the fact of his superior design and beautiful appearance. He figured he could reason things out better than most of the others, and he thought himself even smarter than the scientist who had designed and built him. All of the robots and androids, including Servicer, would report to the scientist but he wanted them to report to him. The scientist was aware of these thoughts inside this android, yet he did nothing.

This haughty android made a start of his schemes that he schemed for a time by approaching one of the robots who lived on the surface of the island. He studied each of them carefully and knew which one was the most gullible. Now it was Servicer's job to communicate with the robots on the surface for the scientist, so the robot was intrigued by this new android it hadn't seen before. "Why is it you are harvesting these rocks?" the android asked the robot. "Well, that is what I have been commissioned to do. They have materials in them we need," the robot responded. "Let me show you something, come over here, I will show you better material, a material that the scientist and Servicer wish you do not know about," the android said with evil in mind....


posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 05:08 PM
Vader cautiously looked around to make sure no one else was around to see what was going on. The robot from the surface was unaware of the trap and followed him. It soon realized they were going to a forbidden zone of the island. "I can't go that way," shouted the robot startled. "Servicer said if I go that way I would die."

"No, you won't die," the handsome android said laughing out loud. "The scientist had Servicer tell you this because he knows that the source of energy from the rocks over here would give you a strength he is afraid of you tapping in to. Come taste of them for yourself." The robot was hesitant at first but this Android stepped forward and picking up a piece of the ore he infused its minerals into his core and the metallic surface of his body started to glow. "Ahh! See how refreshing, see how it gives me strength! With this you and the other robots like you will not need the scientist or Servicer any longer."

The robot reached a metallic finger out to the ore and touched it. It whimpered hesitantly, yet the android seemed so sure of himself, and that lovely smile on his silvery face, he looked so handsome. He surely didn't have any bad consequences from the ore. And it looked so pleasing to its robot eyes. Then the robot ate the ore.

At that Vader laughed to himself and took his leave. The robot returned to the settlement it worked in and that night connected itself to the mainframe for sleep. Soon the energy from the ore it ate spilled out and infused itself into all the other robots. The next morning they all noticed a difference. A change. They seemed stronger than usual, and more nimble. They all noticed this change and wondered what its cause was. The robot finally stepped forward and told them. "Those rocks over there - the ones in the forbidden zone - an android from the station approached me and told me the truth about them. So it was that I ingested some, and look, we are not dying like our builder said we would." At that they all gasped. But many of them followed the robot as it lead them back to where it had eaten and they all started to ingest these rocks instead of the ones they were told to by Servicer, lest they should die.

Vader returned to the station and immediately started to complain to the others that they only did what the scientist told them to do. There were certain requirements they had to follow such as: they needed to report back to the main android once a day for systems checks and such. He thought these rules were too restrictive and wanted the other robots to do things his way. If it were up to him they wouldn’t have to get maintenance at all. Of course, the systems checks were for their benefit, as steady maintenance was required to keep them performing at optimal levels.

Vader caused an uproar that evening when all of the machines gathered together for the evening maintenance. Servicer noticed that Vader was fuming, so he asked what the problem was, well aware of what had happened on the surface. Vader just blew his top, so to speak, and in front of the group started to accuse Servicer and the scientist of being cruel and manipulative. "Look I had the robots on the service eat of the forbidden ore and they are stronger than ever. And look at my fellow androids and robots on this station! Why can't they have the freedom to roam about as they please? Always having to follow orders, always having to obey Servicer, and the builder! Why can't they go down to the surface and take wives for themselves like those inferior robots on the surface do? Why, aren't we superior? Haven't we been around longer than those insignificant robots on the surface?"


posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 05:09 PM

Vader then turned to the other androids and robots and declared that he was rebelling and was no longer going to take his service maintenances, and what was more he was going to leave the place and go out into the island whenever he wished and that whomever wished could break off the cruel oppression of the scientist and follow him. Now Vader stepped back and watched through squinted eyes and waited to see what would happen, his metallic fingers crossed.

Never before had there been a commotion like this. But other robots who were not content with their assignments tended to agree with Vader. Soon they started to raise their voices in an uproar. "Why do I have to do this menial task when my companion over here always gets to do what I want to," one complained. Another complained, "yea, and why is it we all have to come here every night to get maintenance. Why can't it be every other night, or just once a week, for that matter? It just seems like the scientist is cruel and restrictive." Some disagreed and tried to reason with the others: "No, but we need servicing once a day to remain in peak performance for the scientist. Servicer is but doing his job for all of our benefits. Is not the scientist our designer? He built each of us for a certain task. And he has always been kind and fair in all his dealings with us."

The next day all those on the station were talking about the commotion. Vader made sure to speak with each individual about his position. He even slipped in a few lies here and there to make the scientist look bad. "The scientist really is restrictive and narrow. His rules are because he wants control and power, not because he cares for us," he said. Some robots who were already upset readily agreed with him, others defended their builder saying, "he gave us our duties and has always been fair with us and provided all that we need. Besides he is our builder, who are we as his creation to say otherwise to the scientist?"

As you can imagine, that evening the scientist was waiting at the servicing hall. He watched all that transpired the past two days. Two groups formed. Vader formed the head of the first group, the complainers and murmurers. Servicer took the head of the second group, those who did not seek to rebel against the good scientist.

Vader stepped forward, and lifting a metal finger, pointing it in the scientist’s face, and began accusing him of many and horrible crimes. All of which were untrue. Servicer and his group let out protests of anger against these slanders. But the group that had formed with Vader raised their different hands and appendages in murmuring and agreement with Vader.

The scientist’s look was resolute, yet sad. "Why Vader do you put me to the test? Why is it that your heart has become haughty when you were a wonderful creation of mine? Why were you not content with your lot?"

"You are an evil scientist. We shall not listen to your rules and regulations anymore," Vader vehemently shouted to the scientist, in response. "We do not need this servicing station, we do not need you! And those on the surface below don't need you and your narrow restrictive rules either!"

The scientist had already foreseen this and that morning had discussed the situation with Servicer in private. Servicer accepted the assignment he was offered. Later it would be known to the rest.


posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 05:09 PM

"Go Vader, and do your deeds in the island then, you are given your time to rule the robots on the surface. And you must prove your way to be better than mine. If you do prove that my way of ruling his defective and cruel, that the robots can rule themselves independent of their scientist, then the island is yours and I will leave you be with the robots I created below." An uproar occurred from all those present but the scientist raised his hands to calm them. "Hush, hush," he said raising a finger to his lips. "Now, on the other hand, if it should prove to be that you are a liar, and I have been slandered. And it is proven before all here today, and my way of governing is not found lacking, but yours is, and the robots below cannot find their way out of what is to come to them from rebelling from my sovereignty over them. Then I will exact your life from you. You and all those that rebel with you will have to pay the price and you will have to die. Both androids and robots on the base and those on the surface beneath. And you shall remain as an example for those here and those yet to come."

At that point about a third of the machines on the station sided with Vader, while two thirds remained loyal to their builder.

Meanwhile, on the surface, a robot was found dead. It was in the morning. They found it and it had not risen from its sleep. All those in the robot community became frightened and looked each one to the other. They then looked toward the robot who revealed to them the forbidden ore. "What is this that we have done in eating of this? And now are we all to die like him," they asked with trembling in their voices. They were frightened, they did not know what to do. When Vader appeared.

"Come and vow to serve me my fellow robots, and I will undo this mess you have gotten yourselves into," he said. "You do not need the rule of the scientist anymore." The majority readily agreed to follow Vader.

Back on the station the scientist asked all those who still had doubts about the way he was doing things to come forward. A few did. He asked them: "Are you too going to leave this base and the duties you have been created to perform?" They shrugged: "We do not know yet. We will watch and see what comes of this." The scientist agreed that their decision was a fair one: "As long as you do as I tell you you may remain with us. I will let Vader continue as he is for the time being, and it will soon become evident to all on the inside and the outside of this station who is in the right. And whose rulership his defective"

Vader then went about placing his fellow androids that rebelled with him from the station over the robots and made them their slaves. As he had promised some very powerful androids with him to give them power and glory if they served him instead of the scientist.

The promise he made to the robots on the surface was never fulfilled. For he was hoping to find the ore to cure them, but alas it was not to be found, as it was hidden from them so that they could not reach it, at the orders of the scientist. So they were never cured of the defect that was introduced into their systems from eating of the forbidden ore and their bodies degenerated and died. Generations passed and the robots filled the islands with different communities.

These robots were built in a various assortment of colors as the scientist enjoyed variety: red, green, purple, gold. Soon they divided themselves among their respective colors into different communities. Each community was ruled from behind the scenes by an android from the station. That android in turn reported to Vader.

These androids went and came from the station as they pleased for the time being, constantly as an irritant to those loyal to the scientist. They were violent in their lusts towards the robots and the robots learned this violence, and soon the island became full of violence because of them. They broke apart families and spread hate.


posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 05:10 PM
Vader then went about setting up several systems of leading the robots away from knowing their builder the scientist. First he slipped in the idea that each robot was superior to the others because of their color. So many became haughty and looked down upon their brother robots in the different communities as inferior to themselves because of their color. The gold robots were greater than the blue ones, the green were greater than the purple, and so forth. Also to a select few he taught that he himself was a god, evolved from a lower source and he had chosen them to be illuminated by his great teachings because they were better than their brother robots. They in turn would teach that they evolved from the rocks. He also set up robots who claimed to represent the scientist but made sure to totally slander his name through them. They would fight each other in the scientist’s name. Even say that he was a cruel builder whose purpose it was to burn the others that didn't follow them in the lava pit, to the south, eternally. He set up many forms of religion and rulership among the robots to lead them away from the scientist. Those few loyal ones who had the truth he would persecute and throw into prisons and destroy. They were slandered on all sides by Vader - his religionists and politicians.

Vader then instituted war. He told the robots of the island that they needed to fight each other because of their different community alliances. Thus the androids would seek out those suitable to fit their ends within each community on the island and set them up as governors. Thus the governors of the communities would answer to the androids who in turn answered to Vader. Their commission to fight each other would be sent down from Vader through the androids and the governors would play their part in causing carnage and destruction among the robots. A thing the evil androids from the station relished in.

Now Vader did something real clever. He knew all along there were loyal and faithful servants to the scientist. So to confuse things he would sow many “professed” followers in with the real ones. So he got together some willing robots and offered them all sorts of things to further his designs against the scientist. They were put into high positions in what they called The Ministry of the Scientist. Thru this false front Vader mislead many robots away from seeing the truth. They were like sleeping infants in the mother’s womb, never being able to open their eyes, never being able to see what was going on. These slanderers that Vader put in place to mislead the robots would say that they came from the scientist and represented the scientist. They denounced Vader as an evil rebel of the scientist. Then they went on to say that the scientist had called them to war against the other communities because they had allied themselves with Vader. So it was that many robots put their trust in these ministers sent by the scientist to wage bitter war against their opponent communities.

Others who claimed to be followers of the scientist said that he really didn't exist, following the ideas of the intellectuals. Vader didn’t either. They were just illusions of the good and evil that existed within their robot society. Of course Vader had purposely inspired certain of his “illuminated ones” to spread this false teaching.


posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 05:11 PM
Many intellectual robots who thought much of their own wisdom liked the words of those who professed that the scientist did not exist or Vader. Vader inspired a robot who was a friend of an intellectual robot. Now this robot was trying to make a name for himself. He did not care for the truth or the welfare of others. He soon joined the secret society in which he was to be enlightened with the truth. Thereafter swearing allegiance to Vader and promising to do his will he was told to talk with this intellectual robot who was searching to make a name for himself. Thus he gave him the idea that their robot bodies and all in them evolved from the rocks. That the scientist and Vader were illusions, fairytales. And anyone who believed in them were ignorant robots. Why there was abundant evidence that they had evolved from the ore rocks in the ground gradually over time. Why were they not infused with a binary code system in their robot cells that contained millions upon billions of trillions of codes? These all randomly came about to form their machinelike structures. And their color was proof that they were superior in the evolution steps than their inferior robot brothers.

What was more, said these intellectuals, the very fact that the so-called followers of the scientist were so divided and constantly fighting each other proved that (1) either there was no scientist or (2) that he did not care about what was going on. Thus many followed his teachings and were mislead in this way.

Almost all of the robots he was able to mislead. To the intelligent, their haughtiness. To the ruthless, their ambition. To the faithless, their selfishness. To the pious, their arrogance.

Generations of robots came and went until the story of the rebellion of the robot who digested the unhealthy ore was just a myth. They had always been like they were degenerating and dying. There had always been war. There were those who claimed that they had evolved by themselves from the rocks, a teaching instituted by Vader. Others continually infused with hatred for their fellowman would kill and murder in the scientist's name. Others served Vader outright as he would appear to them and offer them positions of authority and power and fame, appeasing to ambition, greed and vanity, to further his ends.

Of course all throughout this history there were always those few robots that were loyal to the scientist. Always overwhelmed by the servants of Vader on all sides. They refused to get involved with the political squabbling of their brother robots. They refused to think of themselves as superior to the others because of their color, and they refused to go with the governments to kill their brother robots in war. While The Ministry of the Scientist preached that the scientist ruled through them, and all who disobeyed them would be sent to the lava pit to the south to be burned perpetually. They refused to believe their builder to be such a cruel scientist. They held to the truthful teachings of the origins of the robots and their disobedience and fall, and the real source of evil behind it all: Vader.


posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 05:12 PM

One night, a long time after all this had taken place, it was time for Servicer to gather those loyal and faithful ones together as a united group as the end was nigh. He appeared to one of these loyal robots. "Be firm," he said. "We are with you and know of your loyalty to the scientist. He will let no harm befall you. The time has come to make a rendering of accounts of the actions of all. It is near at hand. I will tell you a marvelous secret. There are those whom have been martyred because of their loyalty to the scientist. Some of these have been offered places in the station and the scientist is to have me recreate them as superior androids even higher than Vader. They are more powerful than he can possibly imagine. They will soon come with me to wage war against this wicked and lawless robot society and against Vader and those who rebelled on the station with him. Here I am. I have been given the power and now will establish it. You will see these things take place. Now as for you, go and you must gather those loyal to me, for there are many out there that my builder has seen. They are being abused on all sides by this ignorant and arrogant and selfish generation."

Servicer returned to the station that night and a wonderful procession was given him with much pomp and dignity. The scientist announced that as his faithful and first creation, Servicer was granted all authority, over those on the station, and those on the island below.

Vader just happened to enter after the procession was over, from the island below. Vader entered and his rebels with him to cause more grief to the scientist and Servicer. But here it was that they were having a celebration, a gathering which they did not get to know about.

Vader was in a quandary over what was taking place and sought angrily to approach Servicer. "What is this? Are you now ruler over the island? It has been given to me, the rulership of the island," he said haughtily with his metallic noise held high.

Servicer frowned and through cold grey eyes and with anger flaring up into his nostrils charged those faithful to him to attack Vader and his rebels. "No longer is there a place for you among us my apostate brother. Your rule is at its end. It has been decreed lacking. Authority and rulership over the station and upon the island below and all in it have been granted me."

Vader in his haughtiness could not stand it and burst out in a fury no one had seen before. But Servicer and his androids prevailed and they kicked the wicked androids out of the station to the island, never to return again. All in the station rejoiced. And they watched as the rebels were kicked down to the surface.

Little did most on the island now know what awaited them. Vader came down to them knowing that his time was limited and with great anger.

Suffice it to say, things went from bad to worse.

Now that Vader knew that his time was not only limited, but his end was close at hand he unleashed his fury upon the island. The times on the island became critical and hard to deal with.

At that the scientist sent Servicer out to the island. "There are still those who are loyal to me. We have known each and every one of them. Some have given their lives for us. And yet still there are those on the surface who are tormenting themselves over the violence in the island. And it is not my desire to destroy any of my creation but that they may return to serving me. So go and commission my faithful robots to tell of the coming destruction. Tell them that their deliverance is at hand!”


posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 05:12 PM

The robots received the message of the scientist and faithful to their commission went throughout the island telling all they met the scientist was coming. Those opposing factions who fought and murdered in the scientist’s name laughed at them and told them they were foolish. Those who didn't believe in the scientist laughed at them and mocked and ridiculed them as they walked throughout the island. There were some, a few, that listened to the warning and gathered with the loyal.

Vader and his companions were furious. They unleashed an attack against all fronts of the robots. But Servicer and the androids protected their own on the surface of the island. For all on the island things were horrible. Vader wanted all destroyed, all those whom they ruled over. And they knew that only those that remained loyal to the scientist were to survive. So he tried hard as he could to blind their eyes to what was going on lifting up false prophets and false teachings to mislead the entire island.

Those few that did understand what was going on were like those who had been raised from the deathlike stupor all were wondering around in. The island of the robots was in misery. Like beckons of light, their way of life and their message shone out amidst a darkened generation.

Things continued from bad to worse: wars, crime, violence, hate. Yet all continued to live just as they always had, not noticing that these were signs that the end was imminent. That the scientist was now to step in to correct things. That no more time was needed to prove that his rule was needed. That the robots needed to look to their designer and builder for help, and not to themselves or another of the created who had only partial knowledge.

Then one day. A day no one expected the scientist sent forth Servicer. With him he had reconstructed other androids of a superior quality from among the robots who had given their lives in loyalty to him. These had great weapons of destruction. The other robots in the station were directed to the homes of the loyal to protect them. "You are not to do any harm to my loyal ones still alive. For they refused to taint themselves with Vader's politics and religions. And they faithfully fulfilled their commission to me by declaring my day of vengeance upon this wicked island by witnessing to their fellow robots of my will and day of vengeance.. But the rest, those unfaithful, disloyal, unbelieving, lawless robots you must destroy, all of them so that justice and peace may reign again in the island under your rule."

Then the scientist shot fire from the station and sent his army to the island. And they went through and destroyed all of the lawless individuals. Servicer finally approached the abode of Vader and his minions. They trembled in fear as Servicer and his army approached. They had no where to turn no where to hide.

Justice was at last going to be brought to the island. The scientist indeed existed. The foul lies of Vader were proven false. And all that was good was once again going to be restored to the island and peace reigned.

At last Servicer connected himself to the mainframe of the robots and as it connected to his structure all of the impurities that were introduced into it so long ago were erased. Only the faithful, loyal, and peaceful followers of the scientist remained after the devastation. They connected themselves to the mainframe and slowly all of the impurities that had been past on from generation to generation were removed and they were brought back to their original state.

Servicer then went about reconstructing the faithful robots that had died loyal to him at the hands of Vader and his false religion he had created that ruled over the island and mislead all the robots. These loyal robots were brought back to life and their memories restored to them.


posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 07:47 PM
What a wonderful story........i,ve lurked here for years and "never ever" felt the need to join ATS but i just joined tonight, for the only reason being....... "This is just the most lovely story i have heard in ages" and i wanted to say Thank you.........well done Author,

posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 06:59 PM
I see what you did there. It's probably also why you didn't get any comments on this. Cheers.


The ending felt rushed, and not all of the analogies fit, but it was still pretty entertaining. Sorry I didn't write more. You probably aren't around to see this anymore anyway.
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posted on Dec, 2 2016 @ 01:50 AM
I also rarely comment, But wow.

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